Guide to storing office supplies after moving to Hilliard

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Office supplies can indeed get quite messy. Especially if you don’t organize them regularly. This might not pose that much of an issue if you don’t have a home office. But those who do have to look at that mess for most of their day. Stop looking for a good time to reorganize your office supplies and do it today. If you’ve recently relocated your home or office with Columbus moving companies, now is an excellent time to consider reorganizing. Take this opportunity to start storing your supplies more efficiently. In our article, we’ll outline a simple guide to storing office supplies after moving to Hilliard.

Declutter before storing office supplies after moving to Hilliard.

Before starting your reorganization process, you need to do some decluttering first. This step is necessary if you want to have a clean and organized workspace. Of course, you have the option of storing your supplies outside of your workspace. If you have something you are emotionally attached to, consider renting storage containers Columbus Ohio. This way, you can keep your stuff and create more space at the same time.

A man covered in boxes thinking about storing office supplies after moving to Hilliard
If you declutter first, you will have fewer problems sorting office supplies after moving to Hilliard

First, you need to go through all of your paperwork and throw out anything you think is unnecessary. Don’t get carried away, as you might throw away something valuable. Then go through all of your staples, ink, pens, pencils, paper clips, and markers and throw away those that are redundant or unusable. Once you’ve finished decluttering, you can move on to the storing process.

A simple guide to storing office supplies after moving to Hilliard

Now that you’ve decluttered, it’s time to start storing your office supplies. If you need help moving your office, don’t hesitate to call commercial movers Columbus Ohio. They can help you pack and move all of your stuff, which will give you a head start on your reorganization. We’ll give you some tips on how to organize your office space and give yourself more room after moving to Hilliard.

Break down the work

When you see everything you have to do all at once, it may get a bit overwhelming. Try to go area by area. First, organize the space around your computer and the top of your desk. Then move on to the drawers. If you have any cabinets, organize them next. When you do one task at a time, it will seem easier and more manageable.

Store extra supplies away

It’s normal to buy more supplies than we need. This is a method of preparing for when your current supplies run out. Although these supplies could be helpful for your work, it’s important to store them away from your usual supplies. This is because they will just create a mess, and you won’t be able to find what you need right away.

Our suggestion is to store them in labeled boxes, so you can conveniently grab anything you might need in the future. You could also store them in clear boxes if you don’t have a way of labeling them. Keep these boxes in your drawers or any other empty storage space you might have in your office.

Black and colorful boxes
Store your extra supplies in boxes. This will help keep your office space organized

Organize and label your paperwork

Now comes the tedious part, and that is sorting your paperwork. It can seem overwhelming to have to go through all of the documentation you have gathered over the years. But if you’ve decluttered efficiently, you won’t have any problems sorting and labeling the rest of the papers. Opt for storage Hilliard Ohio, if you need to keep documents but don’t need them close at hand.

For the rest of the paperwork, you will need to organize your files and documents into folders. Be sure to carefully label and categorize them. For example, you can group all folders about financial reports together, while sales data folders should be categorized under the same file, and so on.

Remember to make use of both vertical and horizontal office space

You will probably remember to make use of horizontal surfaces such as tables and drawers, but what about the unused vertical office space? This is the perfect space for storing your office supplies. You can put supplies on shelves, a corkboard, and other items. Additionally, you can buy space-saving storage bins that hang on hooks on the wall. You can also install cubbies for papers, pens, and other office supplies.

Plants on shelves
Don’t forget to utilize your shelves and other vertical surfaces

Don’t forget to make use of the wall space, especially if your office is small or cluttered. This way, you’ll be able to store your office supplies in a convenient location without using up too much of the few horizontal surfaces an office has. By utilizing both the vertical and horizontal office space, you will have a much more organized office with a lot more space.

Search for creative ideas and inspiration online

Although most offices look the same, yours can be different. It can be refreshing to redecorate your office so that it fits your personality. Feel free to look for inspiration online. The best resource is Pinterest, and you can create your board of inspiration there. On Pinterest app, you can find both decorating and organizing tips.

Follow our guide to storing office supplies after moving to Hilliard

Now that you’ve read our guide, storing office supplies after moving to Hilliard seems much easier. All you need to do is follow the steps carefully, and it will save you a lot of time and energy. If you need organizers that will make your desk neater and cleaner, take a look at some of these helpful organizing tools for your desk and drawers. Good luck with your reorganization process; hopefully our article has helped you.

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