How can military families best utilize self storage

Storage SolutionsDecember 23, 2022

As a military family, you are bound to move a lot. No matter if you have only one member of the family working with the military or more. The chances for constant relocation are much higher. And we are sure you already know this, and you are aware you must organize and pack for each of those relocations. But there is one thing that can make the entire process much easier for you and your family. Yes, the self storage Columbus Ohio is the ultimate answer. Today we will show you how military families best utilize self storage units. Let’s take a look.

Your moving process is much easier

Military families best utilize self storage when relocating. Some military members can relocate up to three times per year. And even though those are usually local relocations, they can still take a toll on your belongings. Some military personnel move abroad once a year, and for this situation, having a storage unit is particularly good. But no matter how many times you relocate, you are still moving much more in your life than any other family. Therefore, each time you move, you can use your storage unit to keep items there while you are away.

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Having more space for your items will make the entire moving process much easier.

There are hundreds of scenarios. If you are deployed, you probably won’t sell your property, but you can rent it and store all your furniture and belongings away while you are gone. If you are moving cross-state and you know you’ll be back after a year or so, the storage unit will keep all your items safe. And if you are moving for good, simply relocate the storage unit as well. This is possible because long distance movers Columbus Ohio have amazing storage offers and numerous locations across the state and wider. Just talk to them first to figure out if this is viable for you.

Most military families best utilize self storage before deployment

One of the best perks of a storage unit is that you can quickly rent it and gain full access to it. This is especially good when being deployed. Once this happens, usually you do not have time to waste, and you must pack swiftly. And you can organize with your military movers, pack everything, and relocate to a nearby storage unit. Your items will be there upon your return, safely waiting for you. And you can even rent the said unit from your moving company. Most companies offer this service, so you’ll get the full coverage with one company instead of working with storage unit providers separately.

Keeping items safe indefinitely is how military families best utilize self storage

As we have said before, you can store all your belongings indefinitely. This means, regardless of the location, you can have all your furniture, memorabilia, and other household items in one place. And if everything is packed properly, it will stay in the same condition until you come to claim it. Moreover, if you ever decide on moving the entire unit, you can do so easily. You can even rent portable self storage containers for this occasion. Possibilities are endless and we are sure you’ll utilize this service to the fullest.

Military families best utilize self storage over the longer period
With a good storage unit, you will have your items protected indefinitely.

Keep in mind that you can sign a lease from 6 to 12 months in advance. After the said period expires, you must renew it. Although, most companies offer special services to military personnel and veterans. We are sure your unit provider can extend the lease easily if you are unable to come back within a year or so. At least this part is easy with the technology we have available today.

What kind of storage unit to aim for?

There are countless options out there on the moving market. But the main ones are small, medium, and large units. However, they do have many perks you can choose and invest in. Check out the following:

  • Climate-controlled storage unit.
  • 24/7 access.
  • Highest levels of security.
  • Complete surveillance system.
  • Reinforced door with touchpad access.

As you can see, you can make an impenetrable fortress out of your storage facility. It all depends on what kind of content you intend on storing and for how long. You can easily have a reinforced steel door with a keypad or even a voice activation along with a guard on site, complete surveillance, and 24-hour access. This kind of setup is something that military personnel can easily fall in love with. And military families can best utilize self storage that is under constant guard and under a lock and key. This way they can rest assured that their belongings are safely stored. It is a huge stress relief if you never have to think about this subject once you lock the door and go away.

Where to find one?

You will need just 10 minutes to find a good storage unit online. You can check with local storage unit providers or with Columbus moving companies. And the common misconception is that private storage unit providers have better offers than moving companies. After all, storing items is tightly knit in the relocation industry so you can’t live without it. At least moving companies can’t. Therefore, everything that we have mentioned above, you’ll easily find with your local moving company. Just make sure they are licensed and inspect your unit before you rent one.

A man browsing on the laptop
Search online and find a reputable moving company with reliable storage solutions.

Prepare your items for storage

Once you realize you are moving, you should start packing. At the same time, you must pack items for storage. Some items will go with you, but the rest should be safely packed to be stored away. But do not worry, you do not need any special packing materials for this occasion. Especially if you have rented a climate-controlled storage unit. You will need a few items from the basic list of moving packing supplies. A dozen of cardboard boxes along with a few plastic bins. Then, adhesive tape, packing paper, labels, markers, and bubble wrap. It is all you need to wrap furniture and pack your boxes. And you must label each box adequately to find the content inside the unit once you need it again. The final touch is to use blankets and sheets and cover all your furniture.

Now you know how military families best utilize self storage. It is one of the best solutions for military workers, especially for those who are being deployed. Your items will be safely stored, and you will find them in perfect condition once you come back. Just find a good moving company to take care of all the necessary steps and you are good to go. Good luck!

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