The difference between binding and non-binding moving quotes

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The moving process is quite complicated when you get down to it. There are so many things that are going on both behind the scenes and in front. However, one thing that causes much confusion in new prospective movers is the moving quote. Terms like binding and non-binding moving quotes are thrown around but what do they actually mean? Add to that additional services and binding not-to-exceed-estimate and it gets confusing real fast. Getting moving quotes Columbus Ohio is an easy part but recognizing them for what they actually are is a bit trickier.

Binding and non-binding moving quotes – How to know the difference?

The easiest, and the most simple, way to find out if the moving quote is binding or non-binding is to simply ask your moving company representative. You can also calculate your moving quote on your mover’s website! Do note that in the vast majority of the time, the quote that you get over the phone or email is going to be a non-binding one.

Learn the difference between binding and non-binding moving quotes!

The reason for this is quite simple, you can’t get a proper binding quote without proper inspection of everything that you need to move. There are cases where you can get a binding quote over the phone but in most cases, you will not really want that, as you can be sure that the price will be inflated “just in case”.

What is a binding moving quote?

The binding moving quote is a document that you get from any of the moving companies Columbus Ohio. In this document, you will have a price tag for your move which is legally binding. Hence the name “binding moving quote”. It says that your move is going to cost that much and that is it, no more, no less. The company will come to your home, weigh every item that you want to move and prepare a list of additional services. However, you still need to do two things:

Always read the contract carefully!

The binding quote also serves as a contract between you and your movers. As with any contract, it is really important for you to read it carefully from top to bottom. The main reason for this is that you want to make sure you agree with everything that is written down. For example, let’s say that your movers saw that the elevator is not working in your building. You will have a stair-carry clause (which costs quite a bit, for a good reason) which will inflate the cost.

Read the contract carefully before signing!

Knowing that there is such a clause in there gives you room to maneuver. Perhaps you want to reduce the cost by moving your stuff downstairs on your own. Or you might want to call someone to repair the elevator. Bottom line is, read the contract carefully in order to spot things like these.

Additional services

There will usually be a separate paper which contains the list of all of the additional services that your moving company will provide. You need to make sure that it is everything that you will need. This is something that is important both for you and the moving company. You must make sure that the services you are getting are the services that you will actually need and that you will not need any additional moving services. This is really important as trying to get additional services on a moving day is really difficult. Your movers will be bringing the exact equipment for everything you agreed upon. So, if you need more than that, it gets really complicated to arrange for on a moving day.

What is the non-binding moving quote?

A non-binding moving quote is simply an estimate of how much your move will cost. You will provide information on the items that you need to move and your movers will provide you with a rough estimate on how much will it cost. The more accurate information you are able to provide, the more accurate the estimate will be. If you know how much every item weighs, for example, you will be able to get a near-perfect estimate from the get-go, over the phone.

A non-binding moving quote is useful when you are moving locally and are pretty sure that your items will not exceed the minimum price for the move. However, you do need to know that if you agree to a non-binding quote, you need to make sure that you are dealing with reputable moving companies, such as Zippy Shell Columbus. The reason for this is that there are companies that will scam you by providing you with a cheap non-binding quote and then charging way more once they actually get there.

Binding and non-binding moving quotes – Binding not-to-exceed-estimate

This particular quote is something that the best moving companies will be able to offer you. It is basically an estimate over the phone but with two major perks. First of all, it is binding regardless of the weight of the items involved.

Hire movers during the off-peak season, you will get the better deal!

And secondly, if the weight of your items is actually lighter than what they’ve estimated, the price will go down. Most of the time, you will want to go with a quote like this. The moving companies are taking a small risk, however. This is a deal that will not be available all of the time. You are more likely to get it if you are moving off-season, along with other discounts.

Conclusion about binding and non-binding moving quotes

The best moving quote is the one that suits your particular needs. Be it binding, non-binding or not-to-exceed-estimate, it all depends on what exactly is it that you need. If you want to have the least amount of hassle and are sure that you are dealing with a good moving company, go with the non-binding quote. If you have some reservations or want to be extra safe, the binding moving quote is always the right answer. When it comes to binding-not-to-exceed-estimate quotes, you need to double-check the price. After all, the price is usually king. A lot of moving companies take advantage of that and will try to provide you with fewer services. Stay vigilant, make sure you get what you need and always get more quotes from various companies.

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