Best ways to pack picture frames and mirrors

Packing GuideJanuary 2, 2020

Not sure how to pack picture frames and mirrors? Packing and moving any type of glassware is always difficult. Out of all the things, you will be moving, these items are particularly prone to breakage during the moving process. Fortunately, we can help make the whole process easier. Just call Zippy Shell Moving and Storage for our reliable packing services! With the right packaging materials and knowledge, we make packing and transporting picture frames, mirrors and other glassware a painless experience. And, as for best ways to pack picture frames and mirrors without breaking anything, read our tips below.

How to pack picture frames and mirrors

Whether you are planning to hire professionals for packing or do it yourself, it is important to keep track of all your inventory when transporting things to your new home. In addition to writing a list of items, we recommend that you photograph and document the condition of each frame and mirror. Having photographs and written records of all the items in your house makes it easy to file a lawsuit against your movers if they break or damage the glassware while you are moving. It also makes it easy for you to keep up with your belongings during a busy relocation. After all, if you move a truck full of boxes, you may not even notice that something is missing when you unpack it.

pack picture frames and mirrors
Learn how to pack picture frames and mirrors without breaking.

Buy the appropriate moving supplies and assemble the boxes correctly

Safely packing and moving picture frames and mirrors starts with the right moving boxes and supplies. Whatever you do, don’t just throw picture frames and mirrors in the box and hope for the best. Without the proper packaging, the glass will almost certainly crack or break during movement. Fortunately, there are many glass packaging materials available. All you need are:

  • moving boxes made out of cardboard,
  • glassware dividers and partition kits for separating glass,
  • packing paper,
  • packing tapes, and
  • markers.

Once you have the right supplies, assemble each box and add an extra layer at the bottom. Then insert the picture frames and mirrors inside of the cardboard box. Cellular, cardboard compartments are a great way to prevent glass objects from hitting each other while in transit. After that, you can even consider getting storage containers Columbus Ohio. It will make the whole packing process so much easier.

Wrap frames and mirrors in wrapping paper

To properly pack frames and mirrors into packaging paper, we recommend that you first place a piece of packaging paper on the ground. Then place the frame or mirror on top of the paper so that it sits horizontally on its side. Repeat this step with a few more pieces of wrapping paper until the frame or mirror is protected with multiple layers. Secure the paper with tape to keep it in place. If you do not have packaging paper, insert each frame or mirror into a foam bag and secure it with tape.

Couple embracing in mirror in new home
Safely packing picture frames and mirrors starts with the right moving boxes and supplies.

Put protected frame or mirror into the box

Then, as you finish wrapping each mirror or frame with packing paper, place it in a moving box. It should be placed so it sits vertically between the dividers in your box. Never place a frame or mirror on top of another. When you’re done putting frame or mirror inside the box, surround any empty space or gaps with more packaging paper. Filling these gaps will prevent the frame or mirror from moving as they are in transport. If you run out of wrapping paper, we recommend that you fill in the empty area with cloths and soft blankets. This should provide sufficient protection for your picture frames and mirrors.

Close and secure the box with packing tape

When you have finished packing your picture frames and mirrors and filling the gaps with packing paper, close the box and secure it with packing tape. After that, check each box before moving and mark it with the appropriate name for your glassware items. It is also a good idea to put the room where you want to put the box. Putting label i.e. “kitchen” or “dining room” will speed up the process of moving. Most importantly, you want to mark the box as “Fragile” with an arrow showing “This Side Up” so that the box is not held or put upside down. Ticking all the boxes correctly will save you the headache of having to look among dozens of boxes in search of your items over the first few weeks in your new home.

Man lying down on floor with moving boxes
If you are worried about breaking or losing your picture frames and mirrors while moving, look into your insurance policy.

Also, use small or medium moving boxes. Using large moving boxes to carry breakable glass is never a good idea. It is easier to repackage glass objects this way. Plus large boxes make it difficult to carry and more likely to break the contents of your box. Of course, always remember to clean your picture frames and mirrors once you get them out of moving boxes. Relocation is a process with a lot of mess, so clean your items before you put them up on the wall. 

Other tips for packing and moving frames and mirrors

Not sure that this delicate transport will go as you planned? Consider getting moving insurance. If you are worried about breaking or losing your picture frames and mirrors while moving, look into your insurance policy to see if it covers items as they move. In case you are using a professional moving company, consider purchasing comprehensive assessment coverage. If you plan to move a lot of glassware, you can always buy extra insurance as well.

Ready to move?

In the end, we hope our tips helped you with your moving and packing plans. Of course, the best way to pack picture frames and mirrors is to hire experts for the job. Zippy Shell Moving and Storage is a safe, reputable and reliable moving company – so you can rely on us.

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