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Do you need to move? Then, you should prepare your moving budget. Columbus moving services can be quite expensive, just like organizing a move. For this reason, you should see how you can save money when relocating. One way would be to compare moving quotes. Of course, do not go for the cheapest one since they might offer bad moving services. However, the most expensive one does not equal the best services either. That is why you should compare moving quotes. Calculating moving costs can be confusing. For this reason, see how to calculate them and then how to compare them. Only then you can be sure you picked the best moving company.

Do not hire the first movers you find 

When you are moving, the more options you find, the better. You cannot compare moving quotes unless you contact several moving companies. For this reason, you can ask your friends and family for some recommendations. You can search on the Internet and visit official websites. While you are looking for one, make sure to read moving reviews

two women compare moving quotes
You can find moving companies on the Internet

There is no point in comparing moving quotes of companies that are generally bad. In addition to this, check if those moving companies have a license issued by either the FMSCA or the BBB. Again, do not waste your time comparing quotes from fraudulent movers. Lastly, find at least 3 to 5 moving companies and get moving quotes from them.  

Moving quotes vary depending on a company 

Since you are interested in comparing moving quotes, then you must know that companies offer different quotes. Comparing moving quotes Columbus Ohio can be confusing as well. Movers calculate their movers based on different criteria. Some will base it on the weight of your items, while the other will focus on the relocation distance. It is important to ask the movers how they count their quotes. In addition to this, ask for an in-house estimate. The company representatives should come and to the estimation of your belongings. Only then they can say the quote. Lastly, you should keep in mind that only reputable companies will give the most accurate estimate. Fraudulent companies will try to scam you. 

Compare moving quotes for a long-distance move 

If you are interested in long-distance moving, most movers focus on the weight of your items to calculate their quotes. For this reason, you should ask three different companies to come and make an estimation. However, you have to make sure that all these estimates are based on the same weight. Otherwise, you will not be able to compare them. In addition to this, if one moving company stands out too much, be careful. 

person holding pencil near laptop computer
It can be difficult to understand how movers calculate their quotes

Do not think this is a great opportunity. Just on the contrary, much lower moving quotes are signs of fraudulent moving companies. They usually price their moving services lower than the other companies. But, they will send you a moving bill that is much higher than the estimate. The other scenario is you will lose your items. In both cases, you will not save money by hiring movers that offer the cheapest prices. 

Compare moving quotes for local moves 

Moving quotes for local relocations are simple to count. This is understandable since moving locally is not as complicated as long-distance relocation. Moving quotes for local moves are calculated on the following parameters. 

  • Number of movers 
  • Time 
  • Materials 
  • The size of the moving truck 

In addition to this, for a local move, movers will decide on an hourly rate of your moving quotes based on these parameters listed above. However, keep in mind that time traveling to your home, to your new address or even to your storage unit can change. But, in most cases, you will receive your hourly rate. Lastly, remember that moving at the end of the month, during the summer months, and even on the weekends will cost more. 

Additional moving costs and fees 

You should also ask about additional fees and moving costs that you might have. Those can include the following. 

  • Packing and disconnecting fees – you can add packing services to your bill. However, make sure to ask about disassembling large furniture, gas lines, disconnecting a huge bathtub, and similar. 
  • Extremely heavy items – movers will charge additional fees for moving pianos, all-terrain vehicles, furniture, household appliances, and so on. 
  • Flight charges – if you are living in a building or multi-stories house, you can pay for flight charges. 
  • Inconvenient locations – if movers cannot access your house due to difficult terrain or driveway, they will have to either walk or find another solution. 
  • Shuttle fees – if a moving truck is not allowed in your neighborhood, or it is too big to fit, you will need to pay for a smaller truck or a shuttle. 
woman climbing on brown concrete stairs
Movers will charge additional fees for stairs

Insurance and refund policy 

Insurance can also affect your final price. Make sure to check the liability and insurance policies and packages. Here are some you should check. 

  • Basic carrier liability – according to the law, carriers have to offer insurance. However, it is quite small, only $0.60 per pound and only for an interstate move. Local rates can be different. 
  • Declared value protection – your movers are liable for the whole shipment which generally equal to $1.25 per pound. 
  • Lump-sum or assessed value – if you have items of high value, you should get this type of insurance. 

In addition to this, check the refund policy. What will happen if you need to change your moving date or even cancel your move? Will you get a refund or you will pay for something? Make sure to find out answers. 

Compare moving quotes before you hire movers 

As you can see, comparing moving quotes is not difficult but getting them and understand how they are calculated can be. For this reason, make sure to contact several companies, get an estimate, and compare them. Do not hire movers just because they offer the lowest quotes, but rather focus on the quality of moving services. 

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