Whatever items you need to keep in a safe place, you’ll be sure to find premium storage units Marysville Ohio of the perfect size and on a good location. And, we promise, at the right price! We have a great variety of storage unit sizes, just contact your local movers Columbus Ohio and we’ll arrange for your perfect solution. Our competitive price range means you’ll only be paying for what you actually need. You won’t get any hidden fees or charges in the contract. Just an honest unit to fit all your belongings and personal and other household self-storage requirements.

Storage units Marysville Ohio
Your house will feel far more breezy and with a better flow if you clear some of these items into a premium storage unit at your local Zippy Shell Columbus facility.

Store your belongings safely with Zippy Shell Columbus!

Do you own more items and memorabilia than you can comfortably store at home? If you are in desperate need for a spare room, storage units Marysville Ohio are your answer! If it has been a while since you could park your car in the garage as normal or your cupboards are bursting with items, call residential movers Columbus Ohio! Your basement and your attic could be free of the weight of things in no time!

Leave all the extra stuff in our care, for example:

  • Your camping equipment
  • sports gear
  • photo albums
  • motorcycle for the winter
  • things that ‘might come in handy one day’
  • seasonal clothing
  • Holiday decorations

We have plenty of conveniently located storage units Marysville Ohio to rent at an affordable weekly cost

Move your belongings into clean, dry and secure storage units Marysville Ohio where you can keep them for as long as you need to. You can even buy containers, boxes and other forms of packaging to help protect your things. Then you can access them whenever you want, even outside of opening hours by arrangement. And, also you can switch your unit for a larger or smaller one if you change the number of items you are storing. We have units of all sizes that will easily accommodate furniture and all kinds of household goods.

Storage units with pink doors
In order to pack your storage unit like a pro, you should choose a slightly bigger unit.

There are many reasons why people might need to store furniture with storage units Marysville Ohio:

  • It is a great solution while you are redecorating your home:

Storage units Marysville Ohio will keep your furniture away from the remodeling chaos. It will make the whole process far quicker and easier without the family having to climb over things.

  • Moving house:

If you move in with a significant other or a new roommate, you might end up with duplicate items. Or simply too much stuff to handle. In that case, it’s good to rent one of our premium storage units Marysville Ohio. That way you’ll keep your belongings for when you move into a larger home.

Also, storage can come in handy if there’s a gap between selling your old home and buying the new one. If you need to move into temporary accommodation and need somewhere to put your furniture until your new home is officially yours, contact Storage Units Columbus Ohio!

  • Student holidays:

Instead of taking everything home with you during the holidays, it’s much simpler and more safe to keep your stuff with storage units Marysville Ohio.

Decide on the Type of Storage Units Columbus Ohio You Need

Take a look at the items you need to put into storage units Marysville Ohio. You can create an idea of the size of the unit you want to rent, but remember that you don’t want to simply rent one of the storage units Columbus Ohio that can fit all of your items. You will need a unit where you can go in yourself and still have a little room to work. If you ever want to be able to get your belongings in, or out, or rearrange them while you’re renting, you don’t want to pack your storage unit full. Many people opt for the smallest possible unit available in order to save money. But eventually, they wind up with a unit so small that they have to empty half of it to get to a box in the back. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with everything!

Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Do you have items that might be temperature sensitive? In that case, you’ll need a climate-controlled unit that’s indoors. If your items are valuable you’ll likely require a unit that has good security and even video monitoring. If you do not have insurance, you should consider buying a policy from our reliable storage facility.

Calculator and coins
Check and see if your renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance policy covers items in a storage unit

Choose the location wisely with Zippy Shell Columbus!

People often make the mistake of getting stuck on location. Usually, they find themselves storing their precious belongings in a facility that isn’t really reliable or reputable because it just happens to be closest to them or cheapest in the community. But if you cast your net wider, you may find that the Columbus area has the best option for your needs. Bottom line, wouldn’t you rather drive or walk an extra 10 minutes to store your belongings in a premium unit? So, choose storage units Marysville Ohio and you won’t make the same mistake!

Call the Storage Units Columbus Ohio management and we’ll arrange everything for you!

Once you’ve decided to go for the amazing storage units Marysville Ohio, call us! When you know what you actually want to get and you have a good understanding of what size you need, contact the Storage Units Columbus Ohio management and you can put a unit you like on hold. Even if you don’t know what you are looking for exactly, our storage facility manager will help you. We’ll guide you through the process and help you choose the best options.


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