Pick the Right Size Storage Unit: Tips & tricks

Storage PreparationApril 18, 2019

Renting storage is probably one of the best decision you have ever made. We are always looking for more free space and a place where our belonging will be safe. Besides, storage has so many purposes that almost everybody needs one. Are you moving into a smaller apartment or office? Maybe you are looking for a place to store your lawn gear during the winter? Or your skies and Christmas decoration during the summer? Do you need a place for your hobby items? Or your vintage car? Your motorcycle? If you are a salesman or landscaper, you probably need somewhere to keep your goods and tools. You need s short term storage, or you need a permanent solution. As you can see scenarios are many, but one size doesn’t fit all. So, let’s learn how to pick the right size storage unit. 

TV, dresser, closer, couch and a lamp
Before you decide what storage size you need, make an inventory list and measure your items

For starters, make an inventory list

First of all, you should determine what are you storing. So, make a nice inventory list, put everything on the paper. Don’t skip items just because they are small, many small items take big space. And then, measure your belongings properly. If some of them are not boxed up, you can consider renting some bins storage as well. It’s an eco-friendly and permanent solution, much better than cardboard boxes that get damaged and dusty. Once you have all listed and measured, start thinking about the positioning these items. What could go on top of what and how much space do they all take once put together? Also, a nice drawing with measures can help you pick the right size storage unit.

See it for yourself

This is always a good idea, especially if you have measured your things before. So, before making that final decision, make sure you visit the facility. Tour a unit that’s the same size as the one you’re planning to rent, or the exact one. Seeing it for yourself is definitely easier than trying to picture it in your head. Some facilities even offer a demo unit with the standard sizes broken down with lines on the floor to show customers the differences between the sizes. A visit will really help you visualize the space, and pick the right size storage unit for yourself. Filling the storage units is a lot like playing the Tetris – you try and fit as much as you can.

Besides, this way you can see what types of storage they offer and what would suit you best. Just like the sizes, types are many. In a variety of types from climate controlled units to the military storage Columbus offers many options. Check them out and see what suits you best.

Try to understand the dimensions

Usually, units are sized by length times width. This gives you an estimated floor space square footage. You can calculate your needs either by square footage or the number of rooms you are looking to store. But keep in mind that, typically, units have a ceiling height of 8 feet. So don’t count on using to much vertical space. But luckily, it is enough to turn couches and beds sideways and easily accommodate furniture. People often forget that furniture doesn’t have to rest in the storage unit in the same position it rests at your home. And that is great news, right?

Hallway with storage units with red doors
Visit the storage facility and see the units for yourself

Pick the right size storage unit with ease

Obviously, in order to pick the right size storage unit, you need to know the sizes. So here are some typical sizes:

  1. 5’x5’ unit is 25 square feet big and equivalent to a large closet. Things that fit in it are a dresser, small mattress set and a few boxes. You can also store your seasonal decorations, personal items, gardening equipment, camping gear, children’s toys or off-season clothing. For example, if you stand in the 5’x5’ with your arms stretched out, you will be able to touch both walls. Hence, this is the smallest unit and it serves for storing several small or medium items.
  2. 5’x10’ unit is 50 square feet big, and it is equivalent to a walk-in closet. In it, you can store furniture from a one-bedroom apartment, dresser, TV, bike, and several storage boxes. If you are looking for student storage, this could be just for you. The entire dorm room including a queen-sized mattress set can fit in.
  3. 10’x10’ unit is equivalent to half of a standard one-car garage, size of 100 square feet. This is the size of the typical extra bedroom if that helps you visualize. You can store items from two bedrooms or an entire family room.
  4. 10’x15’ unit is slightly smaller than a standard garage, of 150 square feet. Items from three bedrooms or other large items like big-screen TVs, couches, pianos, tables or devices can fit without a problem.
  5. 10’x20’ unit has 200 square feet, the same as a standard one-car garage. You can keep items from a three- or four-bedroom house or apartment in here. This includes couches, mattress sets, a dining room set, workout equipment, a refrigerator, dryer, and washer. Also, this size is ideal for your vintage car over the winter.
  6. 10’x30’ unit is equivalent to the one-and-a-half-car garage, size of 300 square feet. Hence, you can store pretty much anything you need including vehicles or boats. At most facilities, this is the largest size. They are perfect for storing a huge family house.
Grey house with a garden, trees and sitting area
The entire family house can fit in the largest storage unit

When not sure, go big

Many people underestimate their needs and choose a unit that is too small. Don’t be one of them. Besides, you will need to leave a little space for yourself to come in and take what you need. So when you are not sure how to pick the right size storage unit, better go big!

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