Residential Storage

We all come to a certain point in life when we realize that we’ve gathered too much material belongings. And it is at that time that we are faced with two choices. You can either continue down that road and become a hoarder or you can clear it all out. Every household needs decluttering from time to time. Sometimes it helps to rid yourself of stuff, at other time simply storing them away somewhere is all you need. And this is the exact purpose of our storage rental Columbus Ohio. With the help of our residential storage services, you can make sure that your home never gets cluttered.

Residential storage is the most common type of storage available to people looking to move. So, if you’re planning a residential relocation and looking for storage solutions, you are likely looking for a mobile storage solution, that makes moving and storage simple, yet cost-effective.  At our company, we’ll help you find storage services in Columbus tailored for your particular needs. And we will help you see why Zippy Shell Moving and Storage has the best storage options for your move.

Moving truck Zippy Shell as your most reliable residential storage
Every household needs professionals who can help you pack, move and store your belongings

Why would you need storage?

Having a safe and easily reachable spot to keep your belongings in is a great idea. This is why a good storage unit has many applications which can come in very handy when:

  • you’re relocating – use our units to store your belongings until you have them shipped to your new home.
  • renovating – keep your things out of harm’s way while you’re remodeling your home. Using our onsite POD-style containers, avoid dust damage and paint stains.
  • decluttering – getting ready to sell your home, or simply waiting for your kid to come and pick up their things after schooling? Free up your home space with ease and convenience using mobile storage.
  • you just need some space – if your things are taking up too much space, think of our units as giant closets. You’ll have access to them whenever you need them while keeping your home looking tidy. Don’t forget to ask about our free redeliveries every 6 months, so you can exchange the seasonal items in storage.

storage facility Zippy Shell Columbus
Our storage facilities are well secured and easily accessible

Residential storage types

At Zippy Shell Moving and Storage, we have a lot of different options for residential storage Columbus. Our units and containers are designed to fit your needs whether you require a storage unit to help you with your move or to just keep some things out of the way. We offer both short-term and long-term storage solutions. Rent our units on a month-to-month basis or opt for a longer period of time. Both options have their advantages.

Adaptable storage

We believe that if you’re renting residential storage Columbus Ohio, you should have the option to tailor your storage solution to your requirements. If you want to have your belongings packed and ready to go, you should be able to. If you want a unit that you can access throughout the week (with the exclusion of Sunday), your storage should provide this. At Zippy Shell Moving and Storage, our units adapt to your needs. This is why we have the most convenient and accessible storage solutions in Columbus – we bring our mobile storage units to you.

Student storage

Living in a dorm usually means very little space and even less privacy. You might not be able to fit all your things. In addition to this, our student storage units Columbus Ohio are safe and accessible at any time. You can stop worrying about your items safe and dedicate your time and brainpower to your studies.

A group of students working on a project.
Our unit are making life easier for students in Columbus, OH

Special protection

Some of our belongings require special care and conditions to avoid damage. The temperature and humidity have to be just right. If you’re looking to put away these delicate items, Zippy Shell Moving and Storage has a solution for you! Choose our climate controlled storage units in Columbus and rest easy, knowing your items will be safe.

Secure residential storage

Our team of moving and storage professionals will guarantee the safety of your items while in our care. Their experience and training will ensure no harm befalls your items. Once your belongings arrive at the unit, they’ll be in a secure place and away from any harm.

Whether you need long-term storage in Columbus Ohio to keep your things safe and within your reach, or you want to store your thing before you ship them to your new home, we’ve got your back! Our team can help you pack up and transport your storage unit in no time. Furthermore, we’ll assist you in loading and unloading your unit as needed, making moving and storage simple.

Zippy Shell residential storage

A reliable moving and storage company in Columbus should help you find the best storage solutions for your needs. You should be able to sleep soundly knowing your items are safe. And you should be able to have access to your belongings when you need them. With us, you’ll have all of this, and more! We also offer the best value for the price you pay! Our highly customizable storage options fit everyone’s needs and everyone’s wallet.

Other services

In addition to our residential storage Columbus, we offer other services such as moving and packing. These will allow you to customize your storage experience with us even further. Using a storage unit for a move? We are a moving and storage company, so we could help you with both of those things. Furthermore, our experienced packers can help you prepare your entire home for storage in no time! Why bother yourself with the most tedious moving task of your boo furniture when you can hire experienced professionals to take care of it? All of these services can come in handy when you’re trying to relocate for college or on short notice.

an open box not ready to be put in residential storage.
Let us help you pack your items for your storage and for your relocation.

We offer safety, protection, and convenience

With Zippy Shell, you can always count on the safety and protection of your belongings in residential storage Columbus, OH. Our storage facilities can accommodate all volumes of belongings that you wish to keep safe. Rental prices are adapted to fit inside your average budget needs and we take care of everything. We can come to your home, pack, load and transport the belongings into storage or you can do this. It is completely up to you and your time.

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