How to find affordable movers in Columbus?

Hiring MoversJanuary 24, 2019

Moving is not a cheap process. Wrapping up your entire household in protective materials and moving it miles and miles away is definitely going to cost. However, does it have to cost as much as it does? Some moving companies in Columbus definitely charge more than others, but do they instill the same confidence? In reality, is cheaper always better? And, in which cases is better to pay a bit extra for a little better service? Read on to learn more about finding and hiring affordable movers in Columbus.


Good planning is invaluable for a successful relocation, whether you’re looking to move your home on a tight budget or not. Picking the right moving company is probably going to take up most of the planning phase of your move. Make sure you start looking well in advance of your relocation. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should spend weeks trying to find affordable movers in Columbus. You should know when to stop planning and start doing.

A person planning to hire affordable movers in Columbus.
Getting organized makes any move easier.

Make a list

It seems that you need to make a lot of lists when you’re preparing for relocation, but these will help you keep better organized during your move. Thus, they are crucial! Unlike most of your other lists, you’ll use this one before the moving day itself, so it’s probably going to be the first list you make. You should start by listing all movers Columbus you’re thinking of hiring for your affordable move. These should be experienced moving companies you can rely on when the moving madness starts. In addition to this, they’ll need to fit your moving budget.

Do your homework

Finding potential candidates to assist with your relocation is just the start, though. After you complete this, you should start researching the affordable movers in Columbus from your list. Be thorough in your investigation since moving scams are often based on offering very low rates to bait the client. It’s easier to spot and avoid moving scams when you’re planning than on your moving day.

Ask for referrals

If you don’t have a lot of time to research all of the potential movers you want, finding reliable and affordable relocation specialists is still possible. You can get a pool of affordable movers by asking the people you know for advice. In the age of the Internet and modern ways of getting information, it’s easy for people to overlook the importance of getting word-of-mouth suggestions. However, this is one of the most reliable ways of finding affordable movers in Columbus. If your friends or colleagues had a cheap and safe move, hiring the same moving company as they did will increase your chances of having a similar move.

Compare prices

The most important part of moving your home on a tight budget is comparing the prices and choosing the one which suits you. However, when you’re picking the perfect price, don’t instantly go for the lowest possible one. Instead, choose the company which offers the best value for your dollar. When looking for affordable movers in Columbus Ohio, you’ll want to get the lowest possible price, but it will mean little if your movers are inexperienced or unreliable. So, make sure you get the best moving services in Columbus, Ohio for the money you’re paying.

Scales showing affordable movers in Columbus offering more for the same price.
Sometimes you’ll get more value from the same moving costs.

Adaptable services

Another thing you should consider when looking to move on a low budget is the type of moving service you’ll want for your move. If you want to have an affordable move, you’ll want to find a moving company which offers customizable moving services. For example, if you’re trying to save money, you can decide to pack your belongings by yourself and just have the movers transport them. Or, you may decide that the most affordable solution for you is to rent storage services in Columbus Ohio to help you with your relocation. However, not all moving companies allow you to choose which services you’re paying for. When looking to hire movers and save money moving, opt for companies that will allow you to personalize your relocation according to what you need.

When is it worth it to invest a bit more?

Finally, getting cheap movers isn’t always a good idea. Moving on a budget is wonderful when it’s successful, but sometimes it’s just not. An inexperienced moving company might lower their prices to attract new clients, but you wouldn’t want them moving your art collection. So, in some cases, it’s better to pay extra, just to guarantee the safety of your belongings.

  • complicated move – if your move is really tricky or really far away, you’ll need experienced assistance.
  • transporting sensitive items – movers can actually save you money when you’re moving items which are difficult to replace. Don’t try to get affordable movers in Columbus if you’re relocating your art collection or office equipment. Instead, choose a reliable and experienced company and pay a bit extra.
  • short notice relocation – if you have to move on short notice, you won’t have time to search for the most affordable option. You’ll just want reliable movers you can count on.
A person getting ready to move home.
You should know when it’s worth it not to hire cheap movers.

The last thing you should keep in mind is that affordable movers and cheap movers are two different things. Where cheap moving companies just have low costs, affordable movers in Columbus will provide the best values for your money. Whether it’s moving your special items safely, helping you avoid some common moving injuries or letting you personalize your move, your movers should fit your plans and your budget. And hopefully, you’ll have an easier time finding movers on a budget after reading this article.


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