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Storage PreparationApril 22, 2020

Are you planning to rent a storage unit, but you are not quite sure how to organize your items in it? We bring you the ultimate guide to organizing a storage unit, which will make your life a lot easier. Sometimes renting a storage unit is necessary because you are moving, and sometimes you just want to free up some space at your house. Whatever the reason may be, the storage units are a perfect way to safely keep your units outside your home. Self-storage Hilliard Ohio units are among the best of their kind, and therefore are worthy of renting.

Before you bring your items to the storage unit

There are a couple of things that you should have in mind before you rent a storage unit. Of course, the most important thing is that it is suitable for your items, so choose carefully.

  • Choose the right size storage unit – No matter how well you are organizing a storage unit, if it is too small or too big, it will not fit your needs. A small unit will always look overcrowded, whereas you will be spending more money than necessary with a unit that is too big. So, stop by storage facilities Columbus Ohio to see first-hand what is it that you need.
  • Clean the unit thoroughly – Although you will go in a fairly clean storage unit, it is best if you clean it by yourself. In this way, you will rest assured that you will be storing your items properly in a clean surrounding. Plus it will not take you too much time.
  • Prepare your items – All the items that you store should be properly prepared. You should thoroughly clean them as well. Make sure the items are completely dry. If you are storing kitchen appliances, check if they are plugged off, if you saved all the parts that should later be connected again, etc.
colorful lockers with numbers on them are useful when organizing a storage unit
Before you start organizing a storage unit, make sure to clean the unit as well as the items that you will store.

Organizing a storage unit is not hard

There are a few steps that you should take when organizing a storage unit. With these, you will always have enough space in the unit and every item will be easily accessible. Then, you will be able to enjoy the advantages of renting short-term storage units or long-term storage units.

Label the boxes

How will you know where are your dishes unless you label the boxes. Label all the boxes with a sign for Fragile where necessary. Additionally, you should write the contents of each box so that you do not have to open every single box where it says Kitchen to find the knives. Mark each box with a number, you will find out why in the next step.

Make an inventory list when organizing a storage unit

You will never have to think twice whether a certain item is in the storage unit or not. Make an inventory list which you will keep in the storage unit, and make a copy that you will have at your home. Next to every item in the list write the number of the box it is in.

Draw a map

It is easy to forget where each box is and how to access it. But with a simple map, you will overcome all the obstacles. There will be no aimless searching through the boxes, and guessing where the boxes are inside the storage unit. A map is very useful to keep in the storage.

Use pallets

Use pallets to cover the whole floor of the storage unit. This is an excellent way to protect your belongings from rats or any other rodent for that matter. Also, check out these useful tips for preventing mold in storage units.

three pallets on top of each other and one pallet leaning against them
Place pallets on the floor of the storage unit to protect your items from rats and bugs.

Stack boxes accordingly

When organizing a storage unit, you should use the boxes of the same size. Medium-sized boxes are perfect for your items. The heaviest boxes should always go at the bottom, as they will not damage other boxes with their weight. The stack should never be higher than you yourself because the boxes are likely to fall down due to their weight.

Organizing a storage unit is all about prioritizing

If you will be taking some items from your storage unit frequently, make sure that they are in the front of the unit. This means that you will take in those items last, so in this way, they will always be the first to reach.

Install shelves

Shelves are your best friends when it comes to keeping your storage unit organized. Especially if the unit is not very large, always remember to go vertical. Put up shelves where you will be able to stack your items easily. They can go as far as the ceiling goes and you can use them for storing the items you will not frequently use.

a storage room with an aisle between the lockers
Make an aisle in your storage unit to gain maximum accessibility to each and every one of your boxes.

Make an aisle

Having an aisle in the storage unit goes a long way when it comes to organizing items. You will have a clear pathway, and you will be able to reach all the boxes easily. It does not have to be a very wide aisle, just enough for you to go in and not feel claustrophobic. Stack your items on the right and the left side, but leave the middle area as empty as possible.

We have seen plenty of tips and tricks in this useful guide for organizing a storage unit. Even though it can seem impossible at times to keep your unit organized, rest assured that you will definitely make it with these ideas. Good luck!

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