Relocation trends in Ohio in 2022

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Relocation trends vary from city to city, from state to state. In the past, many people moved to bigger cities for a better future. However, trends change with time, and due to many factors, they change rapidly. The biggest factor is financial stability, which is why many people follow a certain trend. If you plan on moving to Ohio, you will notice some relocation trends in Ohio in 2022. After all, Ohio is a mid-sized Midwestern state with around 11 000 000 residents. It combines peaceful nature and urban life, and you can get the best of both worlds. If you are planning on moving here, the moving and storage Columbus Ohio company leads you in on some moving trends in 2022!

Relocation trends in Ohio in 2022

What does a relocation trend mean? Relocation trends are tips and tricks that become very popular very fast. Therefore, they spread quickly since many people use them. When it comes to newer moving trends, relocating abroad is quite popular. Many people decide to work or study abroad. Some fall in love with a certain city or country when traveling the world. In the past year, around 2% of residents of Ohio moved abroad. Even though that is not a big number, that percentage grows every year. Other than moving abroad, other moving trends include:

  • Moving to suburbs and smaller cities
  • Renting houses instead of buying
  • Living with roommates
  • Using eco-friendly packing supplies
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Many people decide to move abroad for work, education, or because they fell in love with another culture.

Moving to suburbs and smaller cities

Columbus is the capital of Ohio. It has circa 920 000 residents. Most people from smaller places are moving to Columbus in search of a better life, better jobs, etc. It is a known fact that bigger towns offer more opportunities. However, in past years, the number of people moving from bigger to smaller towns has grown. Big cities come with pollution, traffic, and high living costs. High housing prices are a big problem for those who live in cities. Therefore, people started to hire local movers Columbus Ohio has to offer and move to city suburbs and smaller cities.

That way they pay less for housing, but are still close to their jobs, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, etc. Most of the time, utilities, grocery prices, and other costs are much lower as well. This trend is common among young people and college graduates, but also among the working class who cannot stand the declining health standards that usually come with bigger cities. 

Renting houses instead of buying

One of the relocation trends in Ohio in 2022 is renting homes and not buying them. Our parents joke all the time about how they had children, stable jobs, and houses when they were our age. Today, owning a home is extremely expensive, especially when you are young and are not well-off. That’s why many opt to rent a house. When you do so, you need to pay monthly rent, and you do not have your place. Technically, you have it, but you do not own it. However, going through the legal process of getting approved for buying a house is much more stressful than paying rent. Many decide to save up for their future homes by using moving services Columbus Ohio residents recommend and renting small apartments. 

A jar full of coins
Renting houses and not buying them is another of the relocation trends in Ohio in 2022.

Living with roommates in Ohio

Living with roommates might sound like a nightmare for some. For others, it is a way to move from your parent’s house and save money by splitting the rent. More and more people opt for this option, especially students and those who move from other cities. Of course, it is much better to share a house with your friends than with strangers. People who do not have luck finding roommates usually turn to the internet for help. There are many Facebook groups, websites, and Craigslist ads that help people find their new roommates. By living with a group of people, you can save up money and will never really feel alone. You will not only share housing expenses but utilities and food expenses as well. Moreover, you will meet many new people, which can open your views and life possibilities. 

Using eco-friendly packing supplies

People started to care much more about our environment. There are thousands of ways to save our planet, and you can do that when packing. The best thing is to save any boxes and reuse them when packing. Technically, you can reuse everything- wrapping tape, bubble wrap, etc. If you move quite often, there is no need to buy new supplies every time. Another great tip can save you money and space. Some people use everything that resembles a packing supply. Examples are purses, backpacks, beach bags, shopping bags, laundry baskets, etc.

By using them as supplies, you will be packing two things at once. Since some people do not have time to pack themselves, they get moving quotes Columbus Ohio companies offer, and hire movers to pack their belongings. That might seem like a waste of money, but it has become famous, especially among older people, people with kids, people with disabilities, etc.

A girl using packing tape and thinking about the relocation trends in Ohio in 2022
Nowadays people use eco-friendly packing supplies instead of regular ones.


To sum it up, as time passes, trends change. One of the biggest relocation trends in Ohio in 2022 is that most people move from bigger to smaller towns. That way, they are reducing living costs but are still staying close to everything they need. They also include not buying houses due to high housing prices. Instead, people rent apartments to save money. They also share their homes with roommates, which reduces living costs. The last trend is using eco friendly packing supplies to save the environment from unwanted plastic. Another trend which is becoming global is moving abroad. Even though a small percentage of Ohio people moved abroad, that number constantly grows. In the end, if you opt to relocate to Ohio, we wish you a nice relocation. Good luck!



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