4 reasons to move to Hilliard this summer

Top places in OhioAugust 8, 2022

What is there to know about Hilliard? It’s a beautiful small city located in Franklin County, Ohio. Reasons to move to Hilliard this summer are too many to count. However, while summer is the most popular time for relocation, it’s not the best one. Temperatures in Ohio during summer are not high and they are around comfortably 80°F. But a high level of humidity makes summer unbearable. For this reason, it’s important to find a good moving company for your summer relocation such as one of the best companies Columbus Ohio has to offer.

Why should you move to Hilliard this summer?

Hilliard is a smaller city in Ohio with a population of almost 40 000. The town is also a suburb of Columbus. Hilliard has a long history and the town was first mentioned in 1852. The town had steady growth since then and it has had a population increase of around 20% in just the last decade. As you can see, the movers Hilliard Ohio has to offer were quite busy. There are many reasons to relocate to Hilliard such as the following:

  • Job opportunities
  • Cost of living
  • Weather
  • Education
  • Activities

Job options in Hilliard

The main reason for moving to another city is for job opportunities. For this reason, it’s important that your new city has a strong and growing economy. The unemployment rate in Hilliard is lower than the national rate and job growth is steadily increasing. By some calculations, future job growth in Hilliard is expected to be more than 40% which is higher than the national one of 34%. You can find job positions in many fields such as education, health care, finance, economy, manufacturing, etc. Additionally, Hilliard is a good place to start your small business. Until you find your new office space, you can keep your belongings in a temporary warehouse space in Hillard.

person typing on gray and black laptop
Move to Hilliard this summer for job options

The cost of living in Hilliard

Another important factor when choosing your new city is a cost of living. The overall cost of living in Hilliard is slightly lower about 1% than the national average. However, the housing costs are about 25% higher than the national ones and the median home value is around $500 000. Of course, the home prices will depend on location, size, etc. The median rent is around $1500 and you can first rent a home at the beginning and keep your items in the storage Hilliard Ohio has to offer. You will be happy to know that the median household income is around $115 000 and utility bills are lower by 10%.

Fun things to do after you move to Hilliard this summer

Living in Hilliard is not just working all the time and worrying about the costs of living. You also need to have fun and try new fun things. For this reason, you should go and try one of the best things to do in Hilliard such as fishing, hiking, eating a lot of good food, etc.

two men fishing and discussing weather they should move to Hilliard this summer
You can do a lot of fun things in your free time at Hilliard

What is the conclusion?

The conclusion is that you should definitely move to Hilliard this summer. The city has everything you need for a good and comfortable life. Now, you should focus on finding a good moving company and preparing for your relocation.


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