Packing your kid’s backpack for the move

Moving Day TipsJanuary 31, 2021

There are so many tasks to keep in mind on the day of the move. Careful organization and planning ahead are crucial when changing home. Categorizing, packing, and labeling belongings timely can save you a lot of trouble later on. Some of the goods could be separated and kept in storage units Reynoldsburg Ohio. Others you can keep with you until the last moment and transported the same day you leave. Among the things that we most often forget are those that we are to transport ourselves. For instance, packing your kid’s backpack for the move is often taken lightly. But this is a mistake since so many useful items for the day of the move can fit in there.

What not to forget when packing your kid’s backpack for the move

Among the things to be packed in your kid’s backpack, some are of higher importance than others, of course. First of all, try to keep the backpack clean and ready and in a visible place. Secondly, make a list of the most important items to be placed in on the day of the move. Or even better, the night before. That way you can be confident that you won’t forget anything important. Or send it by mistake in some remote box with movers Columbus Ohio.

packing your kid's backpack for the move with their favorite snacks
Keep your kid’s favorite snack in their backpack on the day of the move

Favorite snacks and water

The major concern of every parent is to keep their kid hydrated and nourished throughout the day. Especially if that day is the day of the relocation. The move can be equally exhausting for the children as for the adults, even if you get all the help from packing services. Kids┬átend to forget to eat when excited. But the parents should keep their favorite snacks ready at hand when this is the case. So bringing enough water and snacks when moving is essential. Try to prepare some healthy snacks because your kid will need a lot of energy. But if you are sure that your kid will refuse anything but their favorite in this stressful situation, bring exactly that. The most important thing is that they don’t skip a meal.

Kid’s overnight bag

Even if your move is just a short-distance one, and you are sure that your local movers Columbus Ohio will move you in no time, prepare an overnight bag for your children. The overnight bag should contain:

  • a toothbrush
  • clean underwear
  • pajamas
  • a hairbrush and hairpins if it’s your daughter’s backpack for the move
  • mild soap

An overnight bag containing only these essential items can be easily fit into your kid’s backpack. Alternatively, if you add more items, you can keep the bag separately.

A safety blanket or a beloved toy is a must when packing your kid’s backpack for the move

If your child has a safety blanket or a favorite toy, don’t forget to place it in their backpack. That way they will feel comforted and at ease. Another good idea is to buy your kid a new toy for the road. Keeping your kid busy and contended will amount to a smoother move altogether.

two boys sitting on grass with a backpack and a teddy bear
Don’t forget their favorite toy when packing your kid’s backpack for the move

Of course, the list goes on, and every family’s priorities are different. But if you keeping mind the essential items that we mentioned above when packing your kid’s backpack for the move, your move should go smoothly and happily.

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