Common mistakes when packing antiques

Packing GuideJanuary 29, 2021

Packing antique items can be really tricky. You need to make sure that their safety is not compromised at any point of their relocation. The way that you do this is by selecting the proper containers and following the best packing techniques. You have to avoid common mistakes when packing antiques, as well. The most obvious and easiest way to ensure all of that is to have one of Columbus moving companies pack your antiques for you. They will make sure that your valuables are as safe as possible. But if that is not an option, we are going to go over exactly what you need to do, right here in this article!

How to avoid common mistakes when packing antiques?

Here is what you will need to pay attention to when packing antique items:

  • Pick the right size of the moving boxes
  • Pack your antiques correctly
  • Label every box properly
  • One of the common mistakes when packing antiques – Leaving empty space in the box
  • Using plastic bags is a terrible idea
  • Leaving everything for the last-minute
  • Hire professionals to avoid common mistakes when packing antiques

You may need to obtain specific packing materials, as well. But that is not a piece of advice that can be applied for every single relocation so we chose to omit it. All you need to know is that specific antiques require specific supplies. If you are storing your items within one of the storage units Gahanna Ohio has on offer, there may be further considerations as well. The best thing to do is to talk with professionals and see what advice they have to say about it. Most of the time, they will at least point you in the right direction.

Pick the right size of the moving boxes

The first thing on the “menu” is to select the proper containers for your belongings. Using cardboard boxes is just fine but you need to make sure that they are of the right size. Before looking for them, though, you may want to measure your belongings so you know what you are searching for. After you do so, try to get boxes that are just slightly larger than the item/s you wish to transport. This will ensure that there is the least amount of space between your antiques and the box itself. You can make all of this extremely simple if you opt for packing services from a moving company, though. They will do all of this work for you and will bring adequate containers for the task. Furthermore, they have access to specialty boxes that can further secure your belongings.

person wearing a mask, handling cardboard moving boxes
Having just the right moving box sizes will make your belongings a lot more secure.

Avoid common mistakes when packing antiques – Pack your antiques correctly

Most people do not really differentiate between packing regular items and antiques. The “problem” with the latter is that any damage whatsoever might severely reduce the value or destroy the item outright. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to how you pack your valuables for transport. You may also need to figure out a way to protect them from humidity during transport or their stay in a storage unit. If you plan on storing your antiques in one, however, you may want to look into climate-controlled storage solutions. They provide maximum protection from humidity, after all. It all depends on whether your items are influenced by humidity, though.

Label every box properly

Even if you follow all of the above advice, and pack every single item correctly, not labeling the box properly is a grave mistake. You may forget what is inside each box and not handle it with the care that it deserves. And the smallest bump may damage the valuables inside. Therefore, every time you seal a box, make sure that you label it accordingly. Even a small label that says “Fragile” will go a long way. Obviously, the more detail you have on the labels, the better.

One of the common mistakes when packing antiques – Leaving empty space in the box

You never want to have any free space in the box if you can avoid it. The boxes are going to experience some shuffling in transport and you don’t want the items inside bumping into the walls of the box. To prevent this, all you need to do is to employ some packing paper, socks, or newspaper to fill any empty space. Once you finish with the process, gently shake the box and try to hear any rattling sound. The less sound the box makes, the better.

cardboard box on the table
Having empty space in a sealed box is a fairly common mistake to avoid.

Using plastic bags is a terrible idea

You never want to use plastic bags for your antiques. Even if you feel that it is a lot easier to pack your items this way, try to refrain from it. The reason is that these bags are quite malleable and they will not provide much in the way of protection. What you can do, if you are really keen on using them, is to make absolutely sure that there is no space left in the bag before you pack the item. This may provide your belongings with a bit of cushioning. But, at the same time, you want to have the bags inside a box that is properly secured.

Leaving everything for the last-minute

This is absolutely the most common packing mistake out of them all. You may underestimate the time it requires to pack your antiques carefully. Thus, you will need to do a “rush-job” which may provide for sub-optimal protection for your items. The way not to make this mistake is to simply be aware of it. Always leave yourself with plenty of time to properly pack everything. Remember that you may need to spend a lot more time on sensitive pieces, as well.

hand watch
Not having enough time for packing is the most common mistake.

Hire professionals to avoid common mistakes when packing antiques

The last tip that we can give you is to consider enlisting professional help. If you are unsure that you are going to do a good job, this is your best option. Professionals will pack all of your belongings in a swift and safe manner. By hiring them, you will avoid common mistakes when packing antiques altogether.

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