Nightlife in Columbus, OH – where to go?

Moving Day TipsJune 18, 2020

You are in Columbus. It is night. Where are all the people going and what are the best places? You’ve figured out your dorm room storage solutions and are ready to party but you simply don’t know where to go. We are going to present you with some really great Nightlife in Columbus OH options in this article. From Club 185 to Oldfields on high, this article will be presenting some of the best places for your nightly entertainment!

What is the nightlife in Columbus OH like?

First off, Columbus has a nightlife scene to rival many much larger cities. You can party all night long to live music or drink at some of the best watering holes in the country. And there is the art scene that is one of the best in the entire US when it comes to small cities. All in all, if you are a party person, Columbus has you covered. There are many places that are worthy of your patronage. Regardless of what your wishes are, you can find something in this great city. There is something for everyone! If you have recently moved in, and are looking for storage units Powell Ohio, make sure you figure that out before you go on partying. You may have a nasty hangover afterward.

Places to visit in Columbus OH – Nightlife & Bars

Here are our top four picks for nightlife&bars in Columbus:

  • Club 185
  • Tommy Keegans
  • Nightlife in Columbus, OH with live music – Thirsty Ear Tavern
  • Oldfields on high
One of the best nightlife in Columbus, OH places - Club 185
One of the best clubs in Columbus to visit – Club 185!

Club 185

We simply have to have Club 185 as the first one on the list. If you ever heard the word “Institution” when a club is mentioned, this place more than earns it. This club opened its doors all the way back in the 50s and has a rich and varied history. This is the place that current patrons know as their dad’s hangout. This used to be the place to watch softball games and enjoy the special brand of hot dogs. Nathan’s Coney Island hot dog is a treat that you can get in select places and club 185 is one of them. Nowadays, younger people frequent this club because of its famous happy hour deals. The prices in this place are already quite reasonable, as prices go, so even without the happy hour, it is a great place to spend your time.

But what really brings in a lot of customers is its own, unique, mix of nostalgic atmosphere and the fare that the club provides. I mean, there are not many places that offer fried bologna sandwiches and pigs in blankets, after all.

Tommy Keegans

Next up, this spot is the local’s favorite for quite a bit, more than a decade! The weekends are especially eventful, with their lineup of bands and other performers. It really gives you that college vibe and the place has plenty of energy behind it. You simply bask in all of it while you are there and you can’t help but feel great while listening to all these great performers. And then there are the special events that take place, such as soccer championships.

On those days, the place is filled with energetic people cheering for their teams. The bar itself is comfortable and dark, perfect for young professionals nowadays. The happy hours make this place perfect for simply hiding from all the other distractions and stressful thoughts. Simply relax, lay back, and enjoy a couple of drinks after work. This is Tommy Keegans and it will help you feel a lot better and relax after your stressful long-distance relocation.

Filled with positive energy – Tommy Keegan’s!

Nightlife in Columbus OH with live music – Thirsty Ear Tavern

This is the music enclave of sorts. This tavern is notable for its many musical posters which create a really unique feeling to the whole place. The music that this tavern recognizes the most is live and good. You can enjoy many different scenarios here, from blues jams, open mic nights, to live bands and other performers. This is, in fact, the biggest draw to this place, the sheer variety of things to do and things to see.

Then there is the service. While the ambiance definitely looks friendly from the get-go, it is amplified with the exceptionally friendly service that this place is famous for. No matter when you decide to come in, you can respect the service to be friendly, helpful, and overall excellent. This is something that this tavern has going for itself for a number of years now. Of course, being a tavern, you will be able to enjoy a lot of beer types, from lightest lagers to darkest stouts. And here is where the staff shines yet again. Their knowledge of beers will make it possible for you to choose the best beer for the situation!

Giving your trust to the Thirsty Ear Tavern is one of the best things that you can do in Columbus. The place deserves at least one visit. After that, you will most likely be coming back. There are also other charming places to visit in Ohio! You will have a lot of fun and things to do!

Up for some live music? Head to Thirst Ear Tavern!

Oldfields on high

Last but definitely not least on our list is the quirky Oldfields on high. This place is a mix of performance space and a neighborhood bar. Every night of the week you can see crowds of people frequenting this place. The main reasons that so many people come in are quite reasonable drink prices and their roster of bands. Many bands with recognition on the national level play their music here, which is quite varied.

You can end up listening to hip-hop or salsa, or alternative rock, or anything, really! The only problem this place has is that it does not have enough space for all those that want to enjoy its program. However, this fact means that the stage is small and the audience can come really close to the music. If you want to be in front of the crowd, you will need to arrive early to beat other, similar, patrons.

Also, the exterior of the place is simply a sight to see for the first time. You will definitely not be disappointed if you give Oldfields on high a chance.

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