How to pack memorabilia for storage

Packing GuideJune 18, 2020

If you are packing your items for storage then you will definitely use our guide. Especially if you are planning to pack memorabilia for storage. Depending on how fragile your items are, valuable and rare, you will have to make careful preparations before you store them. Starting from what packing materials to use, how to use them, and how to prepare your storage unit. We are certain that this article will help you with your task. So, without further due, allow us to tell you more about this seemingly hard task, that is actually quite easy.

What to do before you pack memorabilia for storage

There are some things you need to finish up before you start packing your memorabilia. First things first, see if you have original packages of your beloved items. They are perfect when you have to pack memorabilia for storage. Original packing boxes give perfect protection from any element in the storage units. And with your items in those boxes, you can rest assured that your old items are perfectly packed and ready for storage. But, if you do not have those items then you should try to collect the following items:

  • Air-filled wraps – Perfect wrapping materials that can protect your memorabilia for a long time
  • Brand new cardboard boxes – They are always a better option than used ones
  • Packing tape and rope – Just in case you need to strengthen the wrapping materials around your items
  • Some old newspapers, packing hay or packing peanuts – They are usually used to fill oddly shaped empty space in the cardboard boxes.
packing hey you can use when you have to pack memorabilia for storage
Use packing hay when you have to pack memorabilia for storage

Having proper packing materials can mean a lot when you have to pack memorabilia for storage. The other part of this is having a good storage unit It may sound like it is hard to find one, but if you happen to need it, you can always get Storage Units Lewis Center Ohio. With good units, you know that your items are kept safe and secured.

Do you need a special kind of storage units?

Memorabilia can be anything and it can be made from any kind of material. Which is why it is important to find a good storage unit before you pack memorabilia for storage. If your memorabilia need to have a climate-controlled storage unit, then that’s exactly what you should go for. Units with constant flow of fresh air will maintain the quality of your items for a long time. Also, it will prevent any mold from happening. This is quite important if you want to avoid any damages, especially when storing for a long time. Storage units play quite a big role, as much as proper packing. So, before you pack memorabilia for storage, make sure to know exactly what kind of storage unit you will need.

an AC unit
Always pick storage units with AC units installed

Once you are done with these two tasks, you will need a good crew of movers to transport those items. And if you planning a long-distance relocation, then what better way to transport them safely than by hiring long distance movers Columbus Ohio. Because having professionals at your side means that your items are perfectly packed and transported.

Taking care of old items

No matter what kind of item you are packing for storage, you will always have to know how to properly take care of it. If you know how to maintain the quality of your memorabilia they will last longer. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning can prolong the life of your items and keep their value. Which is important if you decide to sell them later on. There are many ways to take care of vintage items that you can find online. And some of them are really useful. Use your free time to do a little research in order to better prepare your memorabilia for storing.

Clean out the storage unit

Packing your items in a clean storage unit is a very important task. Because if you don’t, you risk damaging your precious memorabilia. Dust particles, any water, etc are the main causes of the damages. Furthermore, if you clean your storage unit before packing your items in it, it will be easier to get them back safely. It is important to remember to take your time when inspecting your storage unit. Look out for any leakings, pest problems or possible issues that can happen in the near future. Once you are certain everything is ok, you can pack memorabilia for storage.

brooms and mops
Clean the storage unit before putting your items in

This is especially important when you have to pack music instruments for storage. Because they require a lot of special care and preparation, it doesn’t hurt to know how to properly pack music instruments before storing them.

Pack your items carefully

Once you have finished all of these tasks, it is time to pack your items for a storage unit. You have a lot of time to do this because you already completed all the important tasks. Place packing hay or packing beans inside the cardboard boxes and then gently place memorabilia in it. Don’t forget to wrap the memorabilia in air-filled plastic wraps. Once you do this, simply pour the rest of the packing hay or beans over it. This will give your items much-needed protection during the long period of storage. Also, you would want to pack memorabilia for storage like this because it is an easy way to keep it safe before moving. Memorabilia is just one of the items you need to store before moving. Make sure you are safe while at it.  You can always come later to pick it up

We hope our guide gave you enough ideas on how to pack memorabilia for storage. There are a lot of ways to do it, but the basics are simple. Preparation and time is the key to keeping them safe and intact. If you wish to add something, you can leave a comment in the comment section.

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