How to move a mechanic shop

How toJune 19, 2020

Moving can be a real nuisance. It requires discipline, hard work, and most importantly – organizational skills. However, when talking about how to move a mechanic shop, the word “nuisance” doesn’t really do it justice. Not only do your organizational skills need to be in tip-top condition, but you also have the discipline and focus to avoid having a dragged out move. Which can, in turn, do more harm than good to your business.

A person repairing cars
Repairing cars is hard work. However, moving a car shop is even harder.

We here at Zippy Shell Greater Columbus are very big proponents of the idea that the cost of doing business when relocating, shouldn’t be that high. That’s why we have compiled a list of relocation tips that we think will save you time, headaches, and most importantly – money.

Relocating a mechanic shop? A word of advice before you begin.

The most important advice we can give you if you decide to move a mechanic shop is to hire a moving company. This might seem like an elaborate ploy to make you hire us for the job. However, we assure you it has nothing to do with that. We actually care about you, and your business. And we hate seeing people lose their income because of bad moving mistakes.

So, what do we recommend? Well, before you even start to think about decluttering, clean your tools, disposing of gas and oils, you want to make sure you hire a good reliable moving companyColumbus moving services offers a great range of moving services, at an affordable rate. So, if you are from the area make sure to check us out.

Tip number #1: Decluttering

A collection of high quality tools
Make sure to bring only the absolute essentials!

The best tip we can give you alongside hiring professional movers is to declutter your shop. Your repair shop is probably filled to the brim with tools and parts. Some of which you might need, and most of which you do not. When thinking about commercial moving, you want to have the least amount of things to pack. You wouldn’t believe how many stories we heard of mechanics losing a lot of money to movers just because of the number of items that needed to be relocated. Don’t be that guy. Make sure to pack only the tools and parts you are going to need.

If on the other hand, you have some stuff that you don’t know what to do with, let us offer a recommendation. Get yourself affordable storage units Reynoldsburg, Ohio. It’s the best option when you don’t know if you’ll be needing a tool or a part for a car down the line.

How to move a mechanic shop, tip #2: Cleaning

You know what they say “a mechanic is only good as his tools“. So, it’s no wonder that the most precious piece of equipment in any repair shop is the toolbox. However, if truth be known it’s also probably the dirtiest thing in your shop as well. So what should you do about it? Well, given the fact that you are relocating all your items it might be a smart thing to use this time to clean your tools as well. Let’s be earnest. This is the only time that you can actually relocate, and schedule the time to clean your tools. So use it wisely! Grab yourself an old rag, get your hands on a cleaning product, and get to work! You’ll probably be dealing with things such as:

  • Dust
  • Grease
  • Cobwebs
  • Dirt
  • Oil spills

and much more. If you are not sure how to clean your tools in the most optimal way, make sure to check this guide on how to clean a toolbox.

Drain the oil from your tools!

Four oil containers drying
Don’t forget to clean your oil can containers as well!

Another important thing to mention is that you should make sure to drain all the oil from your tools. Since some moving companies will outright refuse to move those items. Since the oil spillage can cause insurmountable amounts or damage. Not only to your belongings but the vehicles and belongings of the moving company. So, we recommend that you, before hiring a moving company, and before the moving day arrives, to drain all the oil from the tools. You’ll thank us later.

Tip number #3: Packing

Make sure to pack all your essential belongings in corresponding storage boxes. An important thing to highlight here is that you want to make sure to pack all your tools into the toolbox, and not in moving boxes! And while this might sound like an obvious thing. Trust us, a lot of people forget to do this. Only to be surprised once moving day arrives that all of the moving boxes are destroyed. Most tools come with original boxes that you can pack your belongings in to. So, don’t forget to pack them in those boxes.

However, while true that you should pack your tools into toolboxes, some people do not have the original boxes. Well, if you are one of those people, we recommend that you hire professional packers that have all the moving boxes and storage boxes you might need. On top of all that, given the fact that the packers will do all the heavy lifting, you are also left with a lot of time on your hands

Bonus tip: make sure to use a moving index

Another good thing to do if you decide to move your mechanic shop is to create a moving index. This tool will allow you to track all your items that are placed in moving boxes. So, once you arrive at your new location you know exactly where your tools and other pieces of equipment are.

The best way of going about this is to grab a pen and paper, and a marker. Make sure to mark your boxes with numbers, and write in your notepad what items are packed in each of the numbered boxes. So, for example, if you placed a wrench and a screwdriver in moving box 1, you will know exactly where to find those items, if a need for them arises.

In conclusion, how to move a mechanic shop?

Moving a mechanic shop is hard work. It takes due diligence, discipline, and late hours, as well as organizational skills. However, there are ways to make it a bit easier on yourself. What we recommend that you do is to hire a professional moving company that can help you not only with just the packing of the tools. But it can also help you with relocating those pesky heavy moving boxes from point A to point B. With the guarantee that no damage will come to your precious tools.

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