Moving to Powell as a single parent

Top places in OhioSeptember 29, 2021

Being a parent is a full-time job already. Then, just add being a single parent to the equation. In addition, imagine that you are a single parent who needs to move to another city. We can all agree that it is a bit too much. However, if you type moving and storage Columbus Ohio, you will find a professional company that can help you with moving to Powell as a single parent. First, it is important to say that Powell is a suburb of Columbus with a population of 13,141. So, it is an excellent place to raise your kids. It is peaceful, quiet, and family-oriented. It is in Delaware County and it is definitely one of the best places to live in Ohio. Residents mostly own their homes. There are a lot of parks, therefore it is also great if you have a dog.

child and woman after moving to Powell as a single parent
Green areas are very important if you want to raise your kid in a healthy manner

If you plan on moving to Powell as a single parent, do a bit of research about the place too

Basically, anyone can have cold feet. Moving is a rather difficult task and there is a lot of thinking that you need to do. However, moving to Powell can be one of the best decisions that you can make for yourself and your child. According to statistics, it ranks among America’s 50 Best Places to Live. Not only is it the safest neighborhood in Central Ohio, but it is consistently ranked in the Top 3 safest suburbs in the whole state. Powell is also awesome due to the fact that it has no reported violent crimes annually. Powell also has some of the best public schools. So, if you made a decision to move to Powell, it is advisable to check out some companies that offer top-notch packing services and that can make your moving process easier for you.

Suburb houses
Living in suburbs can be great for raising a kid as a single parent

Moving to Powell as a single parent can be a drag without a plan so make sure to have a great one

When you are a single parent, deciding when to start packing and moving is essential, but tricky. You need to have more time, that is for sure. Consider planning everything ahead and keep the planner with you always. You need to write everything down. Use the time when kids are at school, for example, to do all the things that might be the hardest to do. Also, if you need the additional space to store your furniture in Powell, do a bit of research, since there are some awesome companies that also offer this type of service. Here is the draft of how a moving plan can look like:

  • find the most suitable company
  • prepare and involve your kids
  • keep low cost and positive ( book direct flights, include your friends)
  • hire a babysitter on a moving day
Mother and her kids
Make a plan and prepare your children before moving to Powell as a single parent

Find the most suitable moving company

The moving company you choose to hire can completely make a difference. Therefore, make sure you hire a moving company with great reviews and experience. Also, if you are in need of storage units, do a bit of research about storage units Columbus Ohio 43204 and you will find some awesome companies online. So, you don’t need to worry if you want to keep some of your stuff. The rest of it you can donate before moving to the ones who really need it.

Prepare and involve your kids

The key is to communicate properly and honestly with your children. Always make sure to ask them how they feel. The moving experience can be a bit of a challenge for older children. It is because of changing schools and leaving their long-term friends behind. On the other hand, when there is a chance to have a little fun with younger ones, make sure to use it. You can try making small fortresses with moving boxes and make the moving experience fun. Unless they are too young, it’s important to include your kids in the process. The older ones can help with cleaning, separating old belongings, and donating. In addition, if you don’t donate all things unnecessary do a bit of research about storage units Powell Ohio. If they are involved, they will feel fulfilled, helpful and they will develop creativity.

Keep low cost and positive ( book direct flights, include your friends)

First, try to find free boxes in your local shops. Try to do at least most of the packing yourself or with your friends and children. If there is any chance, try to move during the offseason. When you move offseason, moving companies usually have lower rates. The best period is from September till April. In case you have any gift cards or vouchers you forgot about, now is the right time to use them. Especially if you are moving long-distance think about booking direct flights instead of layover flights. This is important because it will reduce the stress levels of both your children and yourself. In addition, think about throwing a few “help” parties with your friends and make the most of it. Of course, moving is not a party but if you “sell” it like that, you can even have lots of fun with your friends.

Hire a babysitter on a moving day

This does not have to be a must. However, you will probably be needed by your movers on moving day and you will not have enough time to take care of your children. Therefore, consider hiring a babysitter when moving to Powell as a single parent. It is stressful enough and you need all the help you can get. In case you cannot hire a babysitter, try to think of the ways you can keep your children busy on a moving day.



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