How to keep your computer equipment safe when moving to Dublin

Storage PreparationSeptember 28, 2021

Moving home is hardly an easy task to complete. There are many things one must consider and if you do not organize adequately, you will end up with a lot of damaged items. And for some of you, to keep your computer equipment safe when moving to Dublin is of the utmost priority. Therefore, let us create a moving plan, pack like a pro, and find an adequate moving team to assist you. Let’s go!

A reliable moving team is all you need

Yes, the key to keep your computer equipment safe while moving to Dublin is to have a reliable moving company to relocate all of it safely. Find one online and compare prices and services. In a matter of minutes, you will find a good local company. All you must do is to read a few reviews, feedbacks, and social media comments if possible. Then, give them a call and check if they are licensed and if they have all the tools to relocate you safely. Schedule a visit and let them provide moving quotes Columbus Ohio, if you are satisfied with the outcome.

 good movers to keep your computer equipment safe when moving to Dublin
Find a reliable moving team to help you relocate your IT equipment safely.

Once they evaluate your situation, they will offer Columbus moving services that can make your relocation easier and more effective. Also, they will point out how they will execute your relocation and keep your furniture, your household belongings, and your computer equipment safe and intact. At that point, you will communicate and decide on what kind of service you’ll purchase.

Preparation is the key

Half of the work is done by you. Preparation is the key to keep your computer equipment safe while moving to Dublin. No matter if you are setting your IT equipment in your home, storing it in your attic, or in one of the storage units Columbus Ohio. The packing process stays the same. Follow these steps when packing computer equipment:

  • Take photos of the current setup.
  • Make all data backups.
  • Turn the machine off and remove the power source.
  • Disassemble everything.
  • Secure cords.
  • Keep small pieces, screws, and bolts in baggies. Label them adequately.

Clean everything while going through the process. Or you can do it after you settle in. But we recommend you to do it before packing simply because you do not want to drag any dirt and dust with you to your new apartment.

Pack patiently and you will ensure your computer equipment safety

As we already said, you will remove the power source first before you detach any cables. Then, remove all pieces, pack them as we explained earlier, and then place everything inside cardboard boxes. You’ll need blister packs to serve as a cushion for each box. And adhesive tape to keep those boxes together. Finally, label everything to know where your components are. Now, you can always use plastic bins for a bit better protection but keep in mind that those are a bit more expensive. But they are also reusable. And if you intend on storing your items inside your home or one of the storage units Dublin Ohio, packing remains the same. Just ensure to cover the whole batch with ha tarp or a sheet to protect it against dust.

a girl stretching an adhesive tape
Pack slowly and patiently. This moving task must be done right.

Handle it with care and set up your new home

Luckily, your movers know how fragile and important this cargo is. You, on the other hand, might not know how to haul boxes. So, maybe it would be wise to let movers do their job and carry boxes with IT equipment and other fragile content. Let them load the moving truck and relocate your stuff safely. All you can do is supervise the process and ensure they are following safety standards. Also, you should purchase moving insurance just to be sure that you will be reimbursed for the possible damages. Hopefully, there won’t be any.

Something you must do at some point before you move is to inspect your new home. You should know where to set up your new equipment and to prepare the environment. So, take all the measures and figure out where to drag cables, set up Wi-Fi, place your monitors, laptops, and other IT equipment. Do it beforehand so you can have your computer up and running as soon as you move in.

Now you know how to keep your computer equipment safe when moving to Dublin. Simply let your movers do the trick and you won’t have to worry about it for a second. You can even let them pack all of it by purchasing packing services. Think about it. Hopefully, we helped a bit so you can organize a safe relocation. Good luck.


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