Where to store your furniture in Powell?

Storage TipsJuly 15, 2021

Are you moving or you just want to redecorate your house? Regardless, knowing where you should store the items you do not need at the moment is very important in both cases. Finding a good storage unit can help you get rid of some items from your home or make your relocation process a lot easier. For that reason, today we will help you learn where you should store your furniture in Powell. Furthermore, if you are short on time and need help both with moving and providing storage, consider hiring services of professional companies, like moving and storage Columbus Ohio. If you have a lot to do when moving, professional moving companies can provide you with adequate assistance and services regarding your move. This way you will ensure the efficiency of the process and make sure you finish everything on time.

Before we talk about where you can store your furniture in Powell

Powell is a suburban area of Columbus, Ohio. It is located in Delaware County and is considered one of the best places to live in the state of Ohio. The area counts around 13.200 residents where 98% are owning their homes. According to recent information, this rural neighborhood has around 4.95 square miles of territory. One of the main things Powell is known for is the high-income rate its residents have. Namely, the median household income in the area is $157.200, while the national average is around $62.900. Therefore, living and working in the city has one major benefit – a high paycheck.

a picture of the city of Columbus during nighttime
If you want to store your furniture in Powell, know that it is a suburban area 17 miles away from the city of Columbus

So, if you plan on moving to the area, consider hiring services like moving quotes Columbus Ohio, which will help you calculate the expenses for the move there. Moreover, once you know the basic expenses, you take into consideration whether or not renting storage is a good choice.

A suburb 30 minutes apart from its city

The suburban area of Powell is north of the city of Columbus. The distance between the two is around 17 miles. Which is roughly around 30 minutes of a car drive from one place to another. However, many people choose to live in Powell mostly to avoid the big-city rush. With the city being relatively close, residents of Powell can enjoy their quiet lifestyle in the suburb, while driving to the city for more important things. Knowing that you have a big city close to you can open a lot of different possibilities. Due to its safety, top-notch schools, and affordable housing, Powell is often the first choice for many families that look for a perfect place to live their lives.

Where can you find a good storage solution in Powell?

Now, let us discuss the storage solutions you can utilize to your advantage. Namely, finding the perfect storage solution might not be as hard today as it was before. For instance, the usage of the internet allows us to scan through all the possibilities and offers we have in our area. Furthermore, renting a storage unit, like storage units Powell Ohio, allows you to create additional space for your belongings.

an outdoor view of storage units that have numerals on them as one of the places to store your furniture in Powell
A good storage facility should be able to provide your items with adequate conditions, as well as enough space

Whether you are moving or simply clearing items from your home, storage solutions are a great way to preserve the items from your home. Moreover, if you are uncertain whether you want to throw them away or not – storing your furniture in Powell, you will have time to think about what is best.

What to know when storing your furniture in Powell?

A storage unit is more than just a room where you can place your items in. Furthermore, renting a unit means ensuring that the items you have inside last and do not suffer damage of any sort. Aside from additional space, many people rent storage units to provide adequate protection for their items. Therefore, some of the things you should look for in a unit are:

  • The overall size of the unit
  • Whether or not the unit can provide conditions for your items (climate-control, pest control, etc.)
  • How safe the unit is throughout the day?
  • The location of the unit

These are all the things you have to have in mind when you are renting a unit. As you make your list of items to throw away or store you need to take into account the state of those items.

Think locally

First off, you should try and search for storage units locally. Go around town and check with people if they know a good storage unit facility. The locals will provide you with the best guidance, especially if you are new to the area. On the other hand, you can always resort to the internet when it comes to finding a good storage solution in your area.

an interior view of a storage unit facility with multiple storage units
You should always look for a storage solution on a local level and work your way up if nothing satisfies your needs

However, pay attention to where the location of the facility is. You do not want to spend a long time driving your furniture there. Especially as you will have to do it yourself. Instead, opt for a storage solution that is near you and provides adequate conditions.

You can always find a facility in Columbus

If the units in your area do not provide adequate conditions or service in general, look for units in Columbus. Most storage facilities are located at the edges of cities and this can be your best solution. If the area you are in does not have adequate conditions, resort to units that are on the outskirts. That way, you will not have to drive all 30 minutes to arrive there. Although it might seem like a lot of work, having good conditions when you store your furniture in Powell is a must. It is better to drive the extra mile than to not be certain about the safety of your items. Luckily, with the City of Columbus being nearby, you can find a good way to store your items.

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