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Moving Day TipsMay 19, 2021

People have different opinions about relocation and movers in general. And like in any business, there are extremely good companies and fraudulent ones. This kind of environment created a lot of moving myths that can make your head spin. So, today, we will help you break some of those myths and ensure you it is safe to deal with moving companies. More importantly, how to do it right. Let’s go!

Who says you can’t plan everything in advance?

One of the great relocation myths is the fact that people think you can’t entirely organize everything in advance. Yes, there are unfortunate events and moving mishaps you can’t influence. But aside from that, every single moving step can be calculated and completed successfully. So, start inspecting your home to figure out how many pieces of furniture you have. Create an inventory list and write down all household items you’ll pack as well. Then, once you have both the inventory and moving checklist, you should start calculating your budget and set aside a portion for moving supplies.

A person playing chess
Yes, you can plan every single step in advance. As long as you have enough time.

Depending on your moving date, you’ll organize your job, run errands, clean your home, and pack. Everything should and can be ready by the moving date. And if you have one of the moving and storage Columbus Ohio companies by your side, things will be much easier as well. And you will because that is the final step of your organization. After you obtain all the info, call your movers and wrap it all up.

How many fraudulent moving companies are out there?

Like in any business, there are scammers all over the place. But that shouldn’t be a myth at all. Some people say all movers are scammers without including the factor that customers are people as well. In some cases, ignorance can play a big role and people are not satisfied by service for a bunch of random reasons. And yes, there are fraudulent moving companies but you can spot them beforehand and take precautionary measures against them. Or shield yourself in a way that they can’t scam you in the end.

Firstly, you must search for your movers online, and once you compare prices and moving services Columbus Ohio and choose one. Ensure they have the following:

  • Licenses and permits.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • Enough years of experience.
  • Good ratings and reviews.
  • Enough manpower and a sizable moving vehicle.
frequently asked questions
Surely not all moving companies are sketchy and fraudulent. That is just one of the moving myths going around

Those are just basics but you can always check their website and ensure they have a company log, contact info, physical address, and that they are registered online. Check Better Business Bureau, US Movers Association, or FMCSA and you’ll find your company there if they are legit. If movers are registered and licensed, you will be just fine.

Use whatever packing materials because it doesn’t matter much

This is the most stupid among the moving myths out there. Yes, some things like clothing can be packed in garbage bags and relocated in bulks. But other household items, and especially fragile ones, must be packed properly. You should always invest more into higher-quality packing materials. They are protecting your belongings and if you pack the wrong way, it won’t be the mover’s fault why all your glassware is broken inside the box. Therefore, obtain all the mandatory ones at least. Purchase enough cardboard boxes, plastic bins, and garbage bags. Use your suitcases and baskets you have at home as well. Then, you’ll need bubble wrap and blankets from your home to use as a cushion.

And finally, packing tape and labels. Rest is up to you. You can always invest more and let your movers bring all the materials and pack you entirely. Check out the packing services they offer. Or you can order everything online and do it yourself. Your choice in the end but know this – this is a myth and whoever tells you that packing materials don’t matter just ignore them.

Labeling is boring – a spectacular one among the moving myths

Yes, this one is true, labeling is boring. But what is a notorious lie is the fact that many people think you do not need them at all. Whoever falls into this category they do not know how to organize at all. Hence, do not be that person and label each box adequately. Find the most convenient labeling system and get on it. You can use color-matching, matching numbers, or detailed descriptions on the label. Just make sure to pair them correctly with the numbers or colors on your inventory list.

Not only that you will have a safer relocation if you label everything, but you will have ten times easier unpacking as well. At all times, you’ll know where your items are. Which brings another topic to the surface? The cargo delivery. Once your items are delivered, you can quickly inspect all boxes marked with the “FRAGILE” sign and check if anything is damaged. This will give you the advantage and you can make claims against movers on time. Remember this, labels are AWESOME!

You can pay for the service after everything is done is yet another relocation myth

Nope, not at all. All moving companies require a down payment of at least, and full payment before they unload the moving truck. This is how it goes all over the board. If you find a moving team that will make the whole payment after they do the work, you are the lucky one. But in the real world, you can expect to pay in full before your items are unloaded from the truck. Therefore, be careful what deal you make and what kind of moving contract you sign.

A person paying with a credit card
You can expect to place a downpayment at least. Some moving companies ask for the entire sum upfront as well.

Expect many broken items and insurance won’t mean much

Again, not true. It all comes down to the packing process. Of course, incompetent movers can load the moving truck wrongly and break something. But that happens rarely and you will spot it right away. And yes, moving mishaps and road accidents happen as well. Due to the game of chance, you can end up with a broken dish or two. But if you pack like a pro, you can expect all your items delivered in the same condition. So you can freely go ahead and check all the ways movers relocate items using trucks, huge vans, moving containers, and storage units Columbus Ohio. You choose which is the best for you but focus on packing first.

And for the moving insurance, that one is nonsense as well. All moving companies offer basic coverage which, to be honest, is not much but still they will reimburse you for the damages. But we strongly advise purchasing the full coverage either from your movers or from an insurance company. Especially if you have artwork, antiques, and unique items.

Hopefully, we broke enough moving myths today. Now you know more about moving in general and you are ready to organize yourself and get packing. And if you are still in doubt, read the review and obtain referrals if you want to find a good company. A real company instead of a mythical one. Good luck and stay safe.

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