How to reorganize a storage unit

How toMay 20, 2021

Storage units are mighty convenient. They provide you with a way to keep your items without cluttering your home. However, over time, they get cluttered themselves. You will need to reorganize your storage Hilliard Ohio from time to time. But how exactly to go about it? What are the things that you need to consider when reorganizing? This article will provide you with the answers to those questions, as well as give you some tips on how to reorganize a storage unit efficiently.

Reorganize a storage unit – Tips and tricks

Here’s what you will need to consider doing when figuring out a way to reorganize your storage space:

  • One box to rule them all
  • Identify frequently used items
  • Proper labeling is key
  • Create a master inventory list
  • Consider changing the layout
  • Stack the boxes or create shelves
man using a forklift to reorganize a storage unit
If in doubt, consult professionals!

Of course, you need to consider the unique opportunities and difficulties within a unit, as well. A great way to ensure an efficient process is to involve one of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio. They can help you by providing expert advice and manual labor that might be required. But for the most part, you can do everything on your own, with a bit of time and effort. Here’s how to do it:

One box to rule them all

If you have boxes of different shapes and sizes, it may be hard to keep them properly stacked and accessible at all times. A much better idea is to use one type of box for all your belongings. It might require additional work at first but the benefits are more than worth your while. Obviously, it might not be feasible to use a single type and size of a box but you should limit yourself to just a few. This piece of advice is applicable to any unit, self storage Hillard Ohio, or otherwise. But before you decide on it, you may want to consider your belongings and what the majority of them require.

Rearrange the a storage unit by identifying frequently used items

Most of the items in storage are going to be used at some point. However, there are some items that will see much more use than others. Your task is to identify them and position them accordingly. Of special note are the seasonal items as you will be moving them in and out of storage regularly. Some of the other items to consider are kids’ toys, hobby supplies, office documents, and holiday items. Even if you are using a short term storage Columbus Ohio unit, you will want to have these in front. That way, you will be able to retrieve them with minimal effort.

toolbox and a screwdriver
You might want to have your tools easily accessible.

Proper labeling is key

If you are using your storage unit for relocation purposes, it may be in your best interest to label each box clearly. You can make up your own labeling system but make sure to mark the contents of the box, as well as the room they are supposed to go in. You may also want to put some special marks on the boxes that you plan on using shortly and put them in the front alongside other frequently used items. Being concise is not ideal in this case and you want to be as detailed as possible when writing down the contents of the boxes.

Create a master inventory list

While you are doing the labeling, you might as well start making a master inventory list. Yes, it can be a bit cumbersome to do so but this list will come in handy when you really want to find something inside your unit. Many boxes can be out of plain view and you may even forget that you put them in the storage unit. With the inventory list in hand, you will never have to rifle through your boxes just to realize that they don’t contain what you need. A great way to streamline this process is to utilize digital tools for your inventory management. They can even create labels for you, freeing up more of your time.

person writing with a pen
Take your time creating an inventory list as it will help you reorganize a storage unit

But the greatest advantage of having this list is that you will not need to visit your storage unit to figure out its contents. Over the years, your mind might not retain all the information but the list certainly will. Put in some effort at the start to have a much easier time later on. It is a good habit to have, after all.

Consider changing the layout to reorganize a storage unit

If you find yourself using your storage unit frequently, you may want to consider adapting the layout to better suit your needs. Start with the furniture, placing it against the wall, opposite your boxes. That will leave you with a clear path in the middle of the unit. This is important, as you will be able to access all the boxes and furniture pieces without any additional hassle. If you can, keep that space in the middle free but if it is not possible, you can place the items that are easily movable in that spot. The whole idea is to use minimum effort when going through a storage unit and this is a great way to accomplish that.

Stack the boxes or create shelves

Lastly, you may want to invest in additional shelving for a long-term storage unit. It will be much easier to reorganize a storage unit if you utilize the wall space to its full potential. The shelves need to be sturdy, mind you, or you are simply inviting a disaster. Another option is to stack the boxes alongside the walls, utilizing the space to its full capacity. When stacking, you want to place the boxes with the less-useful items in the back, heavier ones on the bottom. Try not to stack them above your head as that might cause incidents. A brick wall pattern is a great way to stack the boxes, even though it sacrifices a bit of space. What you do get, however, is a way to remove and replace boxes without needing to move the boxes above.

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