How to downsize your storage

How toMay 18, 2021

First things first – you’re far from the only person with a cluttered storage. So, don’t feel bad, you’re definitely not alone. Maybe it started out by you keeping mementos and they piled up over time. Maybe you just didn’t have time to downsize your storage unit. Or maybe you simply forgot you even rented storage with moving and storage Columbus Ohio. Regardless of the reasons, it’s never too late to fix itAll it takes is a bit of planning, time and elbow grease. After all, there’s no reason to continue paying for unnecessary storage space. Here are some tips that will help you.

Do it at your own pace

The first tip we have is that you should do everything at your own pace. Getting rid of all unnecessary items from your storage in Columbus Ohio may seem like a huge undertaking. And it probably is, if you try to do it all in one go. When a task seems so overwhelming, you may wait for the perfect time to do it. Like when you have loads of free time and are well-rested. But, there’s no such thing as the perfect time to downsize your storage. In the end, you may end up delaying indefinitely. So, start as soon as you can and do as much as you can. Even taking out one box per week will get you to where you need to be.

A clock next to a lap top.
Downsize your storage at your own pace, but don’t delay it indefinitely.

Donate your old clothes and effectively downsize your storage

We guarantee you have loads of old clothes lying around your storage unit. Most residential storage Columbus Ohio is filled to the brim with it. Whether it’s something you kept to pass on to someone or your college clothes that you still hope to be able to fit into someday, you have it. The thing is, you won’t ever wear it again. And you know it. You just have a hard time letting go. So you might as well give it to someone who could use it. The more your clothes stay in storage, the less likely anyone will ever wear them again. Instead, ask your friends if they need something or take the clothes to a shelter. Someone will find a use for them.

Get rid of outdated electronics

Another common thing that storage units are filled to the brim with is old electronics. Many people keep them thinking they may become antiques and gain some value. While that’s a possibility, it’s highly, highly unlikely. A 10-year-old laptop will never become vintage vinyl that you can sell for big bucks. Have you ever heard of an old Rayburn stove selling for anything worthwhile? No, and that’s what happens with most appliances. They simply become obsolete and thrown away. So do yourself a favor and don’t hang onto things that will never give you any value. 

old tv
There’s no reason to keep storing old electronic devices.

The finishing touches

There’s one more great thing about cleaning out your unit. When you start to downsize your short term or long term storage, you may end up liking it. It’s hard to explain, but once your unit is less cluttered, you’ll also feel somehow more carefree. It’s as if your unit is a physical representation of your ability to organize. And once you start liking it, it will no longer be a chore. This means that you’ll downsize your storage more frequently and more efficiently. In turn, that means you’ll be paying less for storage. After all, that is the end goal. So, get started as soon as you can!

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