Moving-in traditions you didn’t know about

After the moveDecember 13, 2021

So, you hired one of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio and now your long stressful moving process is finally approaching the end. You have had enough on your hands while moving. There were tons of details that you needed to deal with. So, just for fun and in the stress relief spirit you may now have a few extra activities on your plate. There are multiple moving-in traditions and superstitions and a bunch of them are a bit dark. However, some of them are really joyous and funny. Some would even say that a huge number of rituals actually are based on the fact that moving is a major life event. That is why a lot of things can go wrong and that was the reason people needed some kind of release.

Let’s check out some of the most popular moving-in traditions

Countries and cultures all around the world rely on rituals so that they can have lucky new beginnings in a new place. Some ancient traditions, such as painting your porch blue, go way back. To be honest, all sorts of traditions depend on the country you are in. What kind of culture you grew up in is also important. Moving to Columbus Ohio was a huge step for you, so now when you have enough time to relax, maybe you will hear some local traditions like complaining about the weather or going to Cedar point once per year. Still, there is no specific data about Columbus moving-in traditions. So that is why we compiled a list of the most popular ones all around the globe:

  • pick your lucky moving day
  • sweep away the old troubles
  • burn sage and scatter coins for prosperity
  • make a house warming party
A smiling girl making a good luck sign with her fingers
The main purpose of moving in traditions is to have lucky new beginnings

One of the main moving-in traditions is to pick your lucky moving day

Honestly speaking, picking a moving day is very difficult. You need to be aware of your job obligations, then you need to make proper arrangements with your moving company and their additional moving services Columbus Ohio. All in all, there are multiple factors you need to consider. Having all that in mind, it is a little bit crazy, if you also pay attention to superstitions like picking a lucky moving day. It is not only exaggerated, but it is also a luxury. However, if you do have an option, people say that moving into your new home on a Thursday is a great choice. Also, some people say that you need to choose your own lucky day. In addition, in India, it’s important to finish your moving activities before sunset. Moreover, in some parts of the world, people pay attention to festivals and religious events, and holidays.

Sweep away the old troubles

No matter what country you are based in, I am sure you have heard this expression. It is not only about replacing the broom, like in England, but it is also about making your place spiritually clean. Basically, the idea is that your old home’s dirt needs to be clean since you are entering brand new clean chapters. Somehow it makes sense. Also, old brooms also carry troubles according to certain beliefs. In addition, they bring negative energy too. So that is why you will definitely need a new one. A new broomstick means a fresh and clean start at your new place. Moreover, you will definitely clean up the things you don’t need. You may let storage company Columbus Ohio take care of the stuff you don’t want to throw away, but don’t need at the moment.

A kid sweeping the yard
A new broomstick represents a fresh and clean start at your new home

Burn sage, and scatter coins for prosperity

It sounds a bit childish or even a bit funny when we are discussing burning sage. Still, even some corporations and some progressive individuals advise that it is necessary to clear the space from the energy of the previous owners. Nowadays, people take more holistic approaches to the world. So basically some feng-shui experts claim that you need to set the intention first. After setting the intention, use sage, or smudge spray to clear the air. The process should result in bringing the new energy to your new place. This ancient ritual actually came from Native American tradition and the purpose of the ritual is to get rid of the bad energy. Of course, let’s not forget the material perspective in the “whole ritual package”. You might place coins in the corner of every room. So that you can have luck with money in your future living here.

Make a house warming party

Ok, now this is not so much of an ancient tradition, but it is pretty common. Also, it is a very nice occasion to meet new people and bond with your neighbors. You can invite your old friends that will mix with neighbors you just met and it can be pretty awesome. It is a great occasion to cook some good food, play some music and simply relax and have fun. Still, organizing it will be a bit stressful, but you may invite people to help you. That will create an even stronger bond. House warming parties are common to many countries and cultures indeed. Usually, people show up with a bottle of wine or some food. Still, any gift is welcome and some people even make wishlists where their friends can find out what kind of house appliance they need or similar.

Friends gathered on a house warming party
A Housewarming party is a great occasion to have fun and bond with your neighbors

All in all, if you want to increase your chances of having a lucky move, try out one of these moving-in traditions. The moving process is very difficult, so you have to believe in something and also to have fun. Some people are using good luck charms, while some other people use feng shui. No matter what you choose, make sure to have fun and that this new experience is full of good stories for you.

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