Guide to packing your Blacklick storage unit like a professional

Storage SolutionsAugust 4, 2022

Packing a Blacklick storage unit is no easy task. Especially if it’s your first time and you’re in the middle of a hectic move. Not having a lot of time and wanting to do things quickly can be a problem when it comes to packing. Being such a tedious time-consuming task, packing is perhaps the hardest part of most moves. Luckily, moving and storage Columbus Ohio, as well as other parts of Ohio including Blacklick offer can make things somewhat easier. However, if you’re hoping to have a smooth packing experience you’re gonna have to put in some work and educate yourself. That said, packing a storage unit is not all that different from packing your apartment for moving. That being said, there are a few things to note regarding Blacklick storage unit packing. So, if packing your Blacklick storage unit like a pro is something you’re going for right now, you’re in the right place. We’ll tell you all you need to know to pack your unit quickly and easily.

Before packing your Blacklick storage unit you should first evaluate the situation

We understand that quickly getting over with packing is what most people hope for. After all, that’s why many of them pay for packing services. That way packing is quick and they don’t have to do much. However, when packing your Blacklick storage unit by yourself, things are not quite as simple. And, you can’t just go in and start packing. I mean, you could, but that would just make things unnecessarily long and messy. That’s why, before you start packing you should just take a moment to evaluate the situation. Think about the things that require packing and the best way of completing the task. You should also think about packing materials and try to estimate the quantities needed. Doing so will make things easier for you down the line.

A man thinking about packing your Blacklick storage unit
Packing your Blacklick storage unit is going to be easier if you plan out the packing process first.

Go shopping for packing materials before you start packing

Many storage units Blacklick Ohio residents love, offer great conditions. That means there’s no need to keep things packed in there. If you’re reading this, you’re likely one of the people who don’t keep the contents of their storage neatly tucked away in boxes at all times. That means that you’ll need to get some packing materials to successfully pack your belongings. If you took our previous advice, by the time you go shopping, you should already know what packing supplies you’ll need and in what quantities. That, of course, will depend on what the content of your unit is and how much stuff you’re planning to pack. That said, the list of packing materials a person may need to pack their storage unit is not endless. These are the basic packing supplies most people use when packing:

  • Moving boxes
  • Duct tape or packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing peanuts
  • Permanent markers
  • Plastic wrap
  • Scissors

It’s very unlikely you’ll need anything more than that. Basically, all you need to do now is decide how much of which of these supplies you’ll need.

It’s important to prepare yourself for packing a Blacklick storage unit

Many people go in expecting they’ll finish the job quickly. Then, after several hours they’re tired, angry, frustrated, and seriously considering giving up. To avoid that happening to you, you should prepare yourself for packing. That includes choosing appropriate and comfortable clothing, eating a decent meal beforehand and packing a snack for when you get hungry, bringing a bottle of water, and finding means of entertaining yourself while you work. Keep in mind that packing is much easier if you’re well-fed, comfortable, and entertained. Also, it’s important for you to be realistic when it comes to time. You’re likely not gonna be done in an hour.

people having breakfast
It’s important to prepare for packing.

Packing like a professional requires work and dedication

There’s a reason professionals pack better than your average Joe. First of all, they have quite a bit more experience. Sadly, we can’t really help you get all the experience you need just by reading this. However, what we can do, is tell you how professionals pack so that you can try emulating that. And, ultimately, do the best you can. Here are some tips to follow to ensure you’re packing as well as possible:

  1. Start packing your Blacklick unit top to bottom. It’ll be easier for you to get small and light items out of the way first.
  2. When filling up boxes, always make sure you’re using enough bubble wrap to wrap items neatly, as well as to fill in any gaps. That will help prevent unwanted damage.
  3. Always label each moving box as soon as you’re done sealing it to avoid mix-ups and confusion.
  4. Keep your boxes top-face up at all times to avoid tumbling on the inside.
  5. If possible, use the original packaging. Original packaging offers the greatest safety.
  6. When stacking boxes, always place the heaviest ones at the bottom and the lightest ones at the top. That way your lighter boxes won’t get squished.
  7. Declutter anything you don’t need before packing instead of after the move to reduce the cost of moving and packing time.
  8. Disassemble all furniture that can be disassembled to make it more compact and easier to move.
  9. Use bubble wrap and plastic wrap to protect furniture and items that don’t fit in boxes to make sure they don’t get damaged.
A man sealing a moving box.
Packing is easier if you follow recommendations from professionals.

Try viewing packing as something fun

It doesn’t matter if your task is to pack one of the storage containers Columbus Ohio movers rented out to you or your in-facility Blacklick unit, it’s important to pack well in order to avoid issues and damages. But, packing your Blacklick storage unit can be quite rough. Especially if you want to do things right and do them quickly. Fortunately, these simple tips can help you pack with a lot more efficiency and confidence. Stick to them and you’ll pack your unit like a pro!



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