Items you should pack and items you should throw away

Packing GuideJuly 27, 2020

Moving house means getting rid of a ton of old stuff. Sometimes you can be conflicted about items you should pack and items you should throw away. Making that choice is difficult because we are attached to a lot of that stuff. They do not serve a purpose but we tend to hold on to them. So let us help you make that tough decision and get you moving easier.

Why decluttering is important

Decluttering can be beneficial in multiple ways for your relocation. It is almost impossible to start moving and not throw away a ton of stuff. We tend to hoard so much of it over the years we aren’t even aware of it. That is why you must spare some time off of your busy schedule to devote to decluttering. But only before you hire packing services. It almost always exceeds the time limit of what we thought we have. Decluttering will save you time though on packing those items you are now throwing away. Just placing them in the garbage takes a lot less time than wrapping and packing. So in the long run, you are actually saving time. Just think about it that way. More so, you will save money on packing supplies. Always buy supplies after you are done cleaning up.

cluttered room you need to declutter in order to figure out what Items you should pack and items you should throw away
Decluttering helps you figure out what
items you should pack and items you should throw away

You will need way less and therefore spend less money. If you are really into it like some of us, you may downsize a lot. This can also impact the entire moving cost. Fewer items require a smaller moving truck. And if you managed to downsize to that, congrats! You are the master of decluttering. This will give you a fresh new start in your new home. No more clutter and overflowing storage areas. You can use that extra space to set up a home office or a home gym. The possibilities are endless.

Throw away unused dishes

Buying a lot of mugs and dishes can be considered a hobby. A lot of us do it and clutter the space that way. You find something cute, buy it and regret later because nothing else matches it. And you almost never use it. Most of the counter space is used by an abnormal amount of unused dishes. And why would you want to spend eternity dusting unused plates? Better opt-out for something matching.

Make sure you have the exact amount you as a household need. Maybe a little extra for the guests. And not even a plate more, because those things are addictive. Professional movers in Colombus will relocate the rest. If you do not want to throw them away you can always donate or gift them. Just get them out of your kitchen. The same thing is with unused small kitchen appliances. Those things are fun, but how often do you use them? Keep the ones you use at least a few times a month, and donate or sell the rest.

Items you should pack and items you should throw away-clothes edition

Clothes are also a thing we tend to overheard in our homes. And most people only use a third of their entire closet. There is always that one piece to wear for the next party. Or something to wear once we get in shape. But we never actually do. Once we do get in shape, we buy even more new clothes to flatter our hard-working bodies. But you never get to the old pieces. That is why you need to throw away anything you can’t remember wearing the last time. It is just not worth the space it takes. Again, you can also consider donating clothes, many charities will accept. But make sure you are giving away something people in need can use. Any worn-out or torn shoes should also be gone. Not only are they unhealthy and dysfunctional, but they are also often not so good looking. So save up some money from this move and afford a new pair or two. Throw out anything you haven’t worn for a while.

clothes on the rack
Figure out what clothes you do not need anymore

Keep the heirlooms

Heirlooms are precious and should be treated that way. Those are the items that have no real money value but are precious to you. Pick and choose items you should pack and items you should throw away. Just remember that we need to declutter and that it is the point to get rid of a lot of stuff. For the ones, you would like to keep, create extra storage space. Once you are moved in, pack them nicely and store away. Learn some proper packing techniques to use on your precious items. Heirlooms are items we would like to protect the best way possible.

Some make sure you keep them safe from mold, moisture, and other physical damage. If your storage areas like basement and attic are not safe, you can use your pantry as well. Just make sure they are safe and sound.

Throw away all the thrash

Trust us when we say you have a lot of trash at your home. Here are the priorities to toss from our list of items you should pack and items you should throw away:

  1. Boxes and appliance packagings
  2. Old bills
  3. Old cords
  4. Expired food
  5. Outdated electronics
  6. Posters
  7. Manuals
fancy boxes
You really do not need all the boxes and packages you have in your home

All of these things are thrash and can only clutter your place. Make sure you purge everything and start fresh. You would want to avoid issues during relocation at all costs. The extra clutter will come from places like your attic and basement. Those are the storage areas most often. So be prepared for a bit of hard work and dust.

What items you should pack and what to throw away is an individual decision. But here, we have managed to give you some universal tips on what you can always get rid of. Make this move easier on everyone involved. Decluttering can also be fun and you will feel a lot lighter after it. Try it and you will be amazed.

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