Potential problems on moving day

Moving Day TipsMay 15, 2020

So, you have spent several months carefully planning to make sure that your move is perfectly organized. When D day finally comes, there is just one thing you want. Everything should go smoothly and according to plan, right? Remember, no one can help you make sure that the last chapter of your moving adventure goes without a hitch quite like our commercial movers Columbus Ohio. However, circumstances beyond your control may occur. These can change the actual course of the events. Here is a list of the most common problems on moving day. Along with some insightful tips on how to deal with them.

Order and Chaos crossed out on a sign
What can you do to avoid chaos on Moving day? Read on to find your way out of the labyrinth of moving day problems.

1. Weather conditions

There is little you can do to prevent a violent storm from hitting just when the moving truck is parking in front of your home. However, booking military movers means you will be well prepared for moving in bad weather, even the darkest clouds may have a silver lining.

  • If the temperatures are too high on the scheduled moving date, your temperature-sensitive belongings risk getting damaged from long exposure to extremely high temperatures. Severe heat can even cause the moving truck to overheat and break down. Make sure to stay cool and hydrated throughout the entire process. Dress in lightweight clothes, drink lots of water, use sunscreen lotion, and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Have in mind that heavy snowfall makes driving very difficult and very dangerous. The moving truck may even get stuck in the snow. You’ll have to wait for more favorable winter moving conditions. Try to keep your driveway free of ice and snow, dress warm and extra an extra moving blanket to your household items;
  • Ferocious thunderstorms or hailstorms may completely ruin your plans and force you to postpone your move. To proceed with your moving plan, just make sure that everyone involved in the process wears appropriate gear. Properly wrap all your belongings to keep it dry and safe.

2. Bad movers

Note that your choice of experienced and trustworthy professionals can mean the difference between a smooth relocation and a moving horror story. Be aware that there are unscrupulous movers, so don’t let yourself be tempted by sweet promises. Research your moving company very carefully before hiring them. There are two types of fraudulent movers that may ruin your relocation:

  • Incompetent movers – even if their intentions are honest, these movers may simply lack the experience and the proper equipment to safely bring your move to a successful end. This type of movers can commit rookie mistakes that result in broken items, property damage and lots of wasted time;
  • Rogue movers – these movers will come up with a very good offer but as soon as they get your money, you may never see them again. In the worst-case scenario, rogue movers will load your household items on the moving truck but will hold them hostage until you pay a considerable extra “fee” as ransom. When you are dealing with scam artists, you could even find your most expensive possessions missing upon delivery.
Moving calendar
Create a moving calendar and make sure to timely address each of the numerous relocation tasks in it.

3. Traffic problems on moving day

A traffic accident on the road to your home can considerably delay your moving plans. In this scenario, the moving truck will have to wait until normal traffic is restored. However, it could get much worse – if there is a traffic accident involving the moving truck that carries your household items to your new address, you may lose all your earthly possessions. You cannot prevent traffic accidents from happening, but at least make sure that you have adequate moving insurance.

Also, more often than not, traffic jams will not ruin your Moving day but can put your nerves to the test. In most cases, a delay of more than a couple of hours may easily ruin plans. You could find that there is not enough time left to load the moving truck, or you may miss your flight, etc.

In case there is no convenient parking space near your home, you pay the movers an additional long carry fee. You can avoid problems if you reserve a parking space in advance.

4. One of the most common problems on moving day is an improper organization

Your large furniture not fitting through the doors is one of the main problems for most people on moving day. We strongly recommend you to measure your furniture and the available space, doorways, staircase, etc. both in your old property and in your future surroundings. When you create a floor plan of your new home, you get a clear idea about which of your old pieces and appliances are worth taking. If you skip this step, you will have quite a nerve-wracking experience on Moving day trying to accomplish the impossible. The only option you have when you end up with furniture that won’t fit through doors is to request hoisting services but they will cost you dearly.

Problems on moving day: Improper packing

If you have packed yourself and committed any of the common packing mistakes typical for inexperienced home movers, your movers will have to repack your belongings. You will be charged for any additional packing supplies, as well as for the extra time they spent in the process. If you have a lot of furniture that requires disassembly or some delicate pieces that need special handling, that delay could completely ruin your moving plans. But unlike weather conditions or the traffic, you and you alone control all these matters! And you can prevent them by doing your homework properly before the movers arrive.

Coins, calendar, and bills could be potential problems on moving day
Make sure to set a reliable moving budget and try to take advantage of any applicable ways to cut down your moving costs.

5. Injuries are some of the most overlooked problems on moving day

Don’t rush things. Any hasty decisions and hectic actions will do you no good. You’d better lose several minutes planning the best way to do something instead of injuring yourself. Don’t be a moving superhero – call us – we’ll use proper lifting techniques and packing materials to relocate you safely, smoothly, and effectively!

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