How to store your musical instruments safely

Renting a storage unit can be extremely useful, particularly if you have a lot of things that you don’t use so often. There is no reason to keep them around your house and trip over them. Musical instruments are one of the most common things people store. They are valuable and delicate, so you probably want to find the right place and way to keep them safe. Hence, you need to make sure you pack them properly and place in an adequate storage unit. Luckily, among the variety of storage units Powell, you can easily find something that suits you. Let’s give it some thought and learn how to store your musical instruments safely.

Cleaning before packing

Whether your instruments are brass, woodwind or string, cleaning them is crucial to store your musical instruments safely. And before you start wiping, you should disassemble all of the components of your instrument, such as reeds, mouthpieces, mutes, and straps. If you are a proud owner of cellos, violins, and guitars, make sure to relax their strings first. Then, use a damp rag to wipe off any dust and dirt on or inside your instruments. And before you box them up, you should also condition them properly. But keep away from alcohol or oil-based polishes, since they could leave damage on your wooden instruments. Instead, better use resin and paste to wax and protect the finish.

Make sure you store your musical instruments safely, such as black electric guitar
The best way to pack your guitar is to place it in its original case

A good case saves a day!

Just like other fragile items, instruments should be well packed before storing.  There is no better way to store your musical instruments safely and to keep dust off them than to place them inside of the cases. If you have them, you should definitely use the cases designed for them -the ones they came with to provide extra protection. And if you no longer have the cases, you can buy another from a local music store or online. Also, whichever case you end up using, make sure it is free of holes and cracks and that it doesn’t have any signs of fraying and powdering.

For additional protection, you can use a buffered acid-free paper to line your case neatly.  This extra layer will prevent your instrument from getting damaged by humidity during the warmer months. Of course, if you rent a temperature-controlled storage unit, you have nothing t worry about.

Choose the right type of storage to store your musical instruments safely

When deciding to store your musical instruments safely, there are a few factors that you need to take into consideration. And one of the most important ones is choosing the right type of storage unit. And although the size and shape of the storage matters too, keeping them safe from climate changes is much more important. Most noteworthy, different instruments are made of different materials and that is why it is crucial to know how to protect your musical instruments in the best possible way. For instance, brass endures time differently than wood, and electronics inside instruments require protection and special care.

The best way to keep your instruments safe is to rent a climate controlled storage Columbus. This will provide the proper temperature and humidity conditions they require. Typically, relative humidity 40-55% and a temperature range of 68-72°F is perfect for them. The conditions that climate controlled units offer are controllable and will keep the moisture and extreme temperatures away from your valuables. Besides, this type of storage is vermin-free. All climate controlled storage units are indoors, which means they are off limits to vermin. Flies, lice and cockroaches and lice won’t be able to access your unit either. Hence, besides ideal temperature and humidity, your instruments will also have high sanitary protection.

Black and white photo of violins
Make sure to relax the strings on your violin, before packing and storing it

Cover your piano

Keep in mind that pianos are grand instruments and you need to give them special attention when storing. Also, don’t try to transport it by yourself, you could end up damaging it, getting injured or both. Hire piano movers to do it for you, it will be much cheaper than trying to fix a broken piano. Once they deliver it safely to your storage units, make sure to protect it properly. You can use a furniture pad to cover your piano and prevent dust particles from seeping in and avoid accidental scrapes and bumps. Additionally, make sure to cover its legs as well, using the bubble wrap.

Be careful with your electronics

As you probably know, not all instruments are physical. Some of them are virtually installed on your computer. Hence, if you have some digital interfaces, midi controllers, etc, you should know that you should treat them like any other electronics. Furthermore, dust them out using a special air compressor, designed for electronics. Then, wipe the exterior carefully and don’t forget to get in between the buttons and keys. Pack them in a plastic cover in order to keep dust from getting back inside.

A person playing piano
Cover your piano with furniture pad before storing it, and protect its legs by using a bubble wrap

Keep them off the floor

Placing any of your instruments or electronic equipment directly on the floor is not a good idea. Instead, better put them onto shelves and away from any doors and air vents. In case of a flood, you want them to be safe. You should also place your DVD, flash drives, CDs and other fragile equipment inside of weatherproof containers.

We really hope these tips will help you to store your musical instruments safely. Remember, if you take a good care of them, you get to enjoy them for many years to come!

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