Hiring piano movers – what’s to know?

Hiring MoversDecember 31, 2018

As far as musical items go, pianos are the most difficult ones to move. The reason is simple. Pianos have the two things that make any item difficult to move, and those are weight and fragility. Not only are pianos extremely hard to move, but they are terribly fragile. As anyone who has tried to move them can tell you, any little mistake can damage or even ruin your piano. But, non-the less, some people still think that is in their best financial interest to try to move a piano on their own. Well, what they end up doing is forcing themselves to learn an important lesson in a hard way. And that lesson is that when you move a piano, you need professional piano movers to do it for you. Unfortunately, there is no way around this.

Hire piano movers to help yourself
Make piano transportation easy on you and hire piano movers.

Why you need piano movers

But this cannot be!“, you might say. “I am a DIY kind of person. What is a piano, after all? Just a big table with a keyboard stuck to it. How hard can it be to move it?” And then you try to move it and learn the hard way. Look, pianos are between 300lbs and 1000lbs heavy. We are talking here about your regular, in-home pianos. There are ones that weigh much more, but you wouldn’t even consider moving them on your own. Plus, the pianos are fragile. Really fragile. So fragile in fact that a little bump can easily damage them beyond repair. So, do you think you can go DIY on this?

Can you move a piano on your own

Well, you can try that’s for sure. But, before you do, let us give you a quick rundown of what goes into piano moving. First, you need to properly prepare your piano. That means that you have to pad it so that it doesn’t get scratched and you need to make sure that the vibrations of the moving truck won’t damage it. Then you need to figure out how to transport it from its original position to the moving truck. If you are lucky and you live on the ground floor you may be able to do it, otherwise, it will be practically impossible. But, let us say for the sake of the argument that you managed to get it to the truck. Now you have to load it properly, and you need to drive the truck in such a way that you do not damage your piano.

Mistakes will cost you

The problem here is that you don’t have experience. You may have moved yourself a couple of times, and you may even have moved a sofa. But a piano just doesn’t forgive rookie mistakes. And even if you are careful and do your research and get everything that you need, there are still going to be some mistakes. Why? Because you cannot move your piano on your own. If you ever moved a sofa with the help from your friends you know just how to complicate it can be to organize people. Some will misunderstand you, some will not pay attention and some will just not care. And while a sofa can survive that, a piano can’t. Therefore do yourself a favor and let movers in Columbus deal with piano moving.

A broken piano
You can easily end up with a broken piano if you try to move it on your own.

Is it worth it

Definitely yes. Even if you have to move your piano to a faraway place and need to hire long distance Columbus movers, yes. Not only will your piano arrive safe and sound, but you will save yourself from a ton of work. Piano movers will take care of everything in far less time then it would take you. Plus, you will have piano insurance while they transport your piano. So, even if something happens, you will get reimbursed. You will not get that if you try to move your piano on your own.

How to find good piano movers

You’ve realized that you need to get yourself some piano movers in order to move your piano? Good. Now you just have to deal with the issue of finding good ones. Many movers try to add piano moving to their repertoire of services without any prior experience. And what ends up happening is that people are left with damaged pianos and the company realizes that it has to stop doing it. Since pianos are so fragile, only a small number of movers are actually capable of handling it. Therefore, you need to know which movers to hire in order to ensure that your piano will survive.

Multiple estimates

How can you filter your potential movers? Well, your best tool will be multiple estimates. What you need to do is talk to as many moving companies as you can. They will send over a representative that will give you an estimate. Many factors go into piano moving and you shouldn’t trust online estimates for this type of project. Once the representative comes over, make sure to talk to them about every aspect of the move. If they are happy to tell you the details of the moving plan, good. That means that they have experience and that is looking forward to working with you. If they are evading answering and simply telling you to not worry about it, run away. These movers are probably not experienced and would simply like to try out transporting pianos. This is a risk you shouldn’t take.

Good movers will reassure you that your piano will be in good hands.

Look locally

Another thing you should do to increase your chance of finding good movers is to look locally for them. Local movers tend to be cheaper as they can come more quickly. Furthermore, they can be more flexible in their plan, again because they are closer to you. If you know any place near you that has pianos or even sells pianos, ask them to give you some recommendations. Experienced piano movers are what you should be looking for.

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