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Moving Day TipsMay 13, 2019

We all know how easy is to get bogged down with all the tasks and things to do when you are getting ready for a move. And when it comes to military moving, you also need to pay attention to the deadline and follow the orders. For this reason, a handy military moving checklist will be your best friend during the process. This list should include everything from packing to setting up in your new location. It will serve you as a reminder of what you need to do and when. Here are some tips on how to make a good checklist that will make your move at least a little bit easier.

When you get your PCS orders

Everyone in the military knows what PCS is and are subject to worldwide transfer, that is based on the needs of the service. But besides that, many military service members and their families are not clear on what getting PCS orders really requires. Typically, getting a PCS order includes moving your household goods, shipping your vehicles, while meeting weight limits, covering airfare and lodging and many other things. If your shipment is large, and you don’t have much time to relocate, you should definitely consider professional packing services Columbus. Having professionals handle your things will make your relocation much simpler, especially if you have a family you need to take care off too.

Soldiers in a row, thinking about military moving checklist
During the military moving, it is crucial that you know and understands your rights and obligations

Keep it positive

Unlike some temporary travel orders, PCS orders are just as they sound – the permanent change of the station. Usually, this includes a period of two to four years. Many soldiers look forward to getting PCS orders, as they can bring a change of scenery, different responsibilities, new missions, and opportunities. But on the other side, military families are not always as excited about moving with kids and leaving a familiar community. The idea of finding a new home, making new friends, looking for new jobs, or starting new schools can be overwhelming. Especially if you have done it a few times before. Try to be positive while preparing for the big move. Because every transition is what you make of it. And each new duty station can bring new and exciting challenges and opportunities.

Get the help that you need

Furthermore, for most military families, the biggest issue with PCS is the relocation itself. It requires packing, housing inspections, a new house hunting or the waiting list for government housing. It can be exhausting, it’s true. And if you are traveling with kids or pets (or both), it can make the process even more complicated. For this reason, the best thing you can do is find yourself a reliable moving company, specialized for military moves. Having professionals by your side can completely change your moving experience and reduce the number of your responsibilities.

Understand your rights

Understanding your rights, benefits, responsibilities, and allowances is crucial. Knowing and seeing your rights and responsibilities clearly will help elevate the anxiety of getting orders. In order to understand and handle all the aspects of military transfers, put them all on the paper. By creating a military moving checklist, that is easy to follow, you will help yourself and your family to make the most of your move.

Soldier and a girl hugging
Military families sometimes find it hard to leave a familiar environment and move

Military Moving Checklist

  1. Schedule pickup and delivery dates with your moving company, and arrange for military storage if needed.
  2. Verify your move-in and move-out schedule with landlords and real estate agents and landlords. If you need it, arrange for temporary housing as well.
  3. Declutter your home and get rid of any unwanted and unusable items around your house. You can hold a garage sale, sell them online, recycle them or donate to charity. Remember to keep any receipts from your donations for tax purposes.
  4. If you haven’t found a new house or apartment yet, notify a post office of forwarding address for your mail until you have a permanent address.
  5. Make sure you visit your military financial center or private advisor for financial counseling.
  6. If you are active on duty, check with Travel and Transportation Allowances to see if you are entitled to advanced pay or any other benefits.
  7. Make sure to pick up your children’s school records or get the proper paperwork for sending the records directly to their new school.
  8. If you and your family are driving two or more vehicles, you can get some short-range walkie-talkies so you can keep in touch while traveling. Your kids will love it!
  9. Arrange for a letter of transfer from local clubs or churches, including Scouts or other national organizations you are a member of.
  10. Family members that are employed, should arrange with your employer to forward tax withholding forms.
  11. Most importantly, ensure that all health, life, auto, and fire insurance is up to date. Inform these insurance companies of your new address.
  12. Remember to return library books and any other borrowed items.
  13. Check if your vehicle or vehicles are in good running condition and that all necessary maintenance has been completed.
  14. Save serial numbers of electronic and other important equipment around your house.
  15. Finally, fill out an IRS change of address form. You can get it from the IRS in PDF format.
Soldier holding two kids and kissing one of them
Moving with kids is never easy, but duty is duty

Communication is a key

The last but not the least advice is to communicate during the whole process. Not only with your supervisor and institutions, but with your family as well. Moving is a big change for the entire family, and that is why is so important to stick together and help each other. And have your military moving checklist on yourself all the time to make sure you got everything under control!

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