How to prepare gym equipment for storage in Reynoldsburg

Storage SolutionsApril 24, 2022

Although a home gym allows you to work out whenever you want, exercise equipment takes up a lot of room. If you want to save some space, it’s a good idea to put a few of the workout items away. However, if you leave machines and equipment as-is, you may discover later that they’re damaged or no longer work. Follow these guidelines to learn how to properly prepare gym equipment for storage in Reynoldsburg. And when it comes to the practical part of storing those items, the best moving companies Columbus Ohio will be at your service! 

Before you prepare gym equipment for storage in Reynoldsburg, find the right storage solution for your needs 

Storing your expensive workout equipment in an inadequate place would be practically the same as tossing it away. Therefore, you must consider the security of your valuable belongings and think of a good storage solution. First of all, take your time researching the best gym equipment storage spaces and conditions.

A climate-controlled storage unit
A storage unit where you’ll keep your gym equipment must have adequate conditions.

You should know that high humidity can, and often will, cause corrosion in your gym equipment. That’s why you should make sure to keep it somewhere safe from bad weather, external damage, and even theft. To be on the safe side, it’s best to place it in one of the storage units Reynoldsburg Ohio

Clean your gym equipment properly before putting it away

When in use, most types of gym equipment are exposed to bacteria of all kinds. Storing your belongings with that dirt still on them will just expose them to damage. That’s why you must thoroughly clean all your gym equipment before putting it in storage facility in Columbus Ohio. Start by wiping off all surfaces to remove any source of dust, body oils, or sweat!

A person about to clean a dirty surface.
In order to prepare gym equipment for storage in Reynoldsburg, you should clean it first.

To clean motorized equipment like a treadmill, elliptical, or cycle, you’ll probably need extra instructions. To avoid damaging the equipment with improper cleaning techniques, follow the directions in the owner’s handbook. After you clean chrome-plated equipment such as free weights, it’s a good idea to lubricate them to prevent rust. Finally, don’t forget to cover all gym equipment with blankets when you’re not using it actively.

In order to prepare gym equipment for storage in Reynoldsburg, disassemble it first

You can ask reliable movers to help you with moving your home gym to the storage facility. To make things easier, most moving companies even offer packing services. However, even in that case, you’ll need to prepare before the movers arrive. Keep in mind that most gym equipment is bulky and heavy, so moving it can be dangerous. To avoid straining your back or dumping heavy gear on your feet, disassemble your items as much as possible.

It’s best if you follow the assembly instructions that came in the box with your large gym equipment. However, you probably won’t need to take apart large sets entirely. Instead, your goal should be to break them down sufficiently. So, you can transport and load individual pieces of workout equipment onto a truck without them being too heavy. To save space, you can usually fold a treadmill or collapse a folding rowing machine. Other sets, such as all-in-one home gyms, will require more effort to deconstruct.

Make sure to reinforce all loose equipment parts and small objects

You don’t want loose bits dangling or swinging out from your load as you’re moving it. Not only can unsecured pieces cause you to trip and fall, but they can also damage your doors and walls. Moreover, if something goes wrong during transport, there’s a chance your equipment won’t be safe to use later on. So, pay special attention to the extension pieces and leg curling parts of your workout machines! Also, secure the cables and belts by taping them to the machine or disconnecting them altogether.

A woman getting ready to prepare gym equipment for storage in Reynoldsburg
When you need to store your gym equipment, you can start with packing lightweight objects like yoga mats.

Luckily, it doesn’t take much to pack lightweight equipment like foam mats, yoga mats, jump ropes, and resistance bands. Just wrap them up in packing paper and place them in a shipping container. To secure the box further, fill it with additional light items that won’t harm the exercise equipment. Finally, fill any vacant spaces with crumpled packing paper and label the box as fitness equipment.

Take all the electronic parts into account

If you decide to put your gym equipment in the storage room, you should pay great attention to it. If you’re not careful, it can easily malfunction and lose its purpose. Keep in mind that some of the workout items include both AC adapters and internal batteries. Therefore, make sure to remove the battery and unplug the circuit when you store them. This prevents the battery from slowly draining and the equipment from becoming short-circuited.

Some smart gym devices, like Nordic Track and Peloton, operate somewhat like computers. If you pull their power cord abruptly, the data in your smart fitness electronics can get corrupted. Make sure to shut their software down properly and install the most recent updates before putting them away. So, when you reboot your smart equipment after storage, you’ll be able to do so with fewer updates.

Depending on how well you organize yourself, storing your gym equipment can be both simple and difficult. This will also be determined by the type and amount of home exercise equipment you have. Remember, it doesn’t matter how big your house is, but how flexible your storage options are. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll know just how to prepare gym equipment for storage in Reynoldsburg.

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