Top places to live in Ohio on a smaller budget

After the moveApril 27, 2022

Cities in Ohio, and in the Midwest, in general, have a specific kind of charm about them. The cost of living is usually lower than in other places, and wherever you go you can expect to see smiling faces. There are many affordable places to choose from in Ohio where you’ll get to enjoy all four of the seasons to their fullest. Ohio is the perfect state for sports lovers, while also having an abundance of fine art establishments. But, even in Ohio, you have places that are drastically more expensive than others! That’s why we, as one of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio, have decided to share the top places to live in Ohio on a smaller budget. There is no shame in having a smaller budget, and over time you will surely increase it!

The Roebling Bridge in Cincinnati, Ohio


Bexley is a small Columbus suburb located just 17 minutes from the city. Even though it is so close to Columbus, it offers a completely different vibe and lifestyle. With 14,000 residents, Bexley has that small-town feel of familiarity and friendliness. Due to its small size, many of the residents know each other and are formed into a tight-knit community. Bexley might be your ticket to live in Ohio on a smaller budget! Also, your storage units Columbus Ohio will be close within reach if you decide to move here!

Additionally, this town has a walkable Main Street. You can go anywhere on foot, lowering your gas costs and letting your body enjoy some extra physical activity. Even though the median house price is a bit higher ($450,286), it is well worth it to move there. It’s very close to the capital, so if you work in Columbus, you get to enjoy the small-town lifestyle while working in a city. Also, you might want to keep in mind that Bexley has some of the highest-ranking public schools in the state! Your children will get an amazing education.


Gahanna is another suburb of Columbus for all those who want to live in a quieter place while having access to the city. It’s a quick and easy commute of only 13 minutes! With some of the lowest crime rates, joined with some of the best schools, Gahanna makes for the perfect town for young families. With a population of around 35,000 people, Gahanna is more populated than previously mentioned Bexley, but still a far cry from the dense Columbus. If you’re interested in the simplicity of life in a small town, but would miss the hustle and bustle of the city – Gahanna is the perfect mix of the two and your perfect pick!

Gahanna offers various restaurants and shops, so you won’t need to go to Columbus to have some fun! Also, the average median house price for a 3-bedroom house is around $190,200 which is extremely low. This charming little town offers you the proximity to the state capital, while also making your dream of being a homeowner true!

A woman holding her baby in a grocery store
In Gahanna, you and your family get to enjoy a simple life without any worries about money.


Greenville is a small city in Darke County Ohio with a population of about 13,000 residents. This small city is a little, charming city located a few miles away from Dayton. The city is brimming to the top with historic landmarks and has an extensive and interesting history. You can see and learn about the historic Fort Greene Ville army fort!

Greenville offers that homey feeling we all search for. Wherever you go you will notice small family businesses that have thrived through generations. And even though it is a small place, you will never run out of fun things to do and enjoy. Every year you will get to enjoy the nine-day-long Great Darke County Fair! Once this town wins you over with its charm, it’ll be very hard to forget. So, what are you waiting for? Go and ask for those free moving quotes Columbus Ohio and move to Greenville for the time of your life!


Next on our list of top places to live in Ohio on a smaller budget is the famous Pickerington. Pickerington is another suburb of Columbus, but it’s so close to the city that some might mistake it as a part of the city. This town is the perfect balance between suburban and modern. It is the perfect location for all those searching for the small-town coziness and comfort with modern-day amenities. Also, there are many storage units Pickerington Ohio to choose from if you end up needing a bit more space.

Due to its safety, amazing schools, and proximity to Columbus, many young families choose Pickerington as their living destination. Even if you don’t have children, Pickerington offers all of the things you might need. And direct, quick access to Columbus as well if you happen to work there! With over 19,000 residents and the median house price being $193,500, it is a perfect place for aspiring homeowners. We would also like to add that Pickerington is best maneuvred by car and not many people walk around. Just keep that in mind.

A happy family sitting on the grass
Your children will never be safer than in Pickerington’s thriving community.


Located 14 miles away from Akron, and 26 miles away from Cleveland, Streetsboro might be the location of your dreams. This small city of around 16,000 residents offers some of the most fun activities in the state of Ohio. Whatever you think of, you can bet Streetsboro has it! All the way from usual shops to antique shops, a casino, many museums, and countless dining and shopping options. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also the entry to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. As you may know, this is one of the most visited national parks, and it could be right at your fingertips.

As far as living cost goes, it’s around 15% lower than the national average. The median house price is $157,500 making homeownership a reality! There might not be a better place than Streetsboro to live in Ohio on a smaller budget. It’s an excellent town for anyone looking to live without going into debt.

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