How to prepare fragile items for storage?

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If you plan on storing fragile items, then you will also need to know how to prepare them properly. In order to prepare fragile items for storage, you will need specific packing materials for each category of items. The higher quality of materials, the better. You may also want to have one of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio transport your belongings, to be on the safe side. There are specific techniques for preparing your items for storage and this article is going to go through some of the best ones.

Prepare fragile items for storage – Tips and Tricks!

Here are the best tips for the storing of your fragile items:

  • Buy high-quality moving boxes and packing materials
  • Wrap each item individually before packing
  • Label each box clearly
  • Get professional packing services
  • How to pack specific fragile items?
Get high-quality moving boxes.

Buy high-quality moving boxes and packing materials

You will need to store your belongings in a container. The best price-to-effect ratio goes to simple cardboard moving boxes. They are quite sturdy and really cheap. Perfect combination! Of course, there are varying degrees of quality to moving boxes and the higher quality box you have, the safer your items will be. Of course, choosing a proper storage unit Gahanna Ohio will offer even more protection. But for the most part, any high-grade moving box will do. The best ones simply offer additional safety.

When it comes to packing materials, you need to buy these according to the items that you are transporting. It is not the same if you are packing glassware or if you are packing ceramic. The materials used are different. Again, you will want the materials of high quality for your fragile items. Check out some bubble wrappings, packing peanuts, and similar materials. These are moving staples and you can use them in almost every situation. But, for best results, choose the packing materials to fit the items that you are packing. The best way to know how to pack fragile items is to seek professional advice. In fact, that might actually be the best thing that you can do. Expert advice is always handy!

Prepare fragile items for storage – Wrap each item individually before packing

The process of packing fragile items comes down to wrapping and packing each individual item, with great care. Depending on the composition of the item, you will select an appropriate wrapping. For example, you do not want to wrap computer parts with materials that can produce static electricity. Again, if you are unsure, seek expert advice.

Wrap every fragile item individually.

The reason why you are wrapping each item individually, instead of lumping them all together, is because of the added protection. Every item will have its own little “bubble” of protection, to go alongside other protections. You will want to pad the box and fill the empty spaces, as well. The greatest danger to fragile items is a collision. By making sure all of the items can’t move, you will be preventing any collision on their part. Even if the box collides with another box, your items within will have several layers of protection. Remember, you can’t “overwrap” a fragile item.

Label each box clearly

Another big danger to fragile items is the mishandling of boxes. In order to avoid most of this, you will want to label each box with a sign “fragile” and “this side up”. You can, of course, add special instructions but they need to be brief and concise. Don’t count that someone will read an instructional manual before carrying a box. Some will, some will not. It is best to label the boxes as clear and concise as possible, in order to minimize the danger.

You can also use a color-coded system if you wish.

Let’s say that all of the boxes that contain fragile items are blue. Marked blue, that is. This will enable whoever is carrying the boxes to figure out, at a glance, which items need special handling. It will also make it a lot easier to figure out the positions of the boxes themselves. You don’t want to stack boxes on top of fragile items, after all. The best way to ensure that your boxes are handled properly is to use both clear and concise labeling and the color-coded system. This way your boxes will have maximum protection. If you need a bit more detail on labeling moving boxes, you can find plenty of articles on the internet. But, to tell you the truth, it is all quite simple when it comes down to it. But having some more ideas can never hurt!

Get professional packing services

If you are unsure about your own packing prowess, you have another option. You can hire professional packing services and not worry about packing at all. However, most people choose to do their own packing due to numerous reasons, the price being one of them. But if you are not sure if you will do a good job and are afraid of damaging your items, hiring professionals might be the best thing to do.

If you do end up hiring them, they will have all the equipment and materials for the job. You will not need to run to the store and buy anything! This may save you a lot of time that you can invest somewhere else.

Hire a professional moving company to pack and relocate your fragile items safely.

Prepare fragile items for storage – How to pack specific fragile items?

You can find these items in almost every relocation. Here’s how you pack them:

  • Lamps – Dismantle the lamp, removing the bulb and the shade. Wrap the stand, place it in a box, and fill the space around. The bulb and the shade also need to be wrapped and you need to store them in a separate box.
  • Plates – These need to be wrapped individually. Bubble wrapping works best. The inside of the plates box needs to be properly padded. You will place the plates in the box vertically. Once you can’t put in any more plates, add some padding so nothing inside can move.
  • Glasses – Simply fill every glass with bubble wrapping and apply more wrapping around the entire glass. Of particular note are the stems and handles, you may want to wrap them with additional thickness.
  • Mirrors – You want to tape the face of the mirror first. Use packing tape on the face. You want to apply it in a “star” shape, which will extend all the way to the edges. This is to absorb any vibrations in the transport.
  • Vases – Remember what you did with glasses? Do the same thing for vases, with the addition of filling the inside of the vase with some padding such as a newspaper or packing paper.

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