How to prepare for relocation to Dublin, Ohio?

Top places in OhioAugust 16, 2020

Ohio can truly be an underrated state. First and foremost, it is the birthplace of aviation, eight US presidents, various amazing cities, and a thriving economy. The Buckeye State offers an affordable cost of living, four enjoyable seasons, and Midwestern charm. If these attractive attributes aren’t enough to draw you in, know that this is also a great place to build your career, raise a family, or retire. And if you are already considering a move to Ohio, Zippy Shell Columbus is here to help. We have put together this helpful relocation guide to fully prepare for relocation to Dublin, Ohio.

map of the USA so you can prepare for a relocation to Dublin, Ohio
Spreading over more than 44,000 square miles, Ohio is the 34th largest state in the US.

Ohio lifestyle: What to know before relocating to The Buckeye State

The bustling Ohio lifestyle can be especially convenient for business and travel. The Buckeye State is one day-drive away from approximately 50% of the population in the continental US. With more than eleven million residents, Ohio is the 10th most densely inhabited state. So there could be a lot of challenges of moving to a big city in Ohio. You should consider hiring professionals for this undertaking. On the other hand, it has one of the lowest growth rates of all provinces in the country. If you want to prepare for relocation to Dublin, Ohio, you need to learn about some of its pros and cons before relocating.

Prepare for relocation to Dublin, Ohio the right way – with our pros and cons of living here

1. Pros:

  • Cost of living: First of all, the cities of Columbus and Cincinnati offer fantastic affordability. Ohio is one of the top three states for cheap housing, so why not book one of the top Columbus moving companies relocate you to this charming place?
  • Experience its natural beauty: From the coastline of Lake Erie to the Appalachian Mountains, there are so many different opportunities to enjoy the beautiful nature here.
  • The economy is evolving: Ohio already established a high position in the manufacturing industry. But recently, it has also seen a boom in the creative and tech industries. This growth has created a great demand for storage units Dublin Ohio. It has also drawn many artists, entrepreneurs, and young professionals to the area in search of better opportunities.
  • Roller coasters: Along with King Island and Cedar Point (also famous as “The Roller Coaster Capital of the World”), the Buckeye State is home to many far-famed amusement parks.
  • Ohio lists as one of the safest states when it comes to natural catastrophes like hurricanes and earthquakes. It is, in fact, one of the top five unhazardous states in the US.
  • There is a large Amish community living here. It is the biggest population of Amish people living in the same place in the world. Ohio’s Amish Country is a huge attraction to tourists who are curious about their lifestyle.
Fall leaves
Are you in search of colorful fall foliage? Ohioans enjoy one of the most beautiful autumn foliage shows in the US.

2. Cons:

  • Cold winters: If you’re coming from a warmer climate, you should know that Ohio winters can be truly chilling. Part of your preparations for relocation to Dublin, Ohio means packing for intense blizzards and heavy snowfall, especially near Lake Erie.
  • On the other hand, even the summers are intense: Just like the winters are harsh, so are summers. The summer months here can be extremely hot and humid. Also, you should foresee that there will be a lot of rain and stormy weather. Feel free to read our tips for moving during a rainstorm.
  • Did you know that the Buckeye State is a battleground state? As a swing state, Ohio can be overrun with political ads, politicians giving speeches, and the wide eye of the nation during elections.
  • Sports culture: Why is this a con, you ask? Well, sports fans here can act disorderly and be outright dangerous. They have even earned a reputation of being some of the nation’s most unruly fans.
  • There is not much diversity: Over 80% of the population is white and only 12% are black. Therefore, WalletHub has recently named Ohio as one of the top 10 least diverse states in the US.
  • A fun fact at the end: Just like many other states, The Buckeye State also has a good number of bizarre laws. For instance, if you kill a housefly (without a proper license no less) within 160 feet of a church, you could end up in jail!

Tax brackets in the Buckeye State

  • First of all, there is the property tax, which is currently at 1.57%. The state also has the 13th highest effectual real-estate tax in the United States.
  • Secondly, you have a sales tax, at 5.75%. Add local taxes to this, which are at 0–2.25%, and this tax bracket ranges between 5.75 – 8%.
  • Next, you will have to pay for a state income tax in the range of 0–5%. Note that Ohio has an advancing tax system with eight brackets.

Prepare for relocation to Dublin, Ohio: Housing Market

Good news for all of you who are starting to prepare for relocation to Dublin, Ohio. You are moving to a state which is one of the top three most affordable states for housing. The Buckeye State offers reduced home prices, as well as a low overall cost of living. Over 68% of Ohio residents own their homes. However, the majority of Ohioans do prefer renting in larger cities such as Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.

  • Average Home Value: $140,400
  • Normal rental expenditure: $663 for a one-bedroom, $852 for a two-bedroom
  • Last but not least, the cost of the living index here is 87.7. This index is substantially lower than the nationwide average which is 100 at the moment.


  • Housing = $823
  • Food = $809
  • Childcare = $930
  • Transportation = $1,083
  • Healthcare = $1,026
  • Other necessities = $658
  • Taxes = $788

Bottom line, you would be paying the amount of $6,117 per month or $73,402 per year


  • Housing = $845
  • Food = $724
  • Childcare = $1,259
  • Transportation = $1,172
  • Healthcare = $882
  • Other necessities = $633
  • Taxes = $769

Bottom line, you would be paying the amount of $6,284 per month or $75,414 per year

low angle of legs walking towards the sun
Ohio is situated in the humid continental zone, which means its residents experience cold winters and hot, humid summers.

Call us and we will properly prepare you for your relocation to Dublin, Ohio

Don’t fret about your upcoming move. Because with the right help, you can relax while you leave the complex logistics to our seasoned movers. Whether you’re relocating from a neighboring state or across the country, Contact Zippy Shell Columbus, because we can help you prepare for relocation to Dublin, Ohio, and make it a smooth one. We will even make it super affordable and simple, whether you have a small apartment, college dorm, or a 4-bedroom house.

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