What to put in storage to free up your dorm room?

Storage PreparationAugust 21, 2020

Are you excited college is starting soon? It sure makes it easy to forget you’ll be living in some tight quarters though. Did you know most dorm rooms max out at a couple of hundred square feet? That’s just enough space for a large twin bed, maybe a dresser, and a desk. If you happen to have a roommate or two (which, almost everybody does), you will be even more pressed for personal space. For that reason, it’s important to declutter and create space by maybe putting some items in storage. Don’t worry, Zippy Shell Columbus moving experts have all the top tips on how to free up your dorm room and make four years in a cramped dorm as comfortable as possible.

people throwing graduation hats in the air
College is all about the new and exciting, however, space is at a premium.

1. Start by focusing on multiuse furniture

  • You may already know that floor space is at high demand in a dorm room. The best way to free up your dorm room “territory” is to find furniture that can multitask! There is a headboard with shelving or the option of a rolling table you can use for study and at your bedside, etc. Turning to furniture that does double duty means you’ll need to buy less of it! And since you are hiring one of the top Columbus moving companies, the movers will have less to carry. Which means a cheaper relocation.
  • Opting for rolling storage will also make it easier to move things around. It is a great way to save space when you need it. Consider using bean bag chairs. They take up far less space than having extra chairs in your room, and they’re comfy too!

2. Sell or store your textbooks to free up your dorm room

Remember buyback programs in your school’s bookstore? They saved you a few bucks when you were first buying textbooks. Just remember, that is not all they can do for you. They also save you some easy cash at the end of every term. Consider selling your books because it is a great way to keep down clutter and free up your dorm room. You can also put all your surplus items in storage because they take up valuable dorm room real estate and you often don’t even need the full book.

3. Maximize your closet space by renting a storage unit

  • Dorm closets don’t offer an enviable amount of space, but you can find ways to create space in your dorm room. Follow this tip and you will have more space, and it’s a lot simpler and cheaper than you think. Simply put an extra hanging rod in your closet for just a couple dollars and you have easily doubled your closet space. Hanging shoe racks and shelves also create additional dresser space inside your closet.
  • Along the same lines, fold your clothes because, that way, they take up a lot less space than when you hang them up. Place a few clear tote bags on the bottom of your tiny closet to make even more space.
  • Finally, put all the surplus items, or seasonal clothes and equipment in storage. We can guarantee your belongings will be safe with us so don’t hesitate to book a secure storage locker or a unit with us.
Some modern Scandinavian pieces of furniture that can free up your dorm room
Choosing portable or collapsible pieces of furniture is a great way to save space.

4. Use your under-the-bed storage space to free up your dorm room

Speaking of all that highly coveted floor space, make use of all the free space under your bed. Get some large totes, and buy some bed risers to create even more room. Maximizing storage in your dorm room is especially nifty when you’ve got winter clothes. However, it would be best if you put all those seasonal items in storage since your next trip home isn’t until the end of the semester. If you don’t have enough space, make it! You will still have everything you need at the ready.

5. Use a tote to store bathroom supplies

Sharing a bathroom with several roommates is never easy. If you don’t want to keep paying for someone else’s conditioner, use one of these practical dorm room storage solutions. It Is a smart idea to label an organized tote. Keep it compact and practical, so you can always grab it when you need it.

6. Put the car in long-term storage

A car doesn’t go (or fit) in your dorm room. However, consider this tip if you own a car. Perhaps while you are attending college you suddenly realize you don’t have time to drive it. You can also save on expenses in college by taking public transit. Since many schools charge extra for parking privileges, you should put it in storage. You will have the option of taking it for a ride whenever you want. Save yourself the money and the trouble of maintaining a car, skip the hassle of paying for a parking place, and leave it in one of our storages.

7. DIY whenever possible to free up your dorm room

It can take a bit of practice to work out what’s worth keeping in your room and what to put in a storage locker. Don’t worry, the college has a way of making you an expert on repurposing items. There are so many cute craft ideas to help you stay organized and save a few (hundred) bucks. Put your pencils and similar utensils in plastic or glass bottles – decorate them as you wish. Put some old boxes under your desk for extra storage. You can find a million cute ideas for decorating online and make use of your used items.

Hanging lights
Hanging lights are the perfect way to maximize surface space because they take up less room than standing lamps.

We can help

College life means living on a tight budget and very tight quarters. Maximizing both will require a little bit of thinking and a lot of creative efforts. We hope these hacks have helped you keep the clutter out of your space without spending a lot of money. Our affordable storage units will save you from carrying around things you don’t need. Contact us because we can help you every step of the way in making your life feel less cramped and cluttered.

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