How to pick the right furniture movers in Columbus Ohio?

Hiring MoversNovember 27, 2018

After so much thinking, you have finally made that big decision. You are moving. First of all, bravo. That was not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of courage to move our house elsewhere. You are thinking about moving your belongings? Maybe you can picture yourself packing and moving everything easily. Everything except your furniture. You see yourself struggling with your bed or closet. Everything hurts you just thinking about it. You can almost hear your precious antique chair scratching down the wall. Spare your back and your furniture, and hire the right furniture movers in Columbus Ohio.

Piano and chair in living room
Large and heavy furniture is something you should leave to the professionals.

Ask for recommendation

Personal recommendation is the best reference of all. If you ask around, you will see that someone from your surrounding must have moved recently. Notify the people around about your move, recommendations will come by themselves. Ask for a recommendation if that was a positive experience. And if it was not, ask for advice not to repeat their mistake.

Google will be your best friend

This is probably not a news, but almost everything can be found on Google. Hence, search for reviews, experiences and other people stories. Look for ratings and compare them. Dismiss the companies that have many negative reviews. Also avoid the ones with very little or shady information online. This way you will avoid moving scams and find a reliable company.

Collect, compare, choose

Once you come up with a shortlist of furniture movers in Ohio, start contacting them. Dial several numbers and ask for estimates. Also, make sure you provide all the necessary information about the size and number of your pieces of furniture. This way, the estimates you get will be accurate. When you collect several offers, compare them and choose another one that suits you best.

Price as a guide

Don’t rush into accepting the cheapest estimate of all. Play it smart. Slightly lower price can be a way for some new or small company to break through. Suspiciously lower price than other companies have can be a red flag. Therefore, this could mean that the company offers a lower quality service. Don’t be cheap but try not to empty your pockets either. As always in life, the right solution is somewhere in the middle.

Chair on the street
It is very important to move your furniture without damaging it.

Are you sure you’re insured?

You should definitely verify that the company is insured. On the same website, you use to check their license number as well. Try to avoid moving companies without a license number or insurance. They are like an unlicensed teenage driver at the wheel of a semi-truck. Not such a good idea, right? Neither is unlicensed or uninsured movers who call themselves a moving company. Also, make sure you check if your personal items are covered during a move. If not, you may want to consider additional moving insurance.

Tricks that furniture movers in Columbus Ohio know

Movers are not just pairs of strong hands. They are trained and experienced people who know the tricks to move your furniture safely and fast. And most importantly, without a scratch.

  • Furniture movers know how to pack your furniture before the move.
  • The right furniture movers in Columbus Ohio know how to carry your tall furniture. A tall dresser, shelving unit or filing cabinet can be a real pickle. Therefore, carrying them is a two-person job. They need to tip the item backward at an angle and have one person carry the top while the other carries the bottom. This balance the weight and keeps the item from swinging out of control.
  • Remember that gorgeous and large antique chair from the beginning? That piece of furniture is not heavy but it’s strangely shaped. Hence, that is what makes her difficult to handle. Pro movers know to “hook” large chairs around corners. This is something you shouldn’t try on your own. You would probably end up dancing with a chair and hurting yourself.
  • No man knows what pain is until he tries to carry the couch down a hallway and through the door. This is an artistic maneuver. You would find it almost impossible to carry it horizontally and make the turn into the room. Leave this to the professionals, they know what to do.
  • Movers will disassemble your furniture before they move it. This is something you can probably do by yourself as well. Disassemble everything you can, it will make packing and carrying much easier.

Special equipment

Furniture movers in Columbus Ohio have special equipment for heavy furniture. They have lifting straps that can be adjusted for different-length objects. The lifting and moving straps make the moving process much faster. Professionals have developed the best furniture-moving techniques to ensure safe handling and transport.

Plan where it lands

This is a very important part of moving your furniture. To spare your movers from carrying the furniture around several times, make a plan ahead. Take measurements and draw every room of your new home with all pieces of furniture placed according to your plan. Show this to your movers before the move. They will tell you if something can’t be done and give you a good piece of advice.

Dresser should be handled by furniture movers in Columbus Ohio
Remove all the drawers from the dresser before the move.

Remove what you can

Before the moving day, see if any of your furniture can be disassembled to make the transfer a bit less stressful. Also, don’t forget that some drawers can be completely removed from furniture. This is really helpful if the piece is particularly heavy. Similarly, the same goes for beds, dressers, and armoires. If there are any items inside the furniture, you should probably take them out. You don’t want anything falling out or maybe breaking.

Good movers = stress-free moving

All this research and checking maybe seems overwhelming to you. But most noteworthy, a good choice of moving company, gives you a piece of mind. Furniture movers in Columbus Ohio exist to make your move easier. Enjoy it.


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