Who should you notify when moving?

Moving Day TipsNovember 5, 2018

Relocation is a project that is strictly between you and the movers. It’s nobody else’s business, right? Wrong! You changing your address impacts a lot of people. Therefore, you need to inform them about your decision so they can adjust can continue to provide you with services that you are probably not even thinking about, like water and electricity. But, who should you notify when moving? Well, we will give you a comprehensive list that you can simply go through and help avoid some moving mistakes.

State agencies you should notify

Let’s start off with the most important people. That, of course, is the state agencies. Many state agencies are there to provide you with services that have almost become rights in today’s western society. Things like water, electricity, and gas are all provided by the state. Therefore the state is the first on our list of who should you notify when moving.

Post office

This one you can do online, but you need to do it ahead of the move. The post office will forward your mail to your new address, but if you notify them too late, there might be a gap between you moving and them forwarding it to you. There will be a $1 charge to your credit card, but you should be able to afford it. Only change your address on the USPS website. There are scammers out there that convince people that the only way to change the address is if they pay them money. Don’t fall for it. Go to the official website and do in on your own. In order to not lose any mail, you should start your notifying by going online and changing your address so that the post office knows where to send your mail.

The post office needs to know where to forward your letters.                                                                                                                                    

Social Security Administration

If you are receiving Social Security benefits and you want to keep receiving them once you move, you need to change your address. Simply go to the official website and the information on your profile. If you have any difficulties when changing your address online, you can call SSA and do it over the phone. 

Gas and electric power

If your gas and electric power are supplied by the state you need to let the agency providing it know that you are moving. Depending on your address the bill can vary and the provider needs to know where to charge it to. You can also do this online or over the phone. You will need to take care of any residual bills that you might owe before you relocate to a different address.

Tax agency

IRS wants to know where you moved to. Who would’ve thought? Luckily, there are multiple ways for you to inform the IRS about your relocation. You can either fill out their official form and submit it or you can simply state your new address in your tax return. Also, you can issue them a written statement or call them and give them an oral statement. Whatever method you choose, you should know that it usually 4-6 weeks for the IRS to complete the registration of your address change.

You can change your address on your next tax return.

Private agencies

When you are done with the state agencies, you should move over to private agencies. Agencies cannot provide you with their services if you change your address and you don’t notify them. Some agencies will even consider not notifying them as a breach of contract and you may even face legal charges, so you best take care of it as soon as possible.

Cable, internet, phone

It kinda weird that these things became as important to us as food and water. Yup, your internet provider is definitely someone who should you notify when moving. You are going to need to have internet access once you move to your new home, wherever it may sure. Sure, you may survive without tv for a while, but without internet, you’ll be blind and deft. Let your internet provider know where you are moving so you can set up the internet as soon as possible at your new apartment, and so that they can send the bill to the right place.


Whatever insurance policy you might have, you are going to need to update. Even if you are moving to college. If when thinking about “Who should you notify when moving?” you think that some insurances don’t need to be changed, stop. Every insurance clause has in it your address. If you address changes, the insurance company has ground to not provide you with any insurance. Make sure to update your info, whether it is your car insurance, your health insurance or your house insurance. All of them need to be updated, and you need to do it as soon as possible.

Why even think about who should you notify when moving

Ok, you are done with agencies that you are legally required to notify. Is there anyone else who should you notify when moving. Well, family and friends should definitely know. Now, if you have good relationships with them, they are already quite familiar with your situation. But, if you’ve had a falling out and you are not on speaking terms, you might want to reconsider your situation. You should get rid of things when moving, not people.

Who should you notify when moving? Your family! Always!

Family and friends matter

Moving to a new place can be a great thing, but more often than not it can be quite lonely. A lot of people find their life unbearable and therefore decide to move. But, however unbearable your family life was, you should let them know where you will be. Tell them that they are not welcome, that they are not allowed to come and that you hate them. But tell them where you are. People make mistakes in life, but they also make amends and you don’t want to burn any bridges that you don’t have to.

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