How to Pack for a Last Minute Move from Hilliard to Blacklick

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Last-minute moves are quite tricky! Usually, we have plenty of time to organize and plan the move. But sometimes life is unexpected and we can find ourselves in a situation where we have a last minute move from Hilliard to Blacklick and we need to pack. What do we do in those situations? How do we pack without missing anything? It is not as hard as you think. All you need is a good plan, but contacting Zippy Shell Greater Columbus sure does help a ton as well. Keep reading to find out how to pack quickly and efficiently.

Hilliard and Blacklick

Hilliard is a suburb of Columbus. It has 37,023 citizens residing in it. Hilliard is located in Franklin County. And is one of the finest locations to live in Ohio. Living here delivers citizens a light suburban feel. Not surprisingly most citizens own their houses. In Hilliard, there are plenty of eateries, coffee shops, and gardens. And one fact that makes every parent living here happy is that the public schools in Hilliard are highly ranked. You will be happy to know that even if you have trouble packing everything for your last minute move from Blacklick to Hilliard, there are solutions. One of them is the storage Hilliard Ohio offers to its residents.

A small town skyline
People often move due to personal issues and preferences.

Blacklick Estates is also a suburb of Columbus. It has a population of 10,097 citizens. Blacklick is located in Franklin County. Living here offers citizens a light suburban feeling. Most residents here also own their houses. In Blacklick, there are not many restaurants and bars, but they have plenty of parks. When you pack for a sudden move from Hilliard to Blacklick you can also find storage units Blacklick Ohio residents recommend. This is a good option for people that need a place to store their items for some time.

Start with Logistics When Preparing for a Move

A last minute move  has a way of creating situations that are both essential and utterly challenging to achieve. It’s not strange to feel scared by how many things need to be done. Instead of allowing your moving tasks to crush you, take a deep breath and start crossing tasks off of the to-do list. Your foremost step will be either employing a moving company or leasing a truck. This of course depends on your personal preference.

Will you move alone or hire professional help? If you are employing professionals, you won’t have a lot of time to investigate. But luckily some guides can help you speed up the process and find reliable movers. If you’re leasing a truck, obtain quotes from two or three different places. By comparing the prices make a decision right away. The faster you have the logistics of your relocation figured out, the faster can you dedicate attention to finishing other aspects of your last minute move from Hilliard to Blacklick.

Man looking for a moving company for his last minute move from Hilliard to Blacklick
Look online for different moving options for your last minute move from Hilliard to Blacklick

Make a plan

When you organize an urgent move from Hilliard to Blacklick making a plan is essential. Once you hire movers or lease a truck, choose what you must do in the period you have left till the moving day. Begin with a moving plan. Be aware of what assignments need to be done, and gather them into a checklist. You can add assignments specific to your case. For instance, if you have children in an academy, you ought to inform the school instantly.

Next, considering the time leading up to the relocation, arrange these assignments into chores that must be accomplished now. There will be things that can wait, but there is certainly a main priority that must be done now. On the plan, you will also need to include a section for the moving day. Having a plan will help you throughout the move. It will lower the stress and anxiety and give you certain control over your surroundings that you might have lost when you settled for a last minute relocation from Hilliard to Blacklick.


When faced with a last minute move, fast packing is crucial. And is there something that can make your packing easier than decluttering? Check every room, wardrobe, and cabinet in your home or flat and take out things you no longer desire or require. Divide these items into piles:

  • Donate
  • Recycle
  • Throw away

Think usefulness, not sentimentality. Relocating is the best time to cleanse down your items, and a sudden move provides you with even more motivation to travel lightly. Fight the impulse to just load everything! Thinking that you will get rid of items once you’re unpacking is just an illusion. It’s considerably easier to sort these objects out before the move and preserve your energy and time for something that matters. And if you do have some items you don’t want to get rid of then finding a storage company Columbus Ohio residents praise, will be a good alternative.

A woman carrying the boxes
Decluttering is something that will help you get all of the unwanted items out of your home

A packing station

When you have a last minute move, you can’t waste time looking for certain supplies when packing. To dodge that, make a packing station. Begin by collecting your packing supplies. Before you begin packing, there are some main supplies you should have on hand:

  • Boxes
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Wrapping paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Old towels and blankets
  • Markers
  • Plastic bags for screws

People looking to save money can find free boxes online, in some local big-chain stores, liquor stores, or with friends and family that moved. Nevertheless, it takes a while to find free boxes and other moving materials. When you’re in the last minute move from the city of Hilliard to Blacklick, it may be better to buy these supplies.

Preparing a Last Minute Move from Hilliard to Blacklick Is Possible

You have seen that preparing a last minute move from Hilliard to Blacklick is possible. You only need to be well-organized and follow the steps from the list you prepared. With these tips, you won’t have any problems and you will enjoy a stress-free relocation.

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