Common Reasons Why People Decide to Leave New Albany

Before The MoveJanuary 15, 2023

New Albany is a small suburb of about 11,000 people. This place is known for being one of the best residential areas in Ohio. New Albany is characterized by offering its residents about 600 hectares of green areas, parks, and lots of music, dancing, and fun. But like any place in the world, New Albany has its flaws, which in this case are one of the main reasons why people decide to leave New Albany. Whether you’re planning to move out of New Albany or move here, you should check out these reasons because they will help you to be sure of your decision. These reasons may be enough for you to leave, but maybe they won’t bother you. Whatever you decide, know that the Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage company is at your disposal.

What Are the Main Reasons Why People Decide to Leave New Albany?

Did you know that Ohio is in 9th place on the list of states with the highest recorded population departure? About the total number of people who move across the borders of this state, 53.6% leave the state of Ohio, while 43.7% of people immigrate. Among the places in Ohio from which people move most often is New Albany. New Albany is considered the best place to live in Ohio.

Family in park in New Albany
New Albany offers its residents beautiful nature that stretches over 600 hectares.

Let’s see what are the main reasons why people decide to leave New Albany nevertheless:

  • Small population
  • Lower grades for education
  • High property tax
  • High living costs

Maybe these reasons aren’t enough to make you give up on your move to New Albany. And maybe they are enough to make you look for a new place to live. Also, keep in mind that whatever you decide long distance movers Columbus Ohio are there to help you relocate at any time you decide to do so.

The small population is one of the reasons why people leave New Albany

According to data from Niche, New Albany currently has a population of approximately 11,085, which makes Albany a sparsely populated place. When we talk about the population, it’s important to say that there is a very small percentage of the young population. The population aged 18 to 24 makes up 4% of the total number of inhabitants, while from 25 to 34 it’s only 6%.

Also, residents 65+ have a small percentage of the population too, only 8%. Those who make up the largest percentage of New Albany’s population are adults aged 35 to 44, 16%, as well as 45 to 54, 23%. Additionally, children make up a large part of the population, a total of 35% of the age group from 0 to 17 years. ┬áthe young population is the most frequent group of people who leave this city. The younger people are those who leave New Albany the most. Luckily for them, it is not difficult to look for better opportunities somewhere else, and get back when necessary, since they can put their belongings in storage containers Columbus Ohio.

What is with the educational system?

Previously, you could see that the young population is very small in New Albany and that they are the group of people who leave the city the most. Education in New Albany is graded D-, which refers to the success of students, the quality of knowledge gained, as well as the progress of students in further education.

School in New Albany
Education is one of the main things to consider if you plan to move to New Albany, but one of the reasons why people leave this city.

There are 110 public schools in New Albany, of which only one has a high grade of A+, and that is New Albany High School. What is also a consequence of poor education is the enrollment of students in college, the percentage of which is very small. And the majority of young people decide to go to study in another city or state.

Are high tax rates the main reason why people decide to leave New Albany?

When we talk about taxes, we can classify them as one of the main reasons for leaving this city. Based on the data of the Sales Tax Handbook, we came to the information that New Albany has higher taxes than 90% of other localities in Ohio. Taxes in Ohio are a state sales tax of 5.75%, a Franklin gun sales tax of 1.7%, and a social security tax of 0.5%. Also, New Albany has an individual income tax rate of 2% on all income.

How much does it cost life in New Albany?

The cost of living is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a place to live. But also, they can be a strong enough reason to leave the place where you have lived until now. When we talk about New Albany, the cost of living is based on PayScale data 34% above the national average of 100. What is the most expensive in New Albany is the real estate market, whose prices are 156 out of 100. The median home price is about $1,019,607, while the prices of utilities and transportation are below the national average.

House for sale at a high price, which is one of the reasons why people decide to leave New Albany.
High real estate prices are one of the common reasons why people decide to leave New Albany.

Despite the high costs, 91% of the population in New Albany own their own homes, while 9% live in rental properties. The housing market offers you many choices when it comes to buying real estate. If you decide to move to New Albany, don’t worry if your new home will have enough space because storage units New Albany Ohio has are at your disposal. Also, storage units are at your disposal at the time of your departure from New Albany.

Are These Reasons Enough to Leave New Albany?

If you have lived in New Albany for a long time, then you are surely aware of all the advantages that this place has. But if you think it’s time for a change, maybe these reasons why people decide to leave New Albany will be your turning point. Maybe they will make you think about whether New Albany is the place for you. Also, if you’ve been thinking about moving to New Albany, consider these reasons. And based on that, make a final decision.


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