What Happens If I Need to Cancel My Move

Before The MoveJanuary 19, 2023

Moving can be a stressful and overwhelming process, and there may come a time when you need to cancel your move. It can be for a variety of reasons: your living situation, a delay in closing on a new home, or other unforeseen circumstances. In any case, canceling a move can have a number of financial and logistical implications. Here is some expert advice and tips from Zippy Shell Greater Columbus. Thanks to our years on the market and practical experience, we know how to answer the question: what happens if I need to cancel my move? We’re ready to share that answer with you.

Notify Your Moving Company

Notifying the company should be your top priority. This way, they can plan not to organize your move, and cancel a number of other services. The deadline for notification varies depending on the company’s regulations, but in general, the sooner you notify them, the better. This is because different firms may have varying cancellation and refund policies. If you contact them with enough time in advance, they may be able to deliver a more beneficial outcome. Many companies, such as residential movers Columbus Ohio, prefer you to give them a call or email them. In any case, make sure you write down the exact time and date when you told them you’re canceling your move.

A girl typing something on her laptop, possibly to her moving company after thinking what happens if she needs to cancel her move.
Ask your company the question: What happens if I need to cancel my move?

Be prepared to pay a fee

Canceling a move may have a financial fee. A cancellation fee may be charged by the moving company, which can range from a modest amount to a percentage of the total cost of the move. Furthermore, if you make a non-refundable deposit, you may lose it. The company may also impose additional fees for already completed services or previously rented equipment. It’s best to reach out to your long distance movers Columbus Ohio offers and see what their policy is. The earlier you alert them that you’re canceling, the smaller the fee. That’s why you need to act fast when you start thinking: What happens if I need to cancel my move?

Cancel other moving services

Canceling your move doesn’t concern only your moving company. There might be other moving plans you’ve made, that you need to come out of now. For example, you should get your kids back to your old school. Change any possible documentation you’ve already changed back to its original data. Think about all the measures you’ve taken in preparation for your move and reverse them. Backtracking your moving preparations can help you get out of a move. For example, call the storage Hilliard Ohio companies you’ve booked, and cancel your reservation in time.

A woman talking over her phone.
As soon as you start thinking about what happens if you need to cancel your move, think about calling your movers immediately and letting them know.

You Have the Answer to the Question: What Happens If I Need to Cancel My Move?

As you can see, there’s a lot to think about. That’s why you need to start canceling all your services and plans as soon as the question “what happens if I need to cancel my move” comes to your head. Being quick about it is going to allow you to avoid any potential cancellation fees. Moreover, since a lot of people are potentially involved in your relocation, it can save lots of their time, as well.

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