How to move with a newborn during summer

How toJune 11, 2021

Planning and organizing relocation is not an easy task. This is particularly true if you plan to move with a newborn during summer. A house full of movers, cardboard boxes, and packing supplies is not exactly an ideal environment for a baby. They love and need their routine. That is why it is very important to plan ahead and take simple steps. A move includes many activities, from researching Columbus moving companies to packing all your belongings. We have some tips that will decrease the stress level and ease the transition.

Pack a baby bag if you plan to move with a newborn during summer

If you are moving with a baby, packing a baby bag with all the essentials will be a lifesaver. This bag should include everything that your baby might need during the first couple of days. Pack diapers, wipes, clothes, pajamas, favorite toys, a breast pump, food, snacks, bottles, medications, etc. Bear in mind that your baby’s nursery should be the first room you unpack after the move. It is important to give your child a calm and safe space as soon as possible. If you are an inexperienced mover, you can hire a moving company that provides packing services. This will greatly facilitate your move.

Baby toys and photos
Pack your baby’s things and favorite toys in a separate box

Don’t forget to create a moving calendar

The best way to stay organized is to create a moving timeline. Write a list of all moving activities. In this way, you will know exactly what you should be doing before, during, and after the move. Make sure you keep the baby’s routine as normal as possible during this period. Stick to your napping and feeding schedule. Consistency is extremely important for newborns because it gives them a sense of security. A moving planner will help you organize different tasks by week.

A woman filling in a calendar to help her move with a newborn during summer
A moving calendar will help you stay on track and successfully move with a newborn during summer

Keep your baby hydrated during the moving day

Moving during summer can be difficult for a newborn, regardless of whether you need to call your local movers Columbus Ohio or relocating long-distance. Pay attention to any signs of dehydration such as warm skin, a flushed face, and rapid breathing. Babies should drink more fluids during summer so give your child extra formulas or nurse it more frequently.

Safety first!

The safety of your child, both during and after the move, comes first. If you are renting a truck for a DIY move, there won’t be a car seat for your baby. It might be best for a babysitter to watch your baby during the move. In addition, your house will be full of potentially dangerous objects after the move. It might be a good idea to rent storage units Grove City Ohio. You can leave things there until you find room for all your belongings. Also, baby-proof your new home as soon as possible. It is not easy to move with a newborn during summer. But, if you follow these tips, you will ensure a safe and happy relocation for your family. Good luck!

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