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Summer is upon you and you want to find various summer activities in Hilliard you can attend with your family. Whether you are relocating or you are already a resident, this guide will be useful in both situations. Therefore, let us prepare you for packing and find local movers Columbus Ohio to make it all a bit easier. Also, let us point out a few things you can do this summer in Hilliard. Let’s go!

Are we relocating or not?

As we said, if you are moving, we must find an adequate moving and storage Columbus Ohio company. But before you can give them a call, you must obtain the mandatory information. Hence, start inspecting your home, check out the garage, basement, and attic as well. Inspect all the furniture, belongings, and other household items until you know how many packing materials you need. Then, you can list everything onto your moving checklist and start calculating the moving budget.

A person writing down all the summer activities in Hilliard they can attend
Create a moving checklist, an inventory list, and a list of events for the summer.

Add an inventory list as well and do not forget to cover all your legalities like personal ID, passport, medical records, driver’s license, etc.  Once you do your best call your movers and provide them the details you gathered. With the info you bring, they will organize and create the best moving plan.

Inspect your movers quickly before you start focusing on summer events in Hilliard

If you want to be sure that the Columbus moving services you are about to purchase are legit, you must inspect your movers as well. Check their website company logo, contact info, and physical address. Among the mandatory, they should possess the following as well:

  • Licenses and permits
  • Tools and equipment
  • Sizeable moving vehicle
  • Moving insurance
  • Free onsite estimates

All moving companies should cover all those mandatory requirements we mentioned above. Now simply check online and find the company you like. Check their moving services like packing and storage Hilliard Ohio. You might find them useful. After you find your company, you can focus on summer events in Hilliard.

Earth Day

Most of the activities on this list are held annually and we will start with Earth Day. Organized in April, it is the City of Hillard’s educational festival where you can learn a lot. Definitely bring your kids to this one. You can learn more about the environment, earth pollution, energy efficiency, the importance of animals and nature surrounding us. On the other side, you can learn about the technology we live with today. As well as how to recycle and to raise awareness on the subject overall. So, take the whole family to the Community Center and learn a thing or two.

A person holding a miniature globe
The Earth Day festival is an educational event and one of summer activities in Hilliard you shouldn’t miss out on.

Freedom Fest

As you already know, Independence Day is celebrated all over the US yearly. And Hilliard is no different. Each year at the Municipal Park you can witness the parade, Freedom Fest, live music, food trucks, and all sorts of games and activities for the whole family. Especially for the children. Also, you do not have to attend the show or enter the park at all. You can hear the music and enjoy the festive vibe from the nearby café or a fine restaurant. And of course, the grand finale is an amazing fireworks show.

Law Enforcement torch run for Special Olympics and national night out

These two are interesting. The Law Enforcement torch run is held in June and it is a marathon with the idea to collect donations for the annual Special Olympics in Ohio. This run begins at Kroger on Cemetery Road and goes all the way to First Responders Park. Check it out and be amazed by the readiness and expertise our police officers have.

And each August our police officials are hosting the community National Night Out. Basically, this event’s only purpose is to raise awareness of crime and drug prevention. It encourages the whole neighborhood to participate and spread the word. Therefore, if you are becoming a citizen or you are already one, join the town watch and contribute in the best way you can.

Motivation at the Station is one of the summer activities in Hilliard you can attend

Motivation at the Station is one of the summer activities in Hilliard stretching from June to August. So, at Hilliard Station Park, you’ll find life coaches, licensed instructors, and fitness enthusiasts. They will join you in daily workouts offering a free 1-hour class starting from 8 am sharp. Hence, if you are into yoga, bodybuilding, and sports in general, this is the place for you. At least you can attend the first free class to see how it goes. Eventually, you’ll meet a few friends along the way and you’ll always have company for your daily workouts.

two people doing yoga outdoors
Hit the Hilliard Station Park and find like-minded people for all sports activities.

Street food of Hilliard

If you have children, then you must attend the “Wheels and Waffles” festival. Grab your bike and hit the road. Join the crowd and grab a Waffle at Coffee Connections. Enjoy live music, candy, and meet many friends and like-minded people. You’ll have a blast no doubt. Especially your little ones. There are a few more you should check out:

  • Get the Scoop
  • Sprouts Night Out
  • Friday Flicks
  • Dishing Derby

There are a few more and we strongly suggest checking the town of Hilliard and other related websites. You will need only a couple of hours to dig out all the events starting from April and ending with September. And depending on your current situation and your family, you’ll choose the most comfortable ones.

Now you know a few summer activities in Hilliard you can check out with your family. Surely, you’ll find many more if you browse the internet a bit more. Hopefully, we provided enough for you to begin with. Take care and have a wonderful time in Hilliard this summer.

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