Moving day rules you should have

Moving Day TipsJune 13, 2021

As the moving day approaches, stress slowly increases. You have so many tasks to perform. Still, it’s not yet over when the day of the relocation comes. You must be well-prepared. Additionally, make a note of moving day rules. Hence, you won’t forget anything in the turmoil of that day. Welcome movers Columbus and be at their disposal all day. Don’t allow anything to go wrong.

What are basic moving day rules?

We’ll help you with certain rules for relocation day. Stick to them. Therefore, mistakes will be reduced to the minimum. Hopefully, these rules will help.

  • label boxes
  • pack essentials bag
  • dress appropriately
  • charge your phone
  • get up early
  • eat your breakfast
  • stick around during the day
  • full access for movers
  • clear the way from obstacles
  • protect your home
  • tipping movers

Labeling is crucial

Firstly, do the labeling ahead of time. As a matter of fact, this is crucial when using self storage Columbus Ohio. On the contrary, you will make a chaotic situation for the movers. Thus, when they enter your home they need to know the content of boxes right away. This will ease up the loading. In case of something fragile, trained staff will know how to handle these items.

a man writing the word "kitchen" on a box as one of the moving day rules
Movers will be grateful if you ease them up. Moreover, they’ll take care of your things better.

Prepare essentials bag on time

In particular, pay attention to the things you need that day. For instance, medicine, toiletries, documents, food shouldn’t be packed in boxes. Therefore, these items should be easily accessible.

two women packing their bags
Don’t forget moving day rules. Separate the items for that day from others.

Prepare yourself

Having found dorm room storage solutions doesn’t mean it’s over. Thus, follow guidelines for the moving day. First and foremost, get up early. Hopefully, you charged your phone the night before. By all means, have breakfast. You need the strength for that day. Furthermore, monitor what is happening. Make sure everything goes smoothly.

Welcome your movers

Your local movers Columbus Ohio need to have full access to your home. Thus, allow them to do their job. In the case of a security system, disable it. Moreover, let them know on time about parking restrictions. Eliminate each obstacle. Additionally, make sure the path from your front door to the truck is free from obstacles. Indeed, this is especially significant on winter days. Ice and snow can cause injuries.

Avoid any type of damage

Our guide to moving day etiquette must relate to your old home. In order to protect your property, prepare some materials to diminish the possibility of damage.

  • cover floors
  • wrap banisters
  • protect door frames

Don’t forget to give a tip

Generally, it’s quite polite and customary to tip movers. With this in mind, consider tipping 10% to 15% appropriate.

Prepare well and relax

All in all, try to do everything to prepare for the moving day. Consider each detail. Stick to the moving day rules. Therefore, you will go through the day more easily. Reduce the stress significantly. Moreover, enjoy your new beginning.

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