How to make storage space in your bathroom

How toMarch 19, 2021

There is never enough storage space in your home. Some rooms require more than others, but one thing is certain. Your bathroom lacks a lot of it. Unless you are rich and have a bathroom, you can play football in, you probably want to create more space for all kinds of items. What we lack the most, is the storage space to have all our chemicals, cosmetics, towels, and appliances inside the bathroom. Therefore, let us help you out with a few tips on how to make storage space in your bathroom. Let’s make it happen.

Are you moving or renovating?

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Shelving systems

The best possible way to make storage space in your bathroom is to add a shelving system. People usually choose this one simply because it is the most convenient, easy to install, and cheap. But if you decide on doing this, you will sacrifice a whole area of your bathroom to fit a single wardrobe or a similar piece of furniture that will hold most of your items. Unless you get creative and introduce shelves to the bathroom in a different way. So, you already have a cabinet inside your bathroom. At least one that is tied to the sink. You should add stackable shelves into the cabinet if you haven’t done already. It will help you utilize the upper space that is often neglected. Essentially, you will double the space you have.

Shelving system inside a bathroom
Use the shelving system you like the most. It will buy you enough space to accommodate all your toiletries.

Also, tower shelving might be the answer for you. Each corner of your bathroom, including the shower, can accommodate a tower with shelves. You can find them in home depot and you should stick to the plastic ones because they are easily replaceable, cheaper, and water-resistant. If you decide on using hardwood, you shouldn’t put one under the shower. And finally, all the wall space you have can accommodate thin shelves similar to spice racks. But we will explain this more thoroughly further down the line.

Use all the wall to make storage space in your bathroom

As we already mentioned, all your wall space can be used in a way. You can add hanging shelves in your corners, on your doors, and on walls. Or utilize the corner space and install a proper shelf that will take half of it that usually does. What is good here is that you are using the dead space. Corners are often unused and this is an opportunity where you can make it all work out great. Also, instead of installing one bigger shelf, you can install several smaller ones. As we said, spice racks are amazing for this occasion. You can embark on a DIY project and create some yourself. Or pick them up at the nearest store. They come in different sizes and they will work great for your towels, soaps, cups with various items, etc.

But if you do not want to damage your ceramic tiles, you should use the racks and shelves with adhesive backing. They are easily applied and removed when needed. But remember, there is a weight limit on those and you should exceed it. Also, there are small plastic, metal, and wooden hooks that work in the same fashion. Use those on the back of your bathroom door to hang all your towels currently in use.

There is always move space under the sink

Everyone has a sink in the bathroom and under the sink, there is more dead space. Simply because those cramped and dump places are not cool to look at so people opt for storing chemicals, mop heads, and cleaning cloth in there. But your sink storage can be so much more and you have two options here. If you have an open space, you can add a customized curtain around your sink and create a hidden storage space beneath your sink. Or if your budget allows it, you can install a small cabinet below the sink and store whatever you like. Finally, the expensive third option is to purchase a brand new cabinet with an already installed sink inside. But that one falls under the renovation category. At least you know this option is available as well.

Bathroom sink and a mirror
What is under your sink? Use this dead space wisely.

Use surface space smarter

You can renovate your home on a budget and bathroom in particular, simply by adding more counter space. And you can do this yourself in a matter of hours if you have the right tools. Use wooden planks, a few screws, and a power drill. Add a vertical improvised shelving board anywhere you see fit. But if this is a bit complicated, you can always utilize your flat surface space smarter. Make storage space in your bathroom simply by rearranging around the place and by using more convenient containers. Stay organized with small cups, jars, canisters, and baskets that will hold all your brushes, cosmetics, hair products, etc. And remember, your washing machine is a flat surface too. You can hold a bigger basket full of items on the top but remove it when using the appliance.

make storage space in your bathroom by using smaller containers
Use smaller and more convenient containers to store all your cosmetics.

Smart ideas to make storage space in your bathroom

We are sure you will find many items designed to be used for something else to be viable for your bathroom as well. We will name just a few amazing ones that will make your life easier. Consider the following:

  • Hangers
  • Shoe caddy
  • Wine rack
  • Spice rack

If you need more space to store your items when renovating and making changes, remember you can rent a storage unit for the occasion. People do it all the time. It can be a short-term solution to keep all your items and furniture safe while you drill around the place.

Make storage space in your bathroom more useful by implementing a few ideas we presented today. Hopefully, you’ll find the best way of doing it with less time and money invested. And remember, in case you are moving and you must think about renovating upfront, utilize moving services at your disposal and make your life easier. Get your moving quotes Columbus Ohio on time, secure your investment, and then create a renovating plan where you can implement all the changes you had in mind. Good luck and have fun renovating!


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