How to pack your linens?

Packing GuideMarch 18, 2021

Moving is usually one of the more complicated things you will face during your lifetime. It could be quite stressful, messy and tiring. However, some parts of the moving and packing process within are quite easy, and could even be fun. Once you’re done packing all your fragile and heavy things, you can finally move on to the least stressful part of your job – packing linens! Not only does it take less time and energy to pack your linens, but it could also be soothing and somewhat interesting. Moreover, thanks to the fact that linens are light and basically indestructible, there is no need to worry if you’ll have to think about their safety during moving.

Two women folding sheets.
Folding your beddings could even be quite fun.

What are the best ways to pack your linens?

To start with, there are no fundamental rules on how to pack your linens. If you don’t have time or experience, Zippy Shell Columbus could help you make this process much easier. Write down all your essential beddings, sheets, towels, blankets, curtains, drapes, and pillows you are bringing along. Next, you could go to the store, if not already, and get some convenient packing materials for your linens. This primarily includes stock or cardboard boxes, plastic bags (or you could even try with eco-friendly bags), and bigger bags, such as sports or traveling bags – if you have a spare one. And of course, don’t forget the tape! It is an essential item to complete the process of packing your sheets. Once you’ve completed the first task of the list, you can start the next one!

How to efficiently pack your linens?

Linens could take up plenty of space during the transport or packing process. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to ask a professional to help you out. That’s why you could check out movers Columbus Ohio, since they are a great choice for you. In any case, what you should do is be as efficient as possible! The best way to achieve that is to calculate your time and more importantly – space. You don’t want to overestimate that.

Even though this represents the easiest part of packing, linens could be quite tricky. This means that while packing, blankets, pillows and even towels trap some air in the boxes. Your task is to compress all that excess air that somehow steadily wants to steal your space. In order to nail this job, the best tip to compress that extra air is to get those vacuum bags that are made especially for this occasion! You can even get a packing service.

A person compressing air from the bag.
Great way to properly pack your linens is by compressing air from the bag.

What tips to follow in order to pack your linens more easily?

  • Saving the best for last. As mentioned previously, this should be one of the last things on your to-do list for moving. This is due to the fact that if you happen to need some of your sheets or blankets for wrapping some fragile items, they represent a great protective material for this situation. Also, if you need any help with your packing process, don’t hesitate to contact residential movers, who are real professionals when it comes to this job.
  • Your linens are vulnerable too. This means that during your transportation process, all your fabric could be damaged by humidity, which results in your stuff being moldy. Furthermore, they are susceptible to insects, and that is why you should consider putting dry lavender or cedar in your boxes.
  • Make sure you clean all your fabric before packing. Maybe the smartest thing to do before you start packing your sheets is to thoroughly clean them. Carpets are usually full of dust and mites, so you should get them cleaned. Moreover, it’s very useful, because you will already have your new house cleaned before you start unpacking, so this could count as one smart move.
  • Do your best to pack your beddings with care. You may feel tired from packing, especially when you’re getting to the end of the packing process. However, don’t let your exhaustion get too you just yet. As you’re folding your sheets, think about the space you want to save, so you wouldn’t have to carry more boxes than necessary. Besides, pillows should be packed on the bottom of the box. This should grant you more space.
  • Finally – don’t forget to label! When you finished packing all those linens, one very practical thing to do is label all your boxes that contain your valuable things.

Storing your linens

When you finally moved to your dream destination, you could consider renting a storage unit. After you unpacked and tidied up the house, you might look up for some extra space in your new place. That’s why you could check out storage units Grandview Heights Ohio, because of their convenience and proximity. Whatever the reason is – renovation preparations, spring cleaning or just in need for some space, this is your top choice!

You never know when you will need that extra space. So these are some of the examples why you should consider using storage facilities for some of your needs:

  1. Once your kids get older you’ll probably want to cling on to memories of their childhood and you’ll be thinking about renting a storage unit for those precious things.
  2. You may need some space for your personal things – Maybe what you actually need is your business equipment to be stored safely, or even piles of books, clothes and furniture.
  3. You own some delicate equipment that requires special conditions.
Toys in the box.
Packing your essentials is a must.

Packed up and ready to store

Moving is always a stressful process, regardless of the tasks you’re performing throughout. However, once you get to the part where you have to pack your linens, you can ease down since you know you finished all those hard parts. Also, when you’ve settled down in your new place and consider making some extra space, don’t hesitate to contact Zippy Shell Moving professionals to find you a perfect storage unit for your stuff. Then you can finally rest assured that you are ready for some good changes to happen.

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