When is renting a storage unit the best choice?

Storage PreparationMarch 2, 2021

There are many obstacles along the way when moving home. You must plan accordingly, pack like a pro, and find best moving companies Columbus Ohio and choose one that suits you the most. Also, a huge problem is a space you have in your new home. Sometimes we move into a smaller apartment and there is not enough space for all our stuff. In this situation, people often rent storage units as a short or long-term solution. But is renting a storage unit the best choice? Let us find out together.

How to know if you need a storage solution and is renting a storage unit the best choice?

As we already said, the common issue is the space we have before and after the move. Or maybe you are simply renovating your home and need a short-term solution. Maybe renting storage units Hilliard Ohio for a month or two will solve all your problems. On the other hand, if you are moving into a smaller space, that would be a clear sign you need to find a good storage unit to accommodate all your excess furniture. And other rarely used household items as well.

A person loading the truck
Find a good moving company that offers decent storage solutions.

You can always get rid of it, but if you intend to keep it all, this would be a solution. This means you must search for one as soon as you realize you can’t bring all your items with you. And the best way to do it is to check your local storage unit providers online. Let’s cover this topic more thoroughly.

Is renting a storage unit the best choice and which one to choose?

Before you can choose a unit, you must know what is out there and what your options are. And the best way to learn all about it, aside from our guide you are reading just now, is to browse online. Check out all your local storage unit facilities and companies. Inspect them thoroughly to figure out if they are the best choice. Start by comparing prices, services, perks, location, accessibility, and read reviews. Previous customers will tell you exactly how they used their unit, and what kind of experience they had with their storage unit provider. Therefore, start digging and cover the following mandatory requirements:

  • Size – You must know that there are small, medium, and largely-sized storage units. Small ones are probably for you because you can store a couple of boxes and a few pieces of furniture. Medium ones can store most of your stuff as well as your king-sized bed and similar items. While the biggest ones can store your entire home along with your vehicle.
  • Location – You can rent a unit near your home or one located outside the city area. Units closer to the city center are more expensive.
  • Accessibility – You have the option to visit your unit any time of night and day. Check if your provider offers such a thing.
  • Price – Monthly fee varies from the size, location, accessibility, and special perks.
  • Protection – Among those perks, there is a 24hr guard on site, surveillance system, and reinforced steel door, gate, and a lock.
  • Maintenance – The cleaning crew will take care of the outside but you must clear your unit from the inside.

What are the perks of a storage facility?

Is renting a storage unit the best choice? The perks that one brings might be the answer. We briefly covered this one before but let us explain a bit more. You can choose from an indoor storage unit that is a part of a big facility. Those facilities usually have surveillance cameras all over the place. Moreover, a proper entrance with a gate and a guard on site. These units are a bit expensive, but you can store valuable and expensive items inside without thinking too much about it. So, your items will surely stay protected. Then, you have the regular lock and key units for everyday use. Nothing too fancy about it. And the last option is the outdoor unit that is more like a shed. Hence, depending on the nature of the items you are storing, you will choose the ones you are most comfortable with.

is renting a storage unit the best choice? yes if there is a surveillance system in place
Surveillance system monitoring your storage unit is a nice perk.

Among the other perks is the cleaning crew but remember, they are not entering your unit at any point. It would be a security breach and your items can be compromised. At least you know that the hygiene of the whole facility is impeccable.

Packing for storage can be a challenge?

Not necessarily. It is almost the same as for any other relocation but with a little twist. Because your items will sit inside the unit for some time, you must protect them adequately. Start by bringing in a wooden pallet to place all your boxes onto it. Then, use cardboard moving boxes of appropriate sizes. Dedicate one corner and stack them nicely there. Cover the whole batch using a tarp, sheet, or blanket. This is mainly to protect your items from dust and moisture. Introduce an air moisturizer or rent a climate-controlled storage unit to cover this part.

And the same process goes for all other items. Packing furniture, seasonal items, old clothes, and packing toys for storage should be the same. You can basically put anything you like into your storage. Although, there is a list of prohibited items and you should ask your provider to explain this one a bit further. To cut the story short, those are perishables, flammable liquids, and materials, chemicals, etc. You can find the full list online as well.

Keep your unit nice and tidy

To keep your items in a good shape, you must clean your unit each time you visit. A simple broom, kitchen cloth, and a few chemicals will do the trick. But remember, prevention is the best medicine. Therefore, keep your unit clean and let the fresh air in each time you are there. A few air moisturizers and scented baggies will keep your air fresh and keep the mold out. Also, place a few rodent repellants to keep the pests out of your boxes.

A man cleaning
Clean a bit each time you visit. Keep your unit fresh and your items safe.

Do not clutter your new storage space

You must arrange boxes in your storage unit the right way, As we already said, stack them nicely in the designated area and keep them a few inches away from the wall. As you know, a damp and dark place is a perfect moldy environment. Keep the airflow unobstructed and you won’t have to deal with mold ever. Although we must say again, if you rent a climate-controlled storage unit, then you won’t have to think about it at all. Most importantly, do not bring any junk inside. There is no point in overcrowding the place. Keep it nice and tidy and make enough place so you can move freely and reach all your items without too much struggle. Hence, declutter and downsize before you decide on the batch of items that will go into the storage.

So, is renting a storage unit the best choice? Hopefully, we answered this question for you. As you can see, the storage unit has many perks and little to no cons. It is an amazing service anyone can afford. If you need one, call your local storage unit provider and communicate further. Good luck.

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