How to make a perfect moving checklist?

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A lot of people think that they a moving checklist is not necessary. They think that they can simply move without any input into what they are moving and how the move is going. But, as they soon find out, moving without a checklist is a nightmare. Not only do you have to keep everything in your head, which puts a terrible strain on your brain, but the odds of you forgetting or misunderstanding something are huge. Therefore, it is in your best interest to learn how to make a perfect moving checklist so that once the moving day comes you’ll be armed and ready with all the vital info.

Make a perfect moving checklist so that you know what you need to do.
In order to make a perfect moving checklist, you need to realize how important it is.

What to keep in mind when you make a perfect moving checklist

In order to make a perfect moving checklist, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. First, is that there is no perfect moving list for everyone. There are moves that are a short distance and long distance. Furthermore, there are moves that require storage and ones that don’t. Therefore, there is only one that is perfect for you. The more lists you make, the better you will know what works for you. But, if this is your first time making a moving checklist, worry not. We will give you a comprehensive guide so that you will easily make a perfect moving checklist.

Packing checklist

Packing checklist is essential for planning a move. A packing checklist needs to contain all the information about the items you are going to pack, and later on, move. It doesn’t really matter if you pack yourself, or hire packing services. You will need to have a comprehensive list so that both you and the people working for you will easily follow. An easy way to approach this is to make multiple lists, not just one. A single list can become too crowded, especially if you start putting different categories on it. Therefore, you should separate a potentially huge list into smaller, manageable ones.

List of packed items
List of packed items will be tremendously helpful to any mover helping you out.

List of items

You first list should be a list of your items. Sort your items into two groups. The ones you will pack for your move and the ones you won’t. You can create a list for the items you won’t pack later on, once you decide what you are going to do with them. But, for now, stick with the list of the items you are going to pack. Make sure to put every item on the list. Try to briefly explain the item so that a complete stranger will know what it is. There is no need for you to write “blue shirt that my grandmother bought for me in Paris“. That is too much information. But, simply writing “shirt” will not be enough, as you might have 30 different shirts. “Blue shirt” is the proper amount of information in this case.

List of packed items

Once you have listed your items, it is time to pack them. As you have gone through listing them, you should have a clear idea on how many boxes you will need to pack them. Once you get those boxes you need to make another list which will contain the names of the boxes. No box should be unlabeled. Either label them according to room or according to content. But do not miss labeling them. In both cases, you might end up with multiple boxes that may have the same label. Like “Kitchen” or “books”. In that case, you can simply add a number to your box so that it will be easily identifiable. By doing so you will tremendously help your movers once the moving day comes.

Moving checklist

Once you are done with packing you need to take care of planning your move. And you cannot make a perfect moving checklist if you do not include everything. Only if you hire Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage to deal with everything for you can you not do this. But, if you choose otherwise, and decide to participate in your relocation, you need to make a moving checklist. Here you will outline everything that needs to be done before moving day comes and during the moving day. These tasks correlate with each other tremendously and you need to keep track of both if your move is going to be successful.

Movers will help you a lot, especially if you can give them a list of your items.

Tasks before moving day

On this list, you need to put down everything that you need to do before moving day. That includes not only packing and labeling boxes but notifying people, taking care of your car, changing your doctor, everything. Everything that you need to take care of before you relocate, you put on this list. If you are moving a car you need to look into legal requirements. If you need to deal with your current landlord, bam! On the list! You might think that this is not necessary. That you can simply think of these things and take care of them as you go along. Don’t! Plain and simple, don’t. Not only will you forget about a bunch of things that require your attention, but you will remember them once it is too late. Do your future self a favor and list everything.

Tasks during moving day

Consider moving day as untamed chaos. Only once it rolls in will you truly experience the stress of it. You can hire companies that provide reliable moving services in Columbus. But, there will still be a lot of things to do properly in a short amount of time. A moving mistake can end up costing you money of even injuring you. And forgetting something means that you will have to delay your move or even postpone it. Therefore, you need a checklist for your moving day. Here you will outline what needs to be done and at which time. Give yourself some room for mistakes and carefully coordinate with your movers. Only if both you and they are on the same page can you expect that your move will go without any mishaps?

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