How to label boxes for portable storage – simple guide

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Do you want to store your beloved items for a longer period of time? If this is the reason, then you should try to be organized when it comes to packing. It does not matter if you rent a storage unit or storage containers, the packing process remains the same. In addition to this, one of the major important aspects of packing for storage is labeling your boxes. If you are not quite sure how to manage this, then here is a simple guide on how to label boxes for portable storage 

The reasons why you should label boxes for portable storage 

Labeling boxes in not a difficult or complicated task. It is quite easy and simple, so you should not try to avoid it. There is one quite important reason why you should label boxes for portable storage. It is to maintain the organization. When you have dozens of boxes piled upon each other, you cannot possibly know what is inside unless you read the label. This comes in handy when you need to find a certain item among so many boxes. For this reason, do not forget to label your boxes before you store them in one of the cheap storage units Columbus Ohio.

Find a good labeling system for you 

There is no defined system of labeling that you have to follow fatefully. You can choose your own or even create a new one. It only matters that you can understand it and use it properly. If you do not have any fresh ideas and just want to follow the already existing one, here are some you can use it. 

  • Color-based system – you can assign one color to each room, for example, green for the kitchen, blue for the living room, and so on. This means that all the items from the kitchen should be labeled a green sticker 
  • Numbers based system – similar to the color system, assign one number again to each room and write it on the box 
  • Random shapes – if you want to make it a little bit more interesting, you can use various stickers depending on your personal preference. 
many stickers on the white wall
Be creative with labels if you want

Label boxes for portable storage and make an inventory list 

Apart from labeling your boxes, you should make an inventory list as well. This especially applies if opt for any labeling system mentioned above. Unless you want to memorize everything by heart, you should write down all the items and where they come from. In addition to this, put the appropriate label next to the item as well. You can even combine two labeling systems as well. For example, colors and numbers, which is perfect for organizing your portable storage unit. This way, you can put a certain item in a box with the green label, number 3.  When you need that item, you can go directly to that box, without opening the rest of them. You can skip the inventory list if you need to use the storage for a few weeks. However, if you plan to store your items for a couple of months, then make one. 

Plastic containers 

Plastic containers are great not only for packing but for labeling as well. Since you can now buy plastic containers in many colors, you can use this to your advantage. You can buy white containers for your living room items, pink for the master bedroom, and so on. All that is left for you is to write down the numbers or some other label so you can know what exactly is inside. In addition to this, plastic containers are perfect because they are sturdy and transparent. Even without labels, you can relatively easily find what you need. Lastly, you can reuse plastic containers for many other purposes after you finish with your portable storage. 

boxes on the shelves
Reuse plastic containers after the storage

Get uniform box sizes 

If you prefer moving boxes instead of plastic containers, then make sure to get them in uniform size. The reason is quite simple. You need to put boxes one on a top of another in order to ensure the proper protection. When you have several heavy boxes that are different in size, one can easily fall down, thus destroying the items inside. In order to avoid this unpleasant situation, make sure to buy boxes all in the same size. Once you do this, you can leave your portable storage knowing your items are perfectly safe. In addition to this, you can save some money on the boxes by looking for free boxes that people donate once they are done with their relocation. If the boxes are in a perfect condition, take them and use them for your own items.  

a dog in a box
Get good boxes for your items

Fully pack your boxes 

When you start packing your items, make sure to that boxes are completely full. You have two ways of making this happen. First, fill it with items, but do not put too many items inside. This way, they can get damaged because the box is overstuffed. Secondly, put inside old newspaper, clothes, or any other material to act as a support. Also, this will reduce the risk of your things breaking under the pressure of another box.  


Make sure that you do the packing correctly. Labeling will mean nothing if your items are not well protected. You can look up the various tutorial on how to pack if you are not sure how to do it. In addition to this, do not forget to seal the boxes as well. Use tape and be generous when sealing your boxes. This will contribute tremendously to keeping your items safe. If your box opens on its own, the items can fall from it, thus causing great damage. Make sure this does not happen. 

How to label boxes for portable storage 

As you can see, it is quite simple to label boxes for portable storage. Choose the labeling system you like the best and make sure to pack your items properly. 


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