How to save money on a long distance move

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Moving around the city is one thing. If you don’t have a lot of belongings, you can even do it on your own. Maybe your friends and family could help a bit. Perhaps you can take two or three drives to your new address to transfer your stuff. Hey, your relocation can even last a couple of days or weeks.

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Can you really save money when moving?

However, moving across the country is a whole another level for you to take. Not just time and logistics-wise, but also money-wise. You can’t go back and forth any time you want. And you certainly can’t expect your friends to leave their work for some time in order to help you. So this will be a challenging, timely and pricy adventure to take. That is why you must find ways to save time and money on a long distance move. And we are here to help!

Can you really save money on a long distance move?

Although it sounds like a mission impossible, you actually can. Well, maybe not save-save, but definitely spend a lot less than you initially thought you would have to. And let’s be honest here. Everything that takes as much time, people, tasks and different logistic navigations, as moving across the country, is bound to set you back a few bucks.

Every quality done job or service has to cost you money. You can’t expect to rent quality, climate-controlled self storage Columbus, for example, and not pay a proper price. However, proper means reasonable. You should see the options so you would know not to overpay a service. Therefore, you can still save money on a long distance move, you just have to know how.

Can you really save money when moving?

These are the tips to follow if you want to cut costs wisely:

  • hire professional help in the form of a reliable, yet affordable moving company,
  • pick the right times to move,
  • stick to your moving budget,
  • pack smart.
Pick the right date and time and save some dollars

And remember, you want to save money on a cross country move in smart and wise ways. You don’t want to cut corners. Because that could potentially take you to your worst nightmare. No one wants to lose their belongings to fraudulent or incompetent movers or overpay the service. And you won’t have to with proper advice.

An affordable moving company will take you a long way

Even though many people think that it is cheaper to move seasonal on their own, that is rarely the case with long distance relocations. Primarily because you don’t have enough resources. You have a better chance of ruining everything, than not failing if you are not experienced enough and try to do it by yourself. So, hiring professionals, such as Zippy Shell Columbus or similar will be a much smarter choice. And cheaper in the long run.

Unless you own your own moving truck, you will need a mean of transportation. And if you don’t have an indefinite time to relocate, you will need manpower to pack, load and unload your belongings. So, as you can see, it is very difficult to manage all those tasks successfully on your own. Sure, you can ask friends to help. But they might show up or not. And you are usually obligated to finish the relocation in a specific time frame in your time zones. Especially long distance relocation.

On the other hand, if you hire professional movers, you have saved time, nerves and money. They have much more experience than you and your friends together. So they are faster and more careful and precise than you. It is their job so they will be well organized and you will get the chance to experience the stress-free relocation.

The right timing will help you save money

Just like in many other industries, the moving industry has its seasons, peaks and lows. If you want to save money on a long distance move, the best way is to catch some discounts. And you will have a chance of doing that if you plan your relocation offseason, between September and May.

Avoiding summer months is one of the best moving tips you can get. It will save you the trouble of finding available movers and they will also be much more devoted to you. Try to pick the moving dates in the middle of the month and week, rather than at the end of the month or for the weekend.

Pick the right date and time and save some dollars

Relocating offseason means less traffic on the streets, which will also lower the possibilities of delays. However, a good moving company will give you the option of renting a quality storage unit, such as the case with Grove City storage so your belongings will stay safe no matter what happens. Nevertheless, that will increase the final moving costs, so it’s better to avoid delays.

Stick to your budget

It is very important to set a budget and stick to it. That goes for local moving, but especially for long distance relocations. Firstly, you shouldn’t even start moving without saving money on that specific occasion. Anyone who had ever moved will tell you that this is a really serious project that requires you to plan it well up front.

Smart packing is the key

If you do this step the right way, you have a chance to lower your expenses significantly. Packing is very expensive time, energy and material-consuming. So, how do you save all three? By packing the absolute minimal amount of stuff. Generally, people own a lot more stuff than they really need. Knowing this will make it easier for you to get rid of the surplus.

Throw out, regift or donate to charity everything you haven’t used in a while. The fewer items to pack mean less time and packing supplies, of course. Which means lower costs.

bag on the floor
Take with you only the most necessary things

Take with you only the most necessary things

One more trick to save money on a long distance move is to actually earn some money while you are in the middle of preparations for relocation. Try to sell as much of the stuff you are not bringing with you. You will declutter your life, and your new home, while softening the impact on your moving budget.

And remember, phone calls are a great way to stay in touch with your old friends! Even long distance relationships work when long-distance couples communicate regularly. Save money on long distance move, but maintain your relationships as well.


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