Tips and tricks for packing musical instruments

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Are you a performing artist, or simply an avid music lover? Either way, when you own any musical instrument, you’ll always want to ensure their safety. And in order to make sure they are handled properly, read these tips and tricks. Especially if you’re packing musical instruments for storing or moving, you’ll want to avoid any damage. So whether you’re moving to a new home or simply in need of additional storage for your collection, it’s good that you’ve turned to residential movers Columbus Ohio. Musical instruments can cost quite a fortune and some are unique. Which makes them hard to hard to fix or replace. So packing musical instruments should always follow certain rules. If you want to appropriately prepare your instruments for storing or moving. Since these objects are delicate, you need to observe special precautions whenever you move or pack them.

Tips for packing your musical instruments properly

A violin
If you plan to use boxes, make sure they are sturdy enough to hold the instruments’ weight.
  1. Hire a reputable relocation company

Do thorough research online before you hire a relocation service to handle your precious collectibles. Note that not all musical instruments should be treated in exactly the same way. If you don’t know how to prepare your musical instruments for moving or storage, don’t just wing it. Hire local movers Columbus Ohio to help you get the project done without a hitch! Making sure you do good research online before you hire movers means you have a higher chance of finding a reliable moving company. This means a higher chance of them handling your musical instrument carefully and respectfully.  So ask for recommendations, inspect reviews that previous customers have left. Finally, ask the mover how much experience they have with moving your type of instruments.

  1. Inquire about special packing supplies and methods

Ask the movers you plan on hiring if they provide any special ways of packing musical instruments. Some movers employ experts who specialize in packing musical instruments. And if not, in most cases, most reputable moving companies can recommend tips to get the job done. However, if you know how to properly do it by yourself, you can do so as well.

  1. Set up a schedule

  • Every second is important when you’re a performer. The crowd at a concert or the show can’t wait so schedule when and where you want the moving company to deliver your instrument.
  • Arrange with the moving company the exact date, time and the precise location you expect your valuables to be shipped to.
  • This is absolutely crucial especially when you have a concert or show to perform in. Also, there are a few crucial precautions to take into consideration when it comes to packing these delicate items. These revolve around weather and temperature conditions.
  • Giving the moving company date and a schedule allows them to plan ahead properly and make sure they do everything perfectly. Keeping track of time urges them to deliver your goods as agreed.
  1. Quality supplies for packing musical instruments

If you intend to do the packing yourself, you’ll need to buy quality packing supplies. Don’t make a rookie mistake of trying to budget your moving supplies and purchasing cheap ones because it might cost you a lot more in the end. You’ll have to find some packing supplies of very high quality. Pack your musical instruments like a pro to prevent damage with our guidance. Avoid falls or cracks that otherwise could damage the instruments.

  1. Packing String instruments

When packing musical instruments, the first rule is to slightly loosen the strings before storing or moving them. When you intend to prepare string musical instruments like violins, cellos, or guitars for moving, remember to loosen the strings a little bit. You should use bubble wrapping to protect each of the stringed instruments before carefully placing them in their cases.

After packing musical instruments in their own cases, stuff any other empty spaces with crumpled paper or towels for more protection. Without those empty spaces, your instruments will not be able to shift or move during transportation.

If you want to pack brass instruments, don’t forget to remove the mouthpiece and pack it separately.
  1. Packing brass musical instruments

Pack the mouthpiece of your brass instrument separately. Always play safe! Wrap the musical instrument appropriately before carefully placing them inside their own case. The bubble wrap will protect the instrument from scratches inside its case when the instrument is in transit. But the instrument’s case is the safest and most convenient because was precisely made to nestle the instrument in the most practical and safest way.

  1. Packing large musical instruments

  • Smaller instruments can be safely stored in soft cases. However, it’s advisable to hire experts to help you pack larger instruments in order to avoid damages.
  • But if you intend to pack your larger musical instruments yourself, make sure you use a lot of padding to protect the instruments during shipping. If you intend to pack a drum set disassemble it into smaller pieces and pack it easily.
  1. Packing musical instruments into boxes

If you intend to use cardboard boxes for packing your musical instruments, in case you no longer have their original casings. Use a box that is a little bit larger than the instrument. Make sure that each box you plan on using is perfectly sturdy to be able to hold the weight of the instrument. Stuff padding around the instrument, and then carefully put the instrument in the box.

Also, every box needs to have additional filling for all the empty spaces in them. Use crumpled paper or any cloth or even towels. This ensures the instruments are not shifting inside their packaging during transportation or shipping.

Hand playing the piano before packing musical instruments
If you intend to pack larger musical instruments such as a piano always use harder cases.

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